A Little Fun At Work

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  1. It seemed like it was yet another typical day at work, answering phone calls and greeting guests as they entered the building, making sure he was directing people to the right areas, and confirming dates for meetings. The job was something that he enjoyed doing, something that he actually got and did a good job at. He hadn’t been the best in school, but this had been something that struck him as something he could do easily, and while he went for his business degree, most of that didn’t make sense to him or just didn’t appeal to him. He was contemplating a new field of work, but was now enjoying being the secretary of the rather large company.

    Finishing a phone call with one of the clients of the business, he went to work on his computer, confirming a date for his boss to have a meeting with the other business. It was pretty standard work, and he easily got used to it within days of starting there. Now he had been there for years, and knew quite a bit about the business, especially some things that were better left unsaid. It wasn’t like he was one of the gossipers of the company, but he definitely kept his ears open as he worked, and he knew quite a few people that liked to talk. He wouldn’t go anywhere with the knowledge, but he liked to imagine the company was like a television show and it kept him occupied when he was rather bored with the day.

    Running a hand through his ruffled brown hair, the male continued to type away on his computer, checking emails and making sure that his boss’ schedule was up to date. He liked to go over his duties quite a bit, especially since he was a bit of a perfectionist, always liking his work done the way he saw fit and making sure everything was running smoothly. For now it seemed everything was up to his standard, which meant he could relax a bit and reply to his emails as they had come in, something that he seemed to rarely get to.
  2. Reid Thomas was disgruntled as he made his way down in the elevator. The way he looked made Hell look like a kid's playground. Hell didn't even begin to describe the fight he'd just had with his wife over the phone. He'd slept in his office again, something that upset Misty to no end. Especially since they'd fought the night before, too. His normally perfect and pristine white-blond hair was in disray from the odd sleeping position he'd fallen into in his desk chair. He snarled at the elevator when it dinged to signal his arrival on the first floor, where his secretary was. To gain the other male's attention, he pounded his fist against the desk. "Clear my schedule and get all of these people out of my hair," he demanded, bloodshot eyes meeting the other male's.

    His wife had fought with him again today about if he kept sleeping in the office, he'd never be there for his child. They weren't pregnant yet, but Misty was a little baby crazy. She didn't want to listen to the doctors who told them both that they weren't compatible. He scoffed at the thought of her. Stupid woman. He tapped his fingers against the wooden surface of the secretary's desk. "Well? Am I clear, yet?"
  3. As the man pounded his closed hand on the top of his desk, Nolan was startled by the sudden noise and appearance of his boss, and even more so by the state that the man was in. Nodding his head, he quickly tapped away on his computer, clearing his schedule with a few clicks and emails sent out in apologies and requests of reschedules. As he finished the task rather quickly, Nolan turned his attention back to his boss, who normally was in a rather attractive state, but now who looked like he hadn’t slept in days, “It’s done. Anything I can get or do for you, sir?” He questioned, wondering if Reid would want some coffee or perhaps some Advil just by how he looked to Nolan.

    Because of the gossip queens of the building, Nolan knew a bit about what was going on with Reid, mainly about the fights and the sleeping in the office. He’d heard it from one of the girls in payroll, and hadn’t really said anything on it. He was now believing her words just by how the man looked now, messy hair and tired eyes.
  4. "Coffee." Reid grumbled after a moment. "You know how I like it. More sugar this time. Bring it up when it's ready," he commanded, not feeling guilt in the slightest by pushing Nolan around. That was this one's name, right? He could hardly remember his own name at the moment. All the sleeping in the office chair and hunched over his desk was killing him. He had back pains and he hadn't had a shower today. He wished that he'd taken his buddy Sam up on the offer of building his office with a separate full bath. Instead, he'd stuck with the modest water closet.

    "Don't bother knocking." Knocking annoyed the Hell out of him. Reid turned back to the elevator and waited impatiently for it to open before storming into it. When the doors closed, he growled at it for dinging on ever floor. As it finally stopped on his floor, he stomped back to his office, slamming the door so hard that it almost flew off the hinges. He collapsed into his chair again as he waited for his coffee. Maybe he could bribe his secretary into giving him a massage.
  5. “Yes, sir,” the man replied as he watched his boss turn and storm back to the elevators, locking his computer rather quickly as he pushed away from his desk and getting to his feet. Knowing that the man was in a rather off mood, Nolan figured he should get the coffee rather quickly to Reid before he decided to yell at him. Making his way to the break room, the man quickly started the coffee pot, making sure that he got fresh coffee for Reid.

    Waiting for the coffee to finish, he gathered the cup and sugar and then leaned against the counter as he watched the pot. Sighing heavily, the man ran a hand through his hair as he turned and leaned back against the counter, patiently waiting as he stood in the break room. As the beeping from the coffee pot soon rang out, Nolan moved to pour coffee into the cup and then spoon sugar into it. Carefully carrying the cup, he made his way to the elevator and up to Reid’s floor.

    When the beep of the elevator signified he was on the right floor, he quickly, but carefully, made his way to the door and into the office, “Sorry for the wait.” He spoke as he moved to set the coffee on Reid’s desk, stepping back once he had done so. “Anything else, sir?”
  6. Just the smell of the caffeine was relaxing to Reid and he picked up the mug without a word of thanks. He took a careful sip, burning his tongue anyways. That had been his own fault though. He wiped at his mouth after setting the mug to the side to cool. He looked the other male over. He was a rather bland looking person, although he was very professional about his work. It made Reid remember why he'd hired Nolan to begin with.

    "A massage would be nice, if you wouldn't mind." Reid asked, feeling a pang of guilt that he'd laid his bad attitude on this poor, very nice, lad. He ran a hand through his messy hair, not helping that situation. "I apologize for my foul temper. You're a very good secretary, Nolan. Definitely the one I've had the longest. I appreciate your cooperation." He considered asking the other male to order him a better desk chair. But that could wait until later.
  7. He patiently waited while Reid took a sip of the coffee, waiting to see if the man needed anything else from him before he went back to work, though knowing it would just be answering emails about why he had had to reschedule everything for Reid. He didn’t mind, though, seeing as it kept him busy during the days when he didn’t have much else to do. Pulling on the sleeve of his black button up, he chewed on the inside of his cheek as he waited.

    Upon finally hearing his boss’ request, Nolan looked a bit surprised by the other’s words of a massage, but saw no reason why he couldn’t. He found Reid to be quite interesting, in some sort of way, and he aimed to please people. “Sure, I don’t mind,” he spoke as he made his way back over to Reid, before hesitating with the next words that were spoken to him. “It’s quite alright. And thank you, sir, means a lot.” He said with a slight smile as he moved behind Reid, putting his hands to his shoulders as he started to give his boss a massage.
  8. Reid closed his eyes as Nolan moved behind him for the massage. "How much vacation time have I given you?" He asked, to keep the conversation up. "I apologize for my memory as well. Sleeping in this chair has muddled my mind." He rolled his shoulders back into the massage, leaning forward over the desk. He gave a soft sigh as pleasure as some tension was released from his body. "Down and a little to the right," and those fingers brushed over his tense neck, he moaned. "Right there, too. My neck."

    Maybe this should be the next requirement for secretaries, how good of a massage they could give to a stressed boss. "Oh, yes," he moaned again, his head lulling forward as he did so. "Feels nice," he complimented.
  9. As he worked his hands on Reid’s shoulders, neck and back, he listened to the question that was asked of him, and hummed lightly as he tried to think, “I believe two weeks, in which I’ve taken two days.” He spoke as he continued to move his hands, massaging Reid’s back as he nodded his head, confirming that he might be right in his assumption of how many days he was given for vacation. Feeling the other push his shoulders back into his hands, Nolan smiled softly for a few seconds as he moved his hands to where Reid directed him, letting his hands work out the tension in the other.

    “It’s fine, I understand.” He commented as he moved his hands, hoping that he was helping his boss in relieving the stress. Listening to Reid moan, Nolan hesitated a moment before continuing to work his shoulders, neck, and back. He rarely ever gave massages, so he was surprised when Reid commented on it feeling nice. He only really gave massages to his partners, and he hadn’t had one of those in a while. So he felt a bit rusty, but was glad that Reid was enjoying it.
  10. "Two days? Out of two weeks? Do I work you that hard or is it by choice?" Reid asked, a little appalled by that news. He'd had a million employees that had gone over on vacation days, he'd never had one that didn't take vacations. That just proved how good Nolan was. "Mm, I should promote you," he said, a little loopy from not having good sleep and being relieved from some of the stress on his body. "Especially if you keep up these massages." Reid groaned loudly, rolled his neck a little. It popped after being massaged and it felt amazing. A lot of tension had been set there.

    "Do you have a secondary job as a masseuse? Damn, you're good." Reid went on moaning and complimenting the other male absently. His eyes were half-lidded as he assessed his body as tension was released. It didn't work as good as another tactic that he knew. Sex was often the best way to relieve stress. Sex and sleep. Two of the very best things for stress. Sleep was pretty much impossible these days. Sex..sex was easy. His body started to respond the way any male's body would at the massage. In short, he got an erection, although he was just half-mast. It would be nice to have sex to relieve his stress. Reid considered the male behind him for the job. He was very easy going and professional. Attractive, too. Reid had always been bisexual in a way, able to look at males but never allowed to touch. Maybe now was his chance. He gave a low moan.
  11. Thinking the question over in his head, Nolan pursed his lips as he wondered about it, “I guess by choice. Haven’t really needed to take off,” he said as he continued to massage Reid, wondering now about his vacation time. The only time he had taken off was for his parents’ re-newel of their vows, in which the family went away for the weekend, and he had taken off two days during the week to enjoy the time. Otherwise, he hadn’t found any reason to take time off work or to set up any kind of vacation on a work day. He didn’t have a significant other to go on vacations with, and thus didn’t need to take time off for that. He rarely got sick, always making sure he ate healthy and took his vitamins. So all in all, he never saw fit to use the time.

    Chuckling softly at Reid’s next words, the male softly shook his head as he smiled, but feeling a sense of accomplishment at the constant compliments. He rarely received them, and found them to be rather enjoyable as he continued to let his hands move, massaging the tension from the other man’s shoulders. “Thank you. Perhaps I should look into it as a second job,” he chuckled after his words, smiling as he moved his thumbs to massage at the man’s neck, hoping he was still doing a good job. When he heard the moan, he hesitated yet again, wondering why that one struck him more than the others but quickly recovered as he chewed on his lower lip.
  12. Reid felt a chill go through him. A chill of excitement. He'd finally be able to be with a male. He was married, but what Misty didn't know wouldn't hurt her. At least not until she found out, but that was a minor detail that he didn't much care for at the moment. "Mm, you should look at it as a second job," he said, voice husky and deep. "And use that vacation time I gave you." He grinned crookedly as he considered ways to get the other male's attention to his lap and his other need.

    Reid let his own hand drop to his lap, figuring that drawing attention to himself was to start jerking off during the massage. He figured that Nolan would hear the sound of his zipper anyways, the room was pretty quiet other than his own moans and their conversation. He unzipped his slacks without a second thought and slipped his hand inside of his boxers. He started to stroke himself slowly, teasing himself slightly.
  13. With Reid’s next words, and the sound of his voice, Nolan bit down on his lower lip as he held in whatever noise that threatened to pass through his lips. The way the other’s voice sounded shot right through his body, making his member twitch rather enjoyably as he made sure his hands continued with the massage. “Yes, sir,” he spoke jokingly as he continued to move his thumbs around on Reid’s neck, making sure he was still doing a good job as he stood behind him.

    He let himself keep quiet as he continued to massage the other man, focusing on the wall opposite of them so as to keep himself composed. But as the sound of a zipper caught his attention, Nolan let his eyes move down to Reid, and he saw the man’s arm moving slowly. Moving slightly to the side, he let his eyes wander further down, to figure out what exactly was going on. And just as he guessed, Nolan watched for a few seconds as Reid stroked himself in his pants.

    Chewing on his lip, he felt his member twitch again and he hesitated for a few seconds before he tried to think of what to do. He had been attracted to males for as long as he could remember, first acting upon it in high school when he got his first boyfriend. But he had never thought Reid to swing that way, reminding himself that the man was married, to a woman. Pushing the thoughts from his mind, he figured Reid was not thinking about his wife at the moment, or at least not caring, seeing as he was obviously stroking himself as Nolan massaged him.

    Finally letting a small smirk creep onto his lips, the man continued the massage as he moved his hands lower, letting his hands fall to Reid’s sides. Squatting down as his hands moved further down, he finally moved one hand towards his stomach and then down, letting his hand follow where the others already was.
  14. Reid allowed himself to moan as he pleased. He let out a particularly loud moan at the words "Yes, sir." Nothing better than an obedient partner. Especially with someone like Nolan. Reid hadn't considered that Nolan may not like male's, he hadn't cared. He'd had a feeling that Nolan probably did and went on that. He continued stroking himself as he felt those hands lower down to his sides. He watched as Nolan's hand joined his.

    He let his own hand move away from himself and moved into Nolan's hand, thrusting his hips forward into it impatiently. He was still the boss here and Nolan should obey him. "Faster," he groaned, still thrusting into that wonderful hand of his secretaries. Reid never thought he'd be one of those bosses that was married happily and had the secretary on the side. For the time being, he didn't much care. His wife was his problem at the moment and he didn't want to focus on her or he'd lose the pleasure he was getting at the moment. He let himself focus on the pleasant hand on his erection for the time being.
  15. As he felt Reid remove his own hand from his member, Nolan bit down on his lower lip as he moved his hand to replace the other’s, stroking slowly at first. Though as he felt the other buck into his hand and heard him command him to go faster, Nolan groaned lightly as he started to stroke faster, moving his hand up and down as he squatted behind the man. His other hand stayed on Reid’s side, holding him to the man as he stroked him, enjoying the moans coming from his boss as they shot right to his member, making it come alive as he continued to move his hand.

    Not in a million years had Nolan imagined this would have happened, especially not with his married, and assumed to be straight, boss. Sure, he might have imagined what the other looked like naked, but had never imagined something like this would happen. He had guessed the man to be completely straight, and was surprised when he started to jerk himself off right in front of Nolan, but wasn’t complaining about it at all.
  16. Reid groaned as his demand was met in a satisfactory way. This was why he hired Nolan, because he liked to please people and damn it all if he wasn't pleasing Reid at the moment. Reid started to thrust in his hand again. Sure, hand jobs were fun, but usually only when you were alone and couldn't do anything but a hand job. Reid had a perfectly healthy and willing (or so he hoped) body right here. "No, I need more," he got out with a moan.

    He was sure he could have gotten off with Nolan jerking him like that, but he didn't want a hand job with Nolan. He wanted full blown sex. The hand job trick had been a test. A pretty good one if Reid didn't say so himself. "On the desk, Nolan. I want you on the desk, naked." He assumed he'd be the top in this relationship, it didn't seem as though Nolan was much of a dominant person. Reid was okay with that, though.
  17. His teeth biting into his lower lip couldn’t stop the moan that escaped as he heard Reid groan as he worked him, keeping up the pace that the other had requested of him, fingers wrapped around him as he moved his hand up and down. Though when Reid moaned out he wanted more, Nolan felt himself hesitate, and he knew it was not because he didn’t want to, but because he was surprised that Reid wanted to. With what had happened so far, Nolan figured he would have just helped the other get off before returning to work, but he had never figured that Reid would want more.

    When the other told him what he wanted, Nolan smirked lightly as he let go of Reid and returned to his standing position. Moving back around his boss, the brunette complied as he started to unbutton his shirt, dropping it to the floor before going to his pants, kicking off his shoes as he started to remove the rest of his clothes. In all his fantasies, an office bang had certainly been among them, especially during the day when someone could easily walk in on them. As his clothes were removed, Nolan smirked as he leaned against the desk, catching his lip at the cold feeling against his bare skin.
  18. Reid let out a satisfied sigh as he took in Nolan's naked form against his desk. Laid out just for him, like a personal buffet. His eyes scaled down to Nolan's engorged member and he smirked. "Oh, is that for me?" He asked, dropping his hand down to the other's erection. He began to stroke him, feeling him. He chuckled at Nolan's reaction to the cold desk. "Don't worry, we'll warm up that cold desk in a moment."

    Reid continued to stroke Nolan for a while before he removed his hand, starting to undress himself. He figured it was only fair that they both got to see each other naked. Reid unbuttoned his light blue shirt and let it fall away to the ground. Next came his belt that he undid and slid away from his pants, letting it fall away from himself with a metallic clang. He slipped out of his shoes and pulled the last articles away from his skin, leaving him bare for the other male to see.
  19. A light smirk was present on the brunette’s lips as he looked over at Reid, stark naked and open to the others wandering eye. He certainly wasn’t ashamed of letting others see him naked, he was confident with his own body and wasn’t in the least bit shy of showing it off. Opening his mouth to respond to Reid, all words were caught in his throat as he felt the hand on his member, stroking him up and down. Hearing the comment of the desk, the man simply let a low moan escape his lips as he enjoyed the feeling of his boss’ hand on him.

    When the others’ hand left him, Nolan opened his eyes that had closed moments ago and looked over to him, his face already flushed from the enjoyment. Smirking as he watched Reid start to undress himself, he continued to lean against the desk, catching his lower lip between his teeth as he watched. As the man before him became just as naked as himself, Nolan let his eyes roam from head to toe, before looking back up at his face, “Mm…this should be exciting.”
  20. ((OCC: Sorry that this is late and short, but I'm on my laptop at the moment and it doesn't like this site for some reason.)) Reid smirked in response to the brunette's words. "Oh, it will be." He quite liked the other male's body. It was nice and smooth, very pleasing to look at. He shamelessly let his eyes skate over that skin again before his fingertips and nails joined in, landscaping the other male's chest. He chuckled lightly. "Oh, yes, this will be fun." He came closer to Nolan, letting his hands grip the brunette's hips. "Let's see about warming up the desk, shall we?" He asked huskily, fingers dipping down lower and teasing the other man's hole.