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  1. Okay, I haven't posted anything here because I'm at something of a loss. On RPG forums I'm used to there being a basic structure for things or at least a central theme. Here it seems to be a little like, do whatever you want. I'm not used to this and I'm not exactly sure how to go about setting up an RP. Or recruiting people for one? As an example the forum based RPG I've played for almost seven years is based off Frank Herbert's Dune, not exactly hard to figure out the theme and structure there.
  2. Well, there are different sections for differently-themed RPG-s. So if you want to set up a sci-fi RPG, go to the sci-fi section, for example. (If you want a two-player RPG, post in the one-on-one section, whatever theme it has.) The jump-in section is for those RPG-s of any theme that anyone can join at any point without asking (again, whatever theme it has).
    Now every section has a sign-up/discussion/OOC part, and there is also the Roleplay Talk section where one can pitch ideas. So (unless you want to start a jump-in) you can do one of three things to recruit people:
    • you can post your idea in the Roleplay Talk,
    • or you can set up a sign-up thread in the OOC part of whatever section your roleplay belongs in,
    • or if you already have a specific partner or partners in mind, you can write a message/conversation to whoever you want to roleplay with and ask them to play with you.
    Eventually the roleplay will be sufficiently discussed to start, and then you can start an in-character thread in the in-character part of the section your roleplay belongs into.
    If, however, you want to start a jump-in roleplay, then just start the thread in the jump-in section, but it may still be worthwhile to also make an OOC thread where plot can be discussed.

    Also, here is the Roleplay 101.

    I hope this answered your question. Good luck!
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