A little rusty ... Looking for refresher partner

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  1. Looking for someone to take the time to let me get back into the RP scene.

    I enjoy full out story type RPGs that include lots of flirting / sexual content.

    I will roleplay about anything.. be it incest to rape to slave to dragons or shape shifters. I enjoy midevil time frames into the future advance worlds of tomorrow.

    I play both male and female characters.

    Please contact me if you would be interested in starting up with me. thank you.
  2. I'll Rp with you ^^
  3. I'd also be willing to, if you dont mind letting me kinda recover a bit. I'm wiling to do any sort of plot. Just shoot me a pm when you get a chance. (I'm currently a bit depressed and that makes my will to write suffer)
  4. Still searching =)
  5. Do you do any fandoms?
  6. I'd be interested in something MxM? :)
  7. I will help u get back into the RP world just let me know
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.