A Little Rest and Relaxation

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    What is your favorite way to relax and unwind after a long and stressful day?
  2. This ranges to a variety of things.

    I typically relax with video games, or t.v. But most of the time I relax by surfing the internet. Eating also relaxes me as well, and the better the food, the more relaxed I am. I can sometimes relax with writing, but it depends on what I'm writing about. Poetry and working on my books helps me out a lot, essays are basically stress inducers for me.
  3. My faaaaaaavorite way to relax and start getting ready for bed is to watch a movie or a couple episodes of a tv show. It's entertaining, but not so much that it over-stimulates my brain. So I get to not think for awhile and chill out.

    I love to read before bed too, but that is an addicting and stimulating thing, and occasionally has the opposite affect that I was going for. D:
  4. Mind numbing television helps, which would be shows like Family Guy, South Park, and Futurama. If it's dumb and funny, it will more than likely help me feel better. I also take advantage of my boyfriend's excellent ability to relieve me with massages. :3

    Food, too. Treating myself to some good chocolates or even one of my favorite meals makes me happy, which will then help me chill out.
  5. I have a playlist of music that I listen to if I feel like I need to relax. It usually consists of mellow songs that have no lyrics. Usually with the genres of Trance, Atmospheric, Ambient and Down Tempo music. It's best when there is no other noise and I can lay down on a cool surface. Sometimes I think I am too mellow and easy going.
  6. If I have had a really, really long day then I have my set of magical music and soundtracks which help me unwind and feel awesome about myself. If not even those work, then I start playing computer games in which I am good in, or which have no real stakes or frustration associated with them and I slowly unwind with them. Sometimes, if I am really tired, I also take a nap so I can recover some of my strength before doing some more work or studying.
  7. Videogames and books. A few beers on the weekend.
  8. Smoking a cigarette, reading a bit, playing guitar or bass until I fall asleep.

    Sex tends to be the best for the whole thing though.
  9. Video games, a movie, or a TV show. If I want to unwind, I go for more mellow genres, like adventure games or non-action movies/television. If I want to blow off steam, I fire up Black Ops II and shoot everything that moves.
  10. In the summer I take the hammock and lay down in it and just relaxes with a book or falls asleep in it. If its winter then I'll listen to music or lay down on the sofa and watches tv. :3 Often with a bowl of snacks or candy :D Video games are also relaxing :3