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    --- Welcome

    elcome to my little partner search thread, you my call me Nico or Kii. I am looking for a few partners to make some stories with c: . I'm pretty much active and on most of the day unless I'm sleeping. I'm 21 years old and basically have no life ;-;. One thing I want to get out of the way is that, I will not play dominate characters, I'm sorry, I just can't for the life of me play doms.


    Absolutely no one liners. I would prefer that you give me five sentences at minimum. I just can't reply to just one line.
    I do MxF and MxM but I will not play dominate characters. I'll only play the submissive types.
    I can do smut scenes given you are 18+ and the story has led to it. No jumping in the sheets the moment the RP starts.
    Please don't be rude to me. I wont be rude to you so there really is no excuse.
    Don't control my character, I wont control yours. Don't godmod, metagame or make a mary sue.
    I have a high preference for doubling, tripling or even playing a handful of characters.
    Talk to me, I want to be your friend. I don't bite...hard
    If we are playing cannon characters try to keep to their character, I know I might have slip ups or make them a bit OOC but I'll try my hardest.
    Don't go and ditch me, it's not cool. If you can't post for a bit, let me know I understand life gets in the way. Life is more important then roleplaying.


    Bolded Role is the Role I prefer, if not bolded I can do either

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Currently Reading BoO, I prefer if you read the books)

    OC x OC
    Male OC x Nico

    Digimon (Seasons 1,2,4,5)
    Chosen Child x Chosen Child

    Harry Potter
    OC x OC

    DRAMAtical Murder
    Kojaku x Aoba
    Noiz x Aoba
    Mink x Aoba

    Durarara!! (I've only seen Season 1)
    Shizuo x Kanra (Fem!Izaya)
    Shizuo x Izaya
    Tsugaru x Psyche
    Shitsuo x Sakuraya

    Sword Art Online
    OC x OC

    Five Nights at Freddys's
    Anything Based on Rebornica's AU

    OC x OC
    Jeff x Liu
    Jeff x BEN

    OC x OC

    Warrior Cats


    Crossovers are loved!


    Magical Boy x Magical Boy/Girl
    Human x Angel (Plot)(MxM only)
    Greek God x Greek Demi-god
    Demon x Human
    Master x Pet
    Brother x Sister/Brother
    Idol x Idol
    Prince x Prince/Princess
    Demigod x Demigod
    Bad Boy x Bad Boy/Girl
    Human x Fantasy Creature

    Thank you for reading~!


    Please only comment on this thread, don't PM me it will be ignored

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  2. You sound like a cool person to rp with. PM me if interested
  3. Are you still interested in doing something ? I feel we could create a wonderful rp together (:
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