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  1. Ohai everyone!

    This is something I've been wanting to do for quite some time now. So serious minds only please.
    I did put Pre-Made Characters but I think I left a lot of freedom for you to swim in.
    I will be playing the female.


    A medieval world. A war between Darkness and Light. Both sides have their own country, ruled by Kings and Queens. Domino, the Darkness country and Valirya, the Light country.

    Domino is a country where the days are short and hot. And dark. They sky is always cloudy and there is never a lot of sunlight. That kind of weather has shaped the skin of Domino's people into a very pale color. Cities and villages, warm stone and dark wood everywhere. Almost no living plants, animals or farms. Lots of mines filled with gold and treasures. The rich and high live in luxury, the poor are treated like scum.
    A lot of people are sexually open and do not shame it.
    In Domino it is move, or die.

    Valirya, a green, sunny country. Nature is in its alive and wonderful. The people gentle, polite and pure. Everyone is VERY formal and strict. Arranged marriages still exist, and affection is something that stays behind the door. Even simple hand holding. Marble rich cities, small, wooden, lovely villages. It is a politic world where everyone kind gets by.

    The King of Darkness has found a way to steal the powers of Light and use them in the war, he believes that is the way to win. The plan was presented to him by his High Seers. A small group of People Of The Light are strong enough to live through the process of Light being dragged out of them and the Seers have a way to find them.

    The King gathers twenty boys at the age of ten and after 10 years of training at the age of 20 or 21 they are the Hunters of The Light. After the first five years of training, at the age of fifteenm each ''Hunter'' is given a team. People that worked with him the next five years to help him in his quest. They are all around his age, and have been trained in their own areas just like him. The Hunter will travel alone but his team will aid him as much as they can. Some of them will send him items during the Quest, some of them will move away to places where he will travel through and aid him in person for a time. It is a group of 3 or 4 people.

    Soon the time has come and The Hunters of Light are set of with anything they need to succeed. But nothing too much, they need to stay unnoticed. Once they pass the borders of The Light they exchange their black robes for white ones and begin their tracking.

    Their job is to get their captor to the King alive and unharmed. The Person Of Light also must be mentally stable. If the Person is depressed or something like that, its Light will fade and the King's plan wont succeed. The Hunter is the Person's captor AND protector for the time being. To the Hunter that succeeds the King has offered anything they want for the rest of their lives.


    So yeah, that's the plot. :D

    You would be playing the Hunter. I hope I left enough free space for you to add your own things. You can be a knight, a mage, whatever you desire. All you need to keep in mind is that you are a high trained soldier. Trained both is some way of combat, manipulation and emotion control. You take what you want, sleep with who ever you want, eat what you want and your only goal at the start is to finish this Quest first.

    I will be playing the chosen Person Of The Light you will need to capture. And I will be living in the Main city of Valirya, Minnue. Once you capture me (In a fight, or simply poison me to sleep, or something you come up with.) you lock my powers away for some time. We can discuss how. Lock them away in a locket you carry? Or something else? Anyway that way will be given to you by The Seers.

    Once you capture me we begin the trip back to Domino. I want it to be long and the countries big. Maybe a month or two to get over the border? And a few more weeks to reach the capital and the King?
    We travel on the down low, seeing how I can scream for help if we travel through any villages or cities. And stuff like that.

    Along the way our characters became lovers ( Over time please, no first sight love, etc. I would like them to hate each other at the start.) and your character can't make himself turn mine in. At the bottom of his heart he knows this is wrong and doesn't want the Darkness to rule the world, so they together find a way with his team to end this Quest and save the world from Darkness. To end the King.


    It is a secret plan of his and his team's all along. They wanted to save the world from Darkness since they became a team. But he doesn't reveal it to my character at the start. He needs to be sure he isn't watched/followed and must be sure my character won't betray him. He also need my help in defeating the King. We can discuss this part.

    Side note: Your character can be half light. His parents were killed off because they had a child together. His father was of darkness and his mother of light. All his life he was treated as scum and a traitor, just because of his parents. Until he was recruited by the King himself. Even then people never stopped whispering. The Seers saw him as the one who will bring victory to the Darkness, or destroy it. The King thought he managed to manipulate him all his life, and is certain he will bring him victory, he sent him off on the Quest along with 19 others.


    Simply make up your own background and reasons.
    So yeah, its a lot. But you would be fully in charge of Domino and its people from now on.

    That's it. I think almost everything can be discussed.
    Check my profile for additional information or simply PM me.
    Questions xD?

    Hope someone wants to participate! <3
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