A Long Term Partner Search! (Multiple ideas, Willing to compromise,Open to anything)

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I'll just start with a joke.
How do you find Will Smith in the snow? Just look for fresh prints.
So, I came yet again with another post, since noone replied to my last one. Since most roleplay partners I have either ditch me without a word, or the roleplay just didn't turn out too enjoyable for either parts.
The things you need to know about me that I'm pretty talkitive, I love bad puns and I will probably make jokes. However, I do take rp seriously. I still want to write stories and build worlds, but there is space for a few jokes.
I love playing multiple characters, I still prefer my main to be a female, but that actually depends on my roleplay partner and if I like their style, then I can play male characters.
With my usual plots, I'm usually looking for someone who can play more well, arrogant and just a womanizer type of a male character. It's a little hard to explain, basically if I'm playing a female role, I naturally just like my roleplay partner to play a more dominant and agressive(?) character.
Anyway, I mainly roleplay on discord and would like to have multiple rps going on at once, since I have too much free time for my own good.

Aaand here are the plots.

A coming of age story about a teenaged girl, who should be living her best years in highschool, being a popular cheerleader. She often hangs out with her neighbour and childhood friend, who's the only one that she tells about her family drama. The family drama being, that her younger brother is sick again, bedridden and kept in the hospital. As one day the stress of her private and social life just comes crashing down on the girl, she hides under the bleachers, cries a little on her best friend's shoulder, puts on her fake mask as they go out with their other friends, then lastly she joins a chatroom and makes a few interesting,older friends. (The rp can involve fantasy, sci-fi and such, but the main things that I'd like it to include is drama, angst and romance)

The story itself takes place in an alternative version of Peru, where time seems to have stopped. The capital of the country fairly popular among tourists, since it's highly known for it's beautiful shrines and the goddesses in training. It is said, that if a marking appears on a young girl's body, she's a goddess and shall be taught to behave as one. Sure,the parents decide if they want their child to leave their home, but most of the time they just do. Having a goddess in the family brings wealth and usually the goddesses get wealthy husbands and such. Welp, that was the case, until a pretty rebelious girl gets enrolled and the priestesses have to chase her around, since she skips the classes.. This is just a rough draft of the rp, it could go any direction, but the main focus of it would be on fantasy probably.

So, yeaah.. These two things were on my mind lately, I would also be fine with other kind of plots too. I know it's not much to work with, but this is how it is,I guess. I like dramatic, romancey stories...With a lot of drama. Shocker, I know.

And that would be it. If you're interested and if this post really buttered your toast, send me your best dad joke, or pun. Have a good one!
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