A Little Miracle.

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  1. The sound of robins singing in the trees provided early morning music for Nathan. A young teenage boy, he had short black hair that whipped backwards in the wind as he ran and bright green eyes that darted to and fro, the vibrant colors of mother nature flying by in a blur. It had been ages since he last enjoyed the feeling of running free on a crisp spring morning. He broke through the treeline, recklessly bobbing and weaving through the young saplings and large, mighty trees.

    In his rush, he didn't see the large oval stone that lay in the tall grass he ran through. His foot slammed into it, sending him head over heels, landing face first in the dirt. Nathan sit up, rubbing his head with his right eye closed. "Ooow..." he groaned, more out of surprise than any real pain. He stopped abruptly, spotting the reason for his fall. The stone lay near his feet, remarkably smooth for a stone laying in the woods. It sparkled where he sun hit it through the foliage of the trees above. It was so enticing... he couldn't help but reach out and touch it. It was... it was warm. Curious.

    Nathan picked it up, carrying it carefully out of the woods, across the field he had been running through and back to his home. A small, white colored house with a dark green roof. Placing the stone under his arm to free one hand, he opened his front door, stepped inside and brought the strange stone to his room. Using a spare throw-pillow and placing it on top of his dresser, Nathan set it down carefully before admiring his discovery.
  2. It was a dark night as the man ran from the cave with a bundle under his arm and placed it carefully but quickly in the cart. He jumped up to the buckboard and grabbed the reins and whip and harried the horses as quietly as he possibly could. As the wagon flew down the road the man dressed in dark clothing looked worriedly back over his shoulder and whipped the horses again and again without saying a word.
    Time went by almost as fast as the wagon, the horses were weary now and lathered. He finally pulled them to a stop by a small stream and pulled the small bundle out of the back and ran over by a tree where a small surrey and fresh horse were tied obviously waiting. The dark man placed the bundle on the seat by him as he climbed in and looking at it he patted it. He smiled to himself as he once again he grabbed up reins and whip and began mercilessly running this new horse into the ground. Over an hour passed before he finally slowed the horse to a trot. The surroundings had become more woodsy and less rocky. After a while he once again pulled over, for a real break this time.
    He took the bundle under his arm and left the surrey and sat beside a small stream, drinking his fill with the horse at his side. Suddenly it lifted its head, nostrils flared and snorting it backed up as best it could, still attached to the surrey. With a worried look the man grabbed up the bundle and the horses reins. Trying desperately to calm the horse long enough to get in the surrey without dropping his package wasn't easy but he finally managed it. He whipped the horse with the reins hoping it wasn't too late, but he heard her before he saw her. A thundering roar and the whush of very large wings in the sky warned him of his impending doom. Quickly he headed the surrey off the path and up a rise under some thinker trees. 'She' screamed her anger as she followed him from above. Swearing under his breath he whipped again at the terrified horse as it ran at full speed.
    Suddenly she dove down upon the horse and grabbing it rose out of the trees into the air dragging the surrey with it. She searched inside the surrey but nothing was in it except the terrified man clutching the now empty bundle. The dragon flung the horse, cart and man far away from her. There was a pare of screams, one from the horse the other from the man as they fell to the earth with a sickening crunch then lay quietly still, far from where she had lifted them. With a whaling moan she scanned the dark surface in the Forrest for her egg most of the night but after the sun began to rise she realized her search was in vain. Never again would she nest so close to humans! Her whole clutch had ether been destroyed or stolen. She flew off leaving behind her last and lost egg.

    'Ooooo....uuugh' Sooooo very very dizzy and her tummy felt very bad. If there had been food in it she would have lost it! At least the movement had stopped at last.
    Squirming for a better position she dozed off for a while. She was awoken by her egg once again being moved about! Although this time it was much nicer. She noticed that she was very cold, but once the egg again stopped moving it began to get somewhat warmer.
  3. With the mysterious stone safely nestled on the soft pillow, Nathan opened the blinds over his window to light his dim room. It wasn't a very large room, but it suited Nathan's needs nicely. A small closet held what clothes didn't fit in his dresser as well as his shoes. A little white colored ceiling fan over his bed, a bare light-bulb square in the center. He didn't like to use it for light during that day since it had on more than one occasion hurt his eyes when combined with the sunlight. Nathan sat on the edge of his bed, bouncing slightly from the recoil of the mattress and admired the large rock again.

    The stone was dazzling in the light of the sun, as though it were some sort of gem. It was mesmerizing, Nathan found it difficult to even look away. He was sure his father would love to see what he had discovered! He had a love for unusual and rare items and was one of the main reason's Nathan had brought it back him with him in the first place.

    The morning's exercise had really exhausted him, causing his stomach to grumble in an attempt to get him up and eating something for energy. With a hop, he was on his feet and nearly out the door in one motion. He moved with purpose to the kitchen, his feet making soft thuds with each step.
  4. 'This just wont do!' she thought and squirmed to get a better position. Her egg rocked a bit in the pillow as she did so.
    'No, this wont work ether.' Again she shifted about then stopped to rest a bit as yesterdays adventure and the cold had taken their toll on her strength.
    Besides it was ever so cramped in her egg! It didn't use to be, she use to move about freely and even streatch her legs when needed but now she was having a hard time getting comfortable at all! And what was that weird pain in her stomic? It was driving her mad!
    Again the egg wobbled but with more force this time as she was getting more desperate to find that comfy spot she desired. A small fracture began to appear on the egg as she hit it again with her nose.
  5. With one last bite of the sandwich, Nathan finished his lunch out on the front porch, watching the dirt road. He was hoping that his father would be walking back home to see what he had found, even though he knew it was still far too early. He couldn't help it, he was excited to hear his father's praise for such a find and listen to what he had to say about it. Maybe he would even know what it was!

    With a sigh, Nathan stood up and went back inside. Pushing open the door and closing it behind him, he walked back through the house to his room. From outside of his door the noise of something shifting around in his room caught his ear. Not having a pet, nothing should have been inside! Nathan threw his door open, seeing things just the way he had left them.

    Well, mostly. The stone he had brought home had moved slightly and as Nathan approached it, he saw a small crack that had not been there before. "How in the world..." he spoke under his breath to himself, walking over to his dresser and examining the crack. To his surprise, it suddenly grew and the sound of something moving came from inside! His stone was... was an egg!?
  6. Her anger was growing with the pain in her stomach! The frustration, the irritation! With one last do-or-die effort her egg shattered and she was flopping about squalling at not being able to write herself. Getting tangled up in wings, legs and tail in the effort. The pillow her egg had been on slid to the floor and her claws raked the top of the dresser in a continued effort to get up.
  7. Before Nathan had the chance to pick up the egg to check for damage, the shell burst open and a lizard came out of it! Whoa!" was all he managed to say before it started to move around. It had broken through the shell with enough force that it nearly threw itself off the dresser. Nathan quickly brought his hands down under the creature to help it back up, hoping it wouldn't keep trying to fall. It was only then that he noticed the wings on it's back.

    It couldn't be... was this a baby dragon? No other lizards had wings like that. It was the only explanation he could think of. "I can't believe it..." he said to himself, still not sure if he should even believe his eyes. "I need to tell father!"
  8. Her squawking protest was amazingly loud for such a small beast, about the size of a cat or raccoon. The hatchling blinked egg goo out of her eyes as best she could to be able to see what was around her while she kept flapping soggy wings to get her balance. Spatters of goo flew everywhere while her mind sent out wave upon wave of hunger thoughts at anything that could hear her them.
  9. The little creature sent bits of egg as well as goop flying all over the room, making a mess of everything! "Hey, hey! Calm down!" he yelled, holding his hands out to protect his eyes. Come to think of it, he wasn't quite sure why he yelled in the first place. It was a newly hatched baby, after all.

    After feeling safe enough to lower his hands he finally took a look at the dragon. It was still wet with egg white and moving around on the dresser top. Maybe setting it down on the floor would have been the better idea. It wouldn't have to risk falling again, anyway. Still, he wasn't so sure he wanted to risk trying to pick the dragon hatchling up a second time.
  10. After finally getting her feet under her the little hatchling looked up at the only being in the area and figured this must be mama and began asking for food intensely with both mind and body. With no fear of falling she started to walk to her mama and of course as soon as she reached the edge of the dresser she started to fall...

    The dragonete is basically blue in color with leathery skin and wings while her underside is a cream color. The eyes are like two opals that move and swirl with cat like pupils and nictitating membranes as well as eye lids. With a long neck ending in a head rather horse like in shape with teeth like little daggers meant for ripping and tearing flesh, even tho she is a baby it is an intimidating sight when she opens her mouth to squawk.
    Having been just born she isn't capable of flight just yet, however, it isn't because her wings aren't developed, they are, it is just that she doesn't have the muscle strength yet. In a few months she will be strong enough if not practiced enough for flight. For now, she will stumble around with her wings spread out for balance.
    She has four legs, the two in front being dual usage in that they are used as arms ending in hands with three fingers and a thumb. The back legs will be basiclly used for the push to get off ground and into flight and will have formidable power in areal battles in the future.
    Her body is rather chubby now with baby fat ending in a whip for a tail. She has a ridge on her head but other than that no sort of spikes can be found, perhaps they will grow in later? No scales ether, having more of a lizard type of skin that is soft to the touch now, having just been born, perhaps it will toughen later on.
  11. Nathan scrambled to catch the dragon, watching with disbelief when it started walking in his direction, heedless of the drop to the floor. "Careful!" he yelled out on instinct, still not entirely sure why he was talking to it. He struggled to keep a good grip, the small blue dragon still covered in bits of egg despite the mess it had made in an attempt to get clean. Looking down at the little dragon in his hands Nathan could hardly contain the amazement building up in his mind. He had found an egg and now he had his very own dragon!

    The only dampener was, would his father allow him to keep it? At the very least he was sure he'd get to raise the little dragon until it was old enough to fly. He decided to take things one step at a time. First thing was first, the baby needed to get cleaned and it was probably hungry. He would have to find out it's gender at some point, too. He didn't like thinking of the dragon as 'it'.
  12. (Hiro, your Nathan can hear her thoughts, that will be how we communicate later on, OK? Or is there a better idea? I'm wide open for suggestions.)

    Now in mama's arms she settled down some but still 'sent' her plea for food but even louder now accompanied by a plaintive loud, looOoong squawk! She nipped Nathan's shirt to see if it was tasty, it wasn't. She began watching his hair, hmmm maybe that was good to eat if she could juuust get at it, her head swayed in time with the hair's movement as they started walking....
  13. ((I figured, it was what subtly made him think that feeding her was a good idea. He just wasn't aware it was her thoughts in his head.))


    The little blue dragon squawked up at Nathan, even biting his shirt for a moment when a loud voice rang through his head. Nathan looked down, seeing the dragon looking up past his eyes and swaying her head. "Feed you?" he repeated the voice he had heard. Was it the baby? He was already about to feed the dragon, did it speak to him? The voice sounded like a very young girl, if it really was the dragon, she was female. Well, that takes care of the gender question.

    "Hold on just a minute," he tried to talk to her, not sure if she could quite understand or was even interested in waiting. "I'll find you something good soon." he said, reaching the kitchen and he shifted the dragon into one arm so he could scour the cupboards for something edible and suitable for a baby.
  14. ((Awesome! I should have known you understood me, you always were good on the uptake, lol ))

    She didn't understand the words that came from his mouth but she did understand the meaning in his mind. So she settled into his one arm and watched him rummage through the cabinets nipping at anything that came her way.
    The first of which was a box that came too close and ended it's existence as a box and smallish pellets came pouring out onto the floor with her transfixed into watching them fall for a moment.
    Then a round cylinder object was set on the counter in front of her followed by others of somewhat the same shape. She grabbed at each in turn, missing most but occasionally getting a hold on one with ether her mouth or a clawed hand and bringing it to her mouth then chomping on them if Nathan wasn't fast enough to stop her. If he was, she would squawk and grapple with him for it, usually loosing. She still made enough damage to the cylinders so they didn't so much look like cylinders, what with the dents and scratches from her teeth and claws.
    By this time her stomach was giving her serious pains. Then Nathan opened the door to a special cupboard, it was special because it let out cold air, the others didn't do this, and a smell.... like none of the others. It drove her mad! Desperate to get to the smell she growled and squawked and struggled to be loose so she could get to THAT smell.
  15. Nathan struggled to keep the hungry baby under control while he searched for something edible. She even managed to grab onto a few things while he went digging through shelves. Eventually his search led him to the refrigerator in hopes of finding some kind of meat in there the dragon might like.

    As he thought, once the refrigerator was opened she started writhing around, making noise and trying to break free to get at something. "Easy, easy!" he ordered and without thinking Nathan set her on the floor to rummage around with both hands. "Maybe I should mix some things together. I'd cook up some ground beef, eggs and such together but you seem too eager to eat to wait." he said aloud to the baby, pulling out various things and setting them on the top shelf, out of the dragon's reach.
  16. Free at last! She raced right into the cold box, head on and grabbed at the ground beef before Nathan had a chance to stop her. Now that her worst stomach pains were assuaged the dragonette looked up at Nathan and squawked then burped. She looked down as an egg rolled in front of her and she snapped it up. The baby then turned her attention to the rest of the cold box's contents and nibbled here and there to see if things were edible or not.
  17. With enough food set aside Nathan looked down to see that the dragon had helped herself to some food on her own. "Of course..." he breathed out with a sigh. It was his own fault for letting the baby out of his hands near food. She was still a baby, after all. "Come on, let's get you and this mess cleaned up." he told her, bending down to pick up the baby dragon. Using his fingers he carefully managed to wipe off bits of food she had eaten off the side of her mouth. While disposing of the styrofoam, cardboard and plastic she had shredded and destroyed he realized the baby had no name. He looked down at the dragon he held, noticing her shining blue coloration. It was the best he had to work with for the moment.

    "Hmm... what sounds like a dragon's name..." he contemplated, setting her on top of the freshly cleaned counter top. "I think I'll name you... Saphira."
  18. Practically purring after filling her tummy, she licked Nathan's hands as he picked her up and wiped food from her mouth and body. Now that there was no desperate need for food and she was calming down, the mama's mouth noises made more sense. Listening to them and his thoughts she understood the last part of what he said.

    "I think I'll name you... Saphira," he said. She cocked her head to the left then the right thinking over the new name. It wasn't a dragon name but it was nice.
    'Saphira....SAPHira...saphIRA!...SSSAAAAAPHIIIRAAAA....Saphira. I like this name you give me, it is very pretty!'
    Saphira sent directly to his mind.She let her eyes close to almost slits with the nictitating membrane almost closed too. Her head rested on his arm as he cradled her while cleaning with the other arm. Saphira burped and sighed, happy where she was.
  19. While he still wasn't sure why he could understand the little dragon in his mind, Nathan decided he would have time to figure that out later. Now that Saphira was finally cleaned up, Nathan carried her back to the room and set her on the heap his blanket was still in at the middle of his bed.

    "I don't know how I'll tell Dad about you. He loves stuff like this but I don't think he's ever actually seen a dragon." he said aloud, mostly thinking to himself. "He shouldn't be much longer now. In the mean time, would you like to nap, or play, or..." Nathan left the question open ended to let Saphira decide for herself what to do.
  20. The little dragon snuggled in mamma's leg and hands as he stood there. This did two things for Saphira. First being the smell and touch reinforced the birthing impression. A process roughly similar to a chicken or duck's in that for the rest of it's life, the dragon will look to the creature it impressed on as the giver of food, knowledge and just about everything else. Second it reassured her that her world wasn't rolling around or bouncing or falling, as it had been the last few hours before her birth.
    Now that the excitement had worn off, her tummy was full and a comfortable place had been given to her, she found it impossible to keep her eyes open any longer. She made one last cheeping purr then slipped into a well needed slumber.