A Living Hell

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  1. "The king and Prince will be visiting! Line up!" A line of about twenty men line up under the mid day sun, all with their head high and confident. They dismounted their horses and prepared to bow as the king approached with his son. Each person was clothed in brown skins and held their own weapon that suited their own hunting strengths. At the end was a woman, smiling happily at the two as they got nearer. She had black brown hair with deep, lavender eyes and fair skin. At the moment her cheek was smeared with blood."Welcome." She bows and rushes towards the king like a friend. He hugs her warmly and steps back to show her his son. "This is Spirit."

    "Its nice to meet you." She says with a smile, bowing to the Prince. "My name is Hema Lockney. I am the head of the royal hunters. " she says. While never having met the king 's son before, she assumed that he was raised responsibly by the kind ruler. After all, the king and queen were nothing but kind to her and appreciative of all that the royal hunters did for them. With great housing, good pay, and a rowdy group of people to be in charge of, she couldn't ask for a more interesting life. "Its nice to see you Hema. You have a little..." He motions her cheek. "Oh! Um..." she wipes the blood with her fur cape with a smile. "Apologies."
  2. The prince smiled. "It's absolutely fine" he chuckles, acknowledging her bow with a small nod of his head. He is dressed in a fairly illustrious outfit, a simple shirt and waistcoat, accompanied by a set of fine tough-cloth trousers and furnished with leather arm and shin bracers. His dark cloak billowed behind him, giving more stature to the tall lean figure. On his head was a simple, yet ornately decorated circlet, showing his royalty. As he reached to retrieve his canteen for a drink, he exposed his hands, bearing fingerless leather gloves, ladened with a few rings. He took a swig before returning it to it's place and waiting on his father's instructions.
  3. He was extravagantly dressed. Hema seemed slightly surprised by this fact. Then again, she had forgotten just how extravagantly the royal family could dress. She wore simple black leather boots that reached halfway up her calves, brown pants, a black shirt and brown vest, accompanied by a well made belt to keep her tools in. The fur cape looked to belong to a wolf or coyote. "My my, is that a new skin?" The king questions. Hema nods and takes it off, handing it over to the king. "Caught it the other night while it tried to sneak into the rooms. Sneaky bigger has been stealing food for months." The king looked astonished. "Why did you not tell me of this? I would have-"
    "It was a nice challenge. Everyone pitched in and it was like a game for awhile." She says while taking a quick glance back and forth. King to prince, then king again.

    "Do you have any assignments?" She questions eagerly. "Well well... nothing that a young lady like you wouldn't be able to handle." He puts a hand into the pocket of his own coat to shield him from the advancing winter, red and lined with gold lace, and grows confused when he feels nothing. "Hm...I must have forgotten to grab it. Spirit, you stay right here and I will be back." He says while turning around to start walking back into the castle. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a hike away and it would take a long while for him to return if he went by foot.

    "Your highness." Hema grabs her horse and leads him to the king. "Take Blaze. He'll save you a bit of walking." She insists while rushing to catch up to him. "Oh ho, clever lady. I will, thank you." He chuckles, giving her a mighty pat on the back and mounting the graceful steed. It's fur was ember and mane black as night, glistening in the sun as he rode off back to the palace gates.
  4. "Well then. I suppose we have some time about ourselves! " Says the Prince, walking up to her slowly, taking a quick glance up and down her figure before looking her in the eyes again. "Care to give me the grand tour?" He asks, looking back to the hunting area.
  5. Hema looked to one of the men, motioning him forward. "I am going to give Prince Spirit a tour. Please tell the king this when he returns and that we will not be long." The male nods, bowing as the two walk off. "Well first we shall go to the living quarters. The men all live in small cabins built on the edge of the woods. I live a bit separate, but we always eat dinner together and interact frequently, so the distance isn't an issue. Each hunter gets his bedroom, a bathroom, and a small living space. Some share a basic kitchen." She walks with the Prince to the homes, which are arranged in a circle formation with a fire pit in the middle. Off to the side is a handful of other homes, bigger and designed to at in a row. "Those are for if the hunters have a family and need larger living spaces. Those have three bedrooms along with a larger living room and kitchen."

    "The stables are up near the palace. That is quiet a ways, but you should have seen them along side the other horses in the royal stables. They are the ones marked with a blue ribbon. Many men have their own horse and grow close to them, like family. Mine is Blaze, which I gave to your father." She sees proud of the horse, continuing deeper into the woods where there currently wasn't any hunters. They come to an open area with targets and training equipment that could handle the weather. "We tend to practice here when needed. Most of the men do it in their spare time. I like the higher targets myself a bit more of a challenge."
  6. "Would you mind awfully if I had a few shots?" I suggest, moving towards the rosters where the bows are kept. "I've always been quite keen on the topic of archery. The castle has a few good ranges but I shan't pass up such a fitting opportunity" I smile
  7. She gestures to the targets with a smile. "Go on ahead. many like to swing their axes Or daggers up there. We end up replacing them so often that the men have almost given up on making the pieces of wood into a circle." She laughs, figuring that the Prince would have some practice in such a thing. She crosses her arms over her chest and waits patiently, glad that he seemed interested in the target range at least. "Your father wasn't the best archer, but his sportsmanship is impeccable. You really do have an amazing father, I an amazing king."
  8. "My old man makes a brilliant diplomat, it has to be said, but sometimes I feel he's a little too hasty too make ends meet" He says, livening up pretty much as soon as he has the bow in his hands. He reaches for an arrow and positions himself near the back of the range. "10 quippens (the local currency) says I can hit that first target straight on the grain marking" he grins, pointing to a fairly small brown spot on one of the target.
  9. "Yes, he does seem to be in a constant rush time to time. It is charming in a way." She says, readjusting her cape quietly as a cold wind whistled by. The clear sky was starting to cloud over. She lets out a laugh at the bet, nodding and watching as the confident prince prepared himself. "I'll take that bet. I heard that you are quiet the archer. I'm afraid that I will have to wander back to my cabin for the money if you win though." She informs, staring at the target with an interested grin.
  10. "Well let's see how this shot flies first shall we?" He laughs before becoming more serious and looking beside the bow, carefully lining up the shot. His body tenses as he focuses in on the target, his leather bracers squeaking in protest quietly as he flexes. When he feels ready, he let's the shot fly with a calm breath outwards. It shoots towards the target at a startling speed.
  11. Watching as the male relaxed, Hema took a good look over before watching the arrow. She nods to herself, silent as the bow headed strait towards the desired target. "You are going to be a bit on the edge, but I think that you will make it." She says right as the arrow makes contact. Just as she predicted, the arrow landed on the edge of the mark, but it did hit it's desired target. Because of it's startling speed, the arrow went halfway through the target and it wobbled slightly before realigning itself. "You have power." She whistles, tilting her head with a smile.
  12. The Prince sighs and moves back towards her "Thank you, to be honest I wasn't sure I could make it" he says bashfully. "So I believe you owe me ten quippens" he chuckles
  13. "Well then let's head back to my cabin. I'll quickly stop by and grab your reward." She says with a smile while walking forward to retrieve the arrow."This is the farthest thing anyways. Beyond this is forest." She explains, pulling the arrow out as cleanly as possible.
  14. "So tell me" begins the Prince, walking along side her, matching her light and well placed footsteps with firmly misplaced strides of his own. He paused as he nearly tripped on a tree root, instead stumbling a bit and quickening his pace to keep up. "What was your intent by having your residence so devilishly far away?" He asks earnestly.
  15. Watching the male stumble for a moment, she pauses and waits for him before walking forward. "The other hunters are grand, but they are loud and I do like some peace time to time. The king also thought some distance would be great considering my "physical differences" from the rest of them." She says, slipping onto a path that takes them to a lonely cabin that laid to the left of the practice area but slightly further back.
  16. "A-ah yes! Of course! Shared accommodation with a lady of your distinction and..." He pauses for a second to glance at her again before blushing slightly and continuing "... caliber would be entirely inappropriate." He turns away quickly and walks towards the cabin. He clear his throat before asking "This the residence in question, I presume?"
  17. "What do you mean by that my prince?" She asks curiously, noticing the blush on his face. Surly the prince wouldn't be so easily flustered by a woman such as her. "Anyways, this is the cabin. I will only be a moment, but feel free to come in." She unlocks the door with a key and lets the prince enter before closing the door. The inside was nice and tidy, Hema disappearing into her bedroom to grab the prince's reward.
  18. "Tell you what" He calls out to her "Could I instead perhaps have a drink? As opposed to you handing over money could I maybe have drink and fill my canteen?" He offers, stepping inside curiously, ducking under the low door frame.
  19. "...ah, sure." She says , peeking out with slight confusion on her face. "If you really want to, that is." She chuckles while coming out of her bedroom and walking towards the small kitchen she had. Thank God she had running water at least. "You know you could have water and your prize if you wanted to. I don't think that would bother me too much."
  20. "I don't think it would quite make sense" he smiles, filling up his canteen from the tap, being careful not to make a mess. "I mean that would basically be the Crown giving you your wages and then taking a bit back" He points out with a chuckle
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