A little late!~ but hello!

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  1. Hello everyone! i'm pretty new to this site, looking forward to meeting-and RPing with all of you! but i'm still a little shy, perhaps some 1x1 first?! hope to see you soon!
    your new friend
    Kid Sassafras
  2. One on ones are always a good place to start- you also might consider the jump in section. It's more casual and easy to just casually dodge in and out of instead of making a long commitment. ^^ You can also check out the general chat and board games, get to know us a little bit. We don't bite. Well, often. Or hard. XD
    Anyways, I'm Sabine. Feel free to talk to me anytime.
  3. Thanks for the tips Sabine, i'll take a look at the jump in section!
  4. Hi there Kid! :D Welcome to the Community!
  5. Haha! thank you. glad to be here~
  6. Welcome to Iwaku Kid! No worries, better late than never ^^ And it's ok to be a bit bashful. Perhaps you'll get more comfortable doing some 1x1 rps for now. I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun!