A little YouTube timesink

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  1. If you have a YouTube account, go to your account page and click "All likes".

    Now, imagine you lost your memory entirely and only had what you liked on YouTube as a trace of the person you were before. What kind of person would you think you would be?
  2. I would think that I was an insane, random nerd guy with a serious issue with Pinkie Pie. Also, this crazed idiot watches waaaaaaaaay too much My Little Pony and Bonanza.
  3. Well, I'm certain you're not alone. Bonanza is pretty cool.
  4. I must really like Freud...according to the last five likes...but then.....I must be an aspiring ninja warrior who likes British men with awesome hair and may like to dance a lot in public place. 0.0
  5. I'd think of myself as someone who liked larger women, had an unhealthy obsession with Pentatonix, and had a very eclectic taste in music o.O
  6. My likes are nothing but League of Legends. I think I have a problem.
  7. And I think you're pretty devoted to LoL, which isn't a bad thing.
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  8. Ay everyone needs a hobby, right?
  9. Ok, so I don't have a YouTube account, but If I look at what I bother to watch on YouTube . . .

    I'd probably think I was a funny cat loving lady with an obsession with Jeff Dunham and learning folk music lyrics.
  10. Someone who has entirely too many interests. or a short attention span. or both.