A Lonely Dreamer

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  1. Marmalade

    Marmalade is a young girl who was easily distracted from reality by her fantasy novels, she tended to walk into things and people a lot. One day, she was so distracted she didn't even notice herself wander into a portal to a world of dreams. The strange dream world is a place filled with fantastical oddities, where anything seems possible. Will her distractions be the end of her?

    Just think about dreams you've had, they can be totally crazy. I have a lot of crazy dreams and I love all the ones I can remember. That's what I want.​

    Kinks I love: Corruption of Champions style Transformations, Tentacles, Monsters, Demons, anything that may exist in a dream world. Nightmarish or fantastical. Optional kinks: rape, incest, humiliation, slavery.

    If you are interested PM me.
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