A look into my mind.

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  1. 'Never End'

    I wish this night would never be over.
    There's plenty of time to sleep another time.
    I never want to close my eyes,
    In fear this will all be a dream.

    Can you hear my heart beat?
    Can you hear it skip a beat?
    Do you know what that means?
    I'm afraid to know what it means.

    I never want this conversation to end.
    I never want to go to sleep.
    In fear that this will all be a dream.
    Will you still be here when I wake?

    In the past I've fallen too easily.
    I don't want to scare you off like the others.
    Can you hear my heart beat?
    It's skipping again, I think that means I'm afraid.

    I hope I'm not wrong,
    I don't think I could afford to be.
    Not again, not like before.
    There's more at stake now.

    More to think of besides myself.
    I hope I could be right.
    Can you tell me tonight,
    That taking this risk is right?
    'Question Mark'

    I don't know how to feel anymore.
    I've looked inside for the first time,
    In a very long time.
    This has me off course.

    Am I crazy for feeling this way?
    I surely hope not, I think I could cry.
    It's been such a long time.
    A very long time since I've felt this way.

    Those little butterflies I get when I see your name.
    The way I smile when I hear your voice.
    I think I need a moment to clear my head.
    When was the last time I talked like that?

    Truth be told, it scares me.
    Oh how it scares me tickled.
    I hope you're not fickle.
    I don't think I could handle that.

    I don't know what to think.
    Why do I keep running from the truth?
    All I ever think about is you.
    I need to know.

    Am I crazy or am I falling?
    Would you catch me if I fell?
    Would you break my fall?
    Would you put me before them all.

    I don't know how to feel anymore.
    I think I may come clean,
    not hide from the light anymore.
    I don't know what this means,
    Maybe I'll take a risk after all.