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  1. I hate it. I hate it. I can't do this anymore.

    The had had been on repeat in her brain all day. Maybe far longer. Every day she woke up dreading having to face the day. Things were never different. She would go through the motions just to make it through. If something did go differently, it was going badly. Kicking a dog while it was down. Beating a dead horse. For a while she had grown numb. No longer feeling any sort of emotions and living her life like a robot.

    But not any more. Not after today.

    Cassie took this route home every day. Crossing the long bridge by foot after her class was over. She hadn't woken up today with the intend to climb over the railing and stand on the edge. But that's what she did. In tearful frustration, she balanced on the edge and took off her shoes. She chucked them downwards at the dark cold water below and watched them fall. Cassie couldn't take another day.

    She tilted forward getting ready to fall over the edge.
  2. Sam had gotten sick of his apartment so he had decided to go for a walk. Past the ally's with the drunk and the stoned, over the little bridge towards the big villas, and then over the bigger bridge towards the park. It was a hot day and his black shirt was sticking to his back. Sweat is gross.

    He looked at his watch to check the time when he saw something from the corner of his eyes. A girl on the edge. Fuck. He walked over and saw that a small group of people was already watching in shock. "Fucking hell get out of the way you cowards!" he shouted as he was running towards her. She was leaning and if he had grabbed her one second later she would have been dead.

    But she wasn't. He pulled her back over the railing and held her tight. Everybody was cheering, but Sam ignored that. He put his finger under the girls chin, forcing her to look at him, locking his eyes with hers. "you are a unique human being, nobody in the world is the same as you are. Do you understand that" he said with a slight angry undertone, but he ment well
  3. "What kind of stupid dumbass advice is that!" Cassie shouted back. She was a little surprised someone had been out there to grab her. She hadn't been paying attention to who was around, or really thinking about what she was doing. She was upset, pouring with tears, and only had one thing on the mind.

    Now that thing was shoving at and swatting the jerk that kept her from jumping.

    "Let go of me!" she complained, trying to stomp on his foot. That sadly didn't have any power behind it without her shoes. "You don't know me, you don't know anything! I HAVE to jump." With dark hair and a flushed face, she couldn't have been much younger than he was. Her clothes were just a simple tshirt and jeans and didn't say much about her.

    She was struggling to break free and make a leap back for the bridge rails. Cassie clearly didn't care about making a scene or a spectacle of herself.
  4. He held on to her with all his strength, which he had a lot. His maybe a bit to tight shirt showing that. He wasn't going to let her go, never "YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING" He shouted "Iam not letting you end your life because you think.you have to!"

    More and more people were gathering around them "I am not letting you go" I whisper "you deserve to live. You want to disappear because of your problems, but every problem is challenge, a fight that you need to overpower, and jumping of a bridge is not the solution. And don't go saying that I don't know, because I do, I do know" he swallowed thickly and looked at her.

    He saw so much pain and he knew how she felt. Just wanting it to be gone, wanting to be free of your problems. And he knew that killing yourself felt like the best option, but it was not
  5. He was frustrating her so much, now she couldn't even pretend she wasn't crying. There was a crowd of people staring and she was sure she heard someone shout something about calling the police. At this rate, not only would she never make it over the bridge, the cops would show up and they'd haul her away to the hospital and lock her up.

    Cassie made a last ditch effort to break free. Trying to hit him with her fists and stomp on his foot, or kick him in the shin. His relentless grip made all of her struggling futile and soon she was breathing hard and out of breath. Her body sagged and her forehead dropped against his chest. It seemed for the moment she had given in.

    "Okay! Okay..." Cassie finally choked out. It wasn't okay, and she was just telling him what he wanted to hear. If she played along long enough, he'd eventually have to let her go and go back to whatever dumb gang he belonged to.

    "I won't jump." she lied.
  6. He heard something about the police being called? He really didn't like the sound of that and not only because of personal reasons. They didn't need to pressure this girl more, making a bigger scene of it then it already was.

    Then she stopped struggling, to Sam's surprise, and said she wasn't going to jump. How believable it sounded, but he knew she was lying. Maybe she wasn't going to jump now, but maybe tomorrow. Or maybe she would find another way. Cut her wrist, hang herself, painkillers, so many ways. No he couldn't let her go and he couldn't leave her alone now. "You won't" Sam said "but not because you say so"

    With that having said he ran for it, holding her wrist to make sure she was with him. Did he just kidnap her? When they were of the bridge he went left and slowed down, looking back at her. How could such a precious girl feel like that? Why was the world so cruel
  7. "What?" she sounded startled and confused, but she had good reason to. Suddenly she was being dragged along and Cassie was too bewildered by it to put up a fight or drag her feet. This was kidnapping or something. Cops dragging you away was one thing, but some random guy with piercings and gangster muscles, that was just crazy. Even crazier than her, maybe.

    When the pace slowed, she shot a look behind her. The bridge was out of sight now. No more crowd of people to see what was going on. It was weird to feel afraid that maybe she was about to get murdered, especially when a few moments ago she was TRYING to die. But, there was a difference between choosing to and knowing how it was going to end, compared to the unknown and potential of slow stabbings, or getting strangled, or something worse.

    Cassie started tugging again, trying to get her wrist free from his grip. "Okay..! Not near the bridge anymore, you can let go of me now! And don't you dare try to rob me, I don't have any money."
  8. He looked at her and when she said that she had no money he couldn't help but chuckle.

    "I still think you're gonna kill yourself, so no. I don't think the police can help you, I don't think some social worker can help you. You just seem to be unable to see the beauty of living. What is in dead that you want" he lectured. If she was still gonna give him a hard time listening, then he might pull another trick. She should be scared
  9. "You're just the smartest thug in the universe, aren't you!" Cassie had enough life left in her to sass a dangerous looking stranger, so that had to be something going for her. She didn't see it that way, however. All she was seeing was a road block in between her and the necessary dirty work of getting off the planet via the death train.

    "Let go of me, you stupid jerk." She was fighting again. Tugging and swatting. Finally throwing a foot up to leverage against his stomach to try and pull her way free. If anything, Cassie was persistent.

    "There's nothing beautiful about life! It's all dead people and shitty things and it just goes on forever! You- don't- know- anything-!" Between growling out words, she was pulling pretty hard!
  10. He pushed her on her back on the hard concrete, putting one hand on her shoulder and his knee on her hip. He stared at her with his piercing blue eyes. "you say I don't know anything but how do you know that" he whispered.

    It would be game over if someone came walking past. He was forcing a pretty looking lady down on the street. It looked pretty bad. "you think.you know what you want but you don't!"
  11. Cassie hit the concrete, flat on her back. The shove knocked the breath out of her and the knock on her head had her confused and dazed for a second. Then she realized she was pinned by the giant jerk as she stared up at him with her eyes wide and jaw slacked open. Now she was actually scared. The entire situation was weird and she wasn't sure if she should start screaming for help or punch him in the face.

    "You don't know what I want either!" she squealed, her voice high pitched and shaky. Cassie remained stiff, but unmoving for the time being, with her hands upwards like she was going to try to shove him off, but not quite brave enough to try.
  12. He saw her terrified face. That hadn't been what he was going for. He guessed it was his own fault, maybe he should be more gentle. No, he decided against that decision. She should be scared, she should value her life more.

    He placed his hand on her throat. "you wanted to die right? You wanted this to end" he wasn't actually going to kill her... He had never killed anybody, he was a good person he liked to think. Would be silly to safe her from the bridge and then just choke her, but she didn't know that. "Answer me"
  13. "No!" she shrieked! This guy was insane! A bonafide crazy person had just kidnapped her so he could enjoy murdering her himself. He would probably skin her body too and them make a weird manpurse out of her skin. Cassie squirmed and started swatting at his arm, but was too scared to really start thrashing at him.

    "Get off me, I don't want to get MURDERED! I don't want to die like THIS!!"
  14. He took his hand away and grabbed both her wrist instead. "I don't get it. You want to die and dead is dead. But if you get to face it you don't want it anymore?" he tilted his head. Afcourse he understood this, he wasn't stupid.

    (I am bad at cheering people up in real life aswell so I understand if you find Sam weird xD but he means well...)
  15. (I totally love Sam, I dun even care! XD)

    "It's different getting murdered by a psycho, I just wanted to jump off the bridge!" Cassie had seen and been involved in a lot of crazy stuff in her life, but this pretty much took the cake. A cat playing with a mouse, or maybe he was a super hero. Either way, she was so baffled by the whole thing she didn't know what to do about it anymore beyond keep on fussing to get loose.

    "OKAY, all right? I won't go jumping! Why do you care so much anyway?!"
  16. "maybe people should care more about the people around them and the world would be a better place" he bit the inside of his cheek as memories rose in his head and Sam let her hands go. "why do you want to die" he asked now talking with a kind calm voice. He needed to know before he could help. He was definitely going to stick to her, to bad fir her
  17. He was a super hero, then. Her entire life of problems and NOW she ran in to a super hero. Cassie couldn't scoot out from under him, but now that her hands were free, she rested up on her elbows to eye him curiously.

    "Because I don't have anything else anymore. People AREN'T nice, you know. They're mean, and psycho, or careless. No one is going to notice or care if I die. And I am tired of living too! Always having to fight and struggle and run." she said the entire thing so matter-of-fact like it was the most natural decision in the world to make."And it's none of your business."
  18. He listened closely to what she told him and he frowned. It sounded all to familiar. "people are horrible, I give you that. Everybody only thinks about their own problems and nobody cares about others anymore. Elderly people die and nobody cares about them, and that's sad already. But I tell you something. A young person who kills themself will always leave a mark. Not that you can do anything with that information" he looked away quickly but focused on her again. "but, I guess that you now can't kill yourself without hurting anyone. I met you, and I am going to help you. It's my business now"
  19. "Uuuggh, really?!" Her dramatic growl was followed by her plopping on the ground with her arms over her face. This was crazy he couldn't be serious.

    "What are you even going to do?" she muttered, her voice muffled from under her arms. "You are some weird guy off the street! Probably in a gang and stuff! Are you going to give me a place to live, and more of this mushy therapy stuff? I think I might want to die again..." She was sassy mouthed thing for someone so suicidal. But Cassie was giving in, at least to the point she was now a limp puddle of person laying on the ground. She wasn't going anywhere with this crazy.
  20. He couldn't help but start laughing at her ideas of him being in a gang. He sat next to her and kept giggling like the idiot he was. He stopped after a while. "no more fluffy duffy therapy stuff okay?" he grinned. "but, if you really need a place to stay, I have an extra room. Let's go get a bite or something I know this great sandwich place." he was talking really fast
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