A little help needed

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Hello all~

I know I've not been the most active lately, which is due to an insane amount of work from my uni course I'm sure a lot of you can relate to... but I now need your help.

I'm to gather research on the topic of soldiers and their families so my request is this:

If anyone in the military or of a military family would like to be interviewed on the following matters, please contact me or even leave comments in your reply to this thread.

The interview is for the purpose of potentially being used in a documentary and verbatim play. It can be completely anonymous if you wish and you can request that it not be used in the play.

The matters involved are as follows:

Why did you sign up? (if enlisted)

Tales of camaraderie

Support and charities for the families - how effective are they

War poetry

Relations with your families (at home or away)

Thank you for your time~