A Little Light In The Dark

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  1. The legends speak of a beautiful Goddess, wise and cunning, powerful and deadly. Her name is Anuir Of The Wind. A statue of the Goddess sits in a temple of a small town dedicated to her. Some people say the statue is actually the goddess turned to stone and one day she will come back to end the darkness that has taken over the land. Others say it is just simple stone carved centuries ago. Those with magic in their blood have always been able sense a certain force around the temple, but the force is something unfamiliar to them all.
    On one fateful day, a dreadful earthquake struck the land, trembling all in it's wake. As it ended, the temple walls crumbled. Villagers cried and cursed the land for what had happened, but little did they know, the Goddess Anuir awoke along with a great evil. Overhead, the villagers heard a dreadful roar, and from a mountain top not too far away, a large black dragon flew from it's peak, wisps of black clouds spreading from it's wings. It did nothing but fly off into the distance, but all could sense a terrible omen approaching. It was then, a small girl crawled out of the rubble of the ruined temple. She had the likeness of the statue, but something about her was... different. Was she the goddess everyone prayed for? Or just a simple girl?

    Okay! I'm looking for someone to play a male character. I will be playing Anuir. This is a fantasy based world, so you can be any race you would like(within reason). If you have any questions or have anything you would like to add, just let me know!

    Abilities(If any):
  2. Is this like a body guard kinda role play? consistently saving and protecting a little girl who is oblivious to her powers until much later?
  3. CS: No clue what that means
    Name: Chane
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Likes: Dry humour, food, food, food
    Dislikes: Mean people, hunger.
    Abilities(If any): Being the grandson of a strong medium and fortune teller he can sense a little less than a second into the future. giving him the edge in most fights.
    Bio: Chane Harlowe, a 19 year old young man, but do not take him for defenseless. He learnt to protect himself and wields a slightly too heavy longsword without a shield. He is the son of a well known fortune teller but did not have the gift himself.. or does he? He prefers to stay at home but began his "career" as sellsword at the age of 16. though never taking any jobs that would take him far from home. (can elaborate more of needed)
    Appearance: 6ft3, dark blonde hair. blue/brown eyes, muscular build with some meat on his bones. Smiles a lot.
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