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    The Beginning

    The year is 2077. Earth has nearly depleted all of its resources, people are slowly dying of starvation, or being murdered for the sake of survival. Then it all changed on New Years Eve. An inter-dimensional rift opened up to another world, shining with glimmering hope for humanity. And yet it was all shattered that very same day. Nearly one million people had died the same day when the rift opened, in which their corpses immediately decayed to the point of becoming dust. After the mass death, the rift closed forever. Never to return to Earth.

    The people that died the day the rift opened was not by natural causes. It was the rift sucking out their souls and taking them to the new world. They would be the ones to revive humanity, even begin anew. Yet.. everything changed.

    The appearances and memories of the people taken to the new world were altered to match the world they were in. It was the plan of the entity after all, to erase all traces of Earth from the inhabitants. Even going as far as forcefully keeping the world in a highly fantasy setting, where no industry exists.

    The Present

    Nearly 1200 years later the land is fully developed, with no trace of how the former inhabitants got here. Names were made for the world, and even the land they lived on. The world went by the name Eris, while the land went by Nilux. The origins of the names are not known, but people put meanings to them blindly and without reason.

    Crime has always existed in this bright world, though a much bigger conflict has begun to rise. Guilds have began to appear. They have their own beliefs and morals, causing hostility to spread through the land. And with the sudden appearance of dangerous creatures, it's the worst time for an all out war to start in Nilux.

    The floating land is in danger, but who can save it?​

    A few things I like in a roleplay...

    - I'm a complete sucker for romance, so I'd like some that! (I only play males though).
    - This will have ungodly amounts of blood and gore, which would make it awesome.
    - I like character death, especially to those I've become attached to. It adds to story development and revenge.
    -Good grammar.

    Whelp, that's the plot I want to do. If anyone's interested, reply here or PM me. ^_^
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  2. This sounds really cool ^_^
  3. I'd love to do it!
  4. Hmm... this is rather intresting do you take hybrids? Haha well anyways, hit me with a pm if u wana rp with me (also i love playing females)
  5. Oh man this sounds interesting. Like really interesting to join. cccc:
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