A little late, sorta new?

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  1. So I've been back on Iwaku for about a month now, and I completely forgot to post one of these things up. >w<

    I used to have an account a long time ago, but I forgot EVERYTHING!!!! Sad face.

    Not much about me.
    • Sorta Gothic.
    • Love cats.
    • Books.
    • Poetry.
    • Roleplaying
    • Bisexual (And proud! Who cares about them haters?)
    • Music: Alternative, Chill step, Linkin park for sure. Oceanlab.
    • Short! (I'm like 4'10" D:<)
    • Complete geek. I'm a full nerd >:3
    • Tend to get confused easily, forgot what it's called but I know I "gotz a disorduh"
    Okay... Maybe that was not exactly a little, but decent amount?
    Pfft, don't question me, I got cookies! OwO
    Cookies! (open)
    Beware the cookie bunny.
  2. Welcome back. I'm in the same boat .
  3. Never go full nerd : P

    WELCOME new but NOT new person. I'm October nice to meet you....although I have already seen you around soooo...

    If you need anything, a drink, a sandwich, whatever, feel free to ask : )
  4. Well I like books, poetry, cats, roleplaying and Alternative music (Though I more or less like any kind of music..e-e As long as I know what they're saying anyway. Hehe.) so we obviously have a lot in common! (I'm short too btw. lol)

    You can basically hit up anybody around Iwaku for some help, including me so I hope to see you around more! Happy Plotting~