A little fan-fiction... probably not too original, but...oh well

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  1. “Heartbreaker!!!” the crowd went wild after the last note. Pierre whipped the sweat from his forehead before grabbing the mic. “Thank you Kansas City! You were awesome!” He smiled as the crowd roared again. David leaned into his mic. “We cant wait to come back next year!” He winked to a group of girls in the front row, and they screamed as Simple Plan waved and left the stage.

    “Best 21st birthday ever!” Aylin pressed against her friends so the crowd wouldn’t separate them. “We were so close to them!” she squealed, squeezing Pandora’s arm, and smiling up at her with bright green eyes. “Thank you guys so much!” she grinned, looking at Moon and Destrey once they got out of the crowd.

    “One more gift.” Destrey smiled mysteriously, pulling an envelope out of his jacket. Aylin looked at them all curiously as he handed it to her.

    “What is this?” she hesitated before opening it.

    “Just look.” Moon’s brown eyes flashed with excitement.

    Aylin tore it open and gasped. “We are going to the after party???” She looked at them, wondering if they were pulling her leg.

    Pandora’s lips raised in a half smile. “They are real. What better way to finish your 21st birthday then partying with your favorite band?”


    Aylin was shaking as they pulled up to the hotel. Moon laughed, her high pitched voice sounding like chimes. “Don’t worry, we’ll be there to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.”

    Aylin looked at Pandora, who nodded, and then caught Destrey’s gaze in the mirror. She smiled nervously. “We don’t really have party clothes with us…” she trailed off as she watched Moon pull an extra overnight bag up out of the back of the van.

    “Got it covered.” Moon giggled and passed Aylin a light green halter top dress, before digging in it again and pulling out a black strapless dress for herself, passing the bag up to Pandora. “We’re gonna change when we get to our room.”

    “We are staying here?” Aylin looked up at the hotel. “How could you afford this?”

    “Moon and Destrey have that rich aunt remember?” Pandora smiled, getting out. “She likes you, so she gave us the money.”


    Pandora finished touching up her make-up, and then came out of the bathroom, looking them all over. She was looking breathtaking as always in a silver dress, a slit up the side, and her long pink hair in a bun. Aylin felt the little touch of jealously she normally did when she looked at Pandora. She longed to be tall and beautiful like her, with beautiful blue eyes. Instead she was 5’4, and plain, or so she felt. She tugged her dress down a little, it was rather short, and winced as Pandora playfully pulled her hair. She had Straightened it out, and was delighted to see how the green had popped out against the blonde. She had traded her lip hoops for studs with diamonds, feeling they fit the outfit better. Moon was next for inspection. Her black dress was tight, and her hair was left curly like it normally was. She was just a little bit shorter than Aylin. Destrey on the other hand, stood at 6’5, making it hard to believe he and Moon were even related, much less twins. His brown hair fell over his brown eyes, in that skater swoosh, making him look even more mysterious then he already was. He wore a blue shirt, and black pants.

    Aylin smiled as Pandora brushed his hair away from his eyes for a second, before she turned to them. “Lets go.”


    Aylin opened her eyes the next morning, instantly regretting it. Her head was pounding. She stretched, and froze. Was that skin she felt under her fingers? She turned her head, and gasped, shocked to be looking into the face of David Desrosiers. She scooted away, and then blushed, realizing she was naked. She sat up, wincing against her headache, and found her clothes, putting them on and grabbing her phone before leaving the room.

    “Where were you?” Moon rubbed her eyes, her hair a mess. She took another look at Aylin, and pulled her into the room. “What happened?” she asked, pulling Aylin to the bed they were supposed to share, and then threw a pillow at Pandora, waking her up.

    “I don’t know.” Aylin answered Moon’s second question, looking at them both. “Do we have any Advil?” She laid back as Moon got up and grabbed some medicine and water. Pandora climbed onto the bed, playing with Aylin’s hair and rubbing her head for her as she took the meds and laid back down.

    “Where were you this morning?” Moon asked, repeating her first question.

    Aylin sighed, wishing she had forgot to ask. “I woke up in another room.” She blushed.

    Pandora narrowed her eyes, thinking. “I don’t remember you coming back with us, now that you mention it.” she looked at Moon as her eyes widened, and then back to Aylin. “You stayed behind because David was talking to you. What happened?!?” Moon was looking at Aylin, excited now.

    “I don’t know.” Aylin closed her eyes, seeing her idol’s face, and smiled a little. “I woke up….next to him.”

    The other two girls gasped, and there was a knock at the door. Moon let Destrey in, and Pandora led Aylin to the bathroom. “We can talk about it on the way home.” she said, much to Aylin’s pleasure. “You sure you’re ok?” she asked, looking into Aylin’s eyes. “You look sick.”

    Aylin nodded. “My head hurts, and I’m really embarrassed.”

    Pandora nodded. “I’ll bring your clothes in, you get in the shower. And, if I were you, I’d be kinda proud.” She winked teasingly.

    Aylin nodded, waiting till Pandora closed the door to look at herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, and she saw what looked like a hicky on her neck. She pulled her hair back, and saw two going up her neck. She touched them, and then jumped when the door opened. Pandora handed her the clothes, giving her an amused look, before leaving the room. Aylin locked the door, hearing hushed voices on the other side. She slipped her dress and panties off, staring at her small body. There were more hickies on her breasts and hips. She sighed, and turned on the water, getting it hot before stepping in.


    Aylin continued to brush her hair, finding it harder and harder to ignore Moon’s stare. Finally she dropped the brush, and turned. “What?!?”

    Moon smiled. “Please tell me what you remember.” she begged for the thousandth time since Destrey had dropped them off at the house they shared.

    Aylin rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She had gotten over the shock on the ride home, and had started to feel more excited about what happened. “I don’t remember much though.” I drank a lot.”

    Moon giggled. “They were excited when they found out it was your birthday.” She pulled out her camera. “I took pictures.”

    Aylin smiled, and set the camera by the computer. “I remember getting there, and them being excited. We had drinks, and David was talking to me.” She blushed. “You guys kinda left, talkin to other people, and he started kissin my neck…” she shivered, starting to remember more. “I remember you guys leaving around 4, and I told you I’d catch up. After that…things get fuzzy.” She looked away, knowing from the look on Moon’s face that she didn’t believe that part.

    “I remember him hitting on you hardcore.” Moon smiled, forgetting about the minor lie. She got on Aylin’s laptop, hooking the camera up and pulling up the pictures, giggling. Aylin laughed at some of them, and then sat on the bed, touching the hickies on her neck. Moon looked at her. “He did a number on ya huh?” She winked. “Wish I could get that lucky. Zex wont be home till tomorrow.” She pouted, her thoughts drifting off. Aylin smiled, and laid back on her bed.


    “Answer the door!” Aylin sat up in her bed, the knocking driving her insane.

    “I’m in the bathroom!” Moon’s reply came back.

    She sighed and got to the door just in time to see Pandora walk in. “Cant answer?” she teased.

    “Sorry. I was asleep.” Aylin rubbed her eyes. “Moon is in the bathroom.” she said with a yawn.

    “Why were you napping at 3 in the afternoon?” Pandora shook her head. It had been almost 3 months since the concert, and they were starting school the next week.

    “I haven’t been sleeping well.” Aylin ran her fingers through her hair. “I keep having weird dreams.” She walked in the kitchen, hearing Pandora’s light steps behind her. She fished in the fridge for grape jelly and dill pickles, setting them on the counter before grabbing the peanut butter, bread, and nacho cheese chips, making a sandwich.

    Pandora turned her nose. “That’s disgusting.” She shook her head again. “You’re food taste is weird.”

    Aylin shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve been having these cravings lately.” She took a bite, moaning with pleasure.

    “You’ve been craving chocolate milkshakes at 2 in the morning too.” Moon grumbled, reaching past her for the chips. Pandora raised her eyebrow. Moon nodded. “She makes me get up with her to go get them.”

    Pandora looked at Aylin. “Anything else?”

    Aylin frowned. “What do you mean?”

    “Have you been feeling odd at all?” Pandora was looking at Aylin intensely.

    Aylin met her gaze. “I don’t know. I haven’t been feeling good, and I’m tired all the time.”

    Pandora sighed. “You didn’t see a condom when you were in David’s room did you?”

    The room was quiet. Aylin thought about it, her face expressionless. “No….I didn’t see one.” She looked at Pandora, and sighed, getting up and grabbing her keys. “Lets go to the store.”


    Aylin stood outside the bathroom with Pandora and Moon, her eyes closed. She could feel her friends looking at her, but she couldn’t meet their gaze. She heard the timer go off, but didn’t move. “Aylin…”Moon started. Aylin shook her head, whispering, “you go look.” She felt someone move past her, and Pandora took her hand. The gasp from the bathroom was all she needed. She burst into tears, looking up at Pandora. Moon came out and hugged her, telling her it would be ok.

    Pandora had a weird look on her face. “I’m going to go get Destrey. We’ll get this figured out, I promise.” She didn’t wait for a response, closing the door behind her. Aylin cried in Moon’s arms, not realizing her phone was missing.

    2 hours later, Destrey and Pandora came through the door. Aylin was sitting on the couch, her eyes red. Destrey sat next to her, wrapping an arm around her, and whispering to her reassuringly. Pandora looked at Moon, giving her a slight nod over Aylin’s head. Aylin listened to Destrey’s words, taking comfort in his voice. “I called my mom.” she said, leaning against him. She felt him nod. Moon sat on her other side, and Pandora stood behind her, playing with her hair.

    “If anything, the baby will have a good family.” Destrey said, the smile in his voice making Aylin feel better. She touched her tummy, wondering what would happen.


    3 months later, Aylin was showing. She had been a tiny girl to begin with, only 105 lbs. She rubbed her hand over the baby bump, stretching her shirt out. She looked out the window as they pulled up to the mall. “I’m glad you wanted it to be just us.” Moon said, pulling into a parking space.

    Aylin smiled. “We haven’t done anything with just us two in a minute. Besides, you have a better fashion sense, but don’t tell Pandora I said that.”

    Moon laughed. “I wont. This is exciting. Looking for maternity clothes.” She rubbed Aylin’s tummy, and Aylin smiled wider.

    “I just don’t want to ruin any more of my good shirts.” she said as she held the door open for Moon. They headed for the Maternity store.
    “Never thought I’d have to shop in this store. At least, not while I was single…and not for another 5 years.” she smiled.

    They were looking for pants when her phone went off. She frowned, not knowing the number. “Hello?” she asked.

    “Aylin?” a man’s voice answered.

    “This is her.” she said, looking at Moon, and then walking away a few steps. “Who is this?”

    “This is David…” he trailed off.

    “David?” she looked at Moon again, confused. “David who?”

    “Desrosiers? From Simple Plan?” he responded.

    She nearly dropped her phone. “Oh, um….hi?” she went to the bathroom, leaving Moon staring after her. “How did you get my number?”

    “You gave it to me.” he sounded hurt, and for a second she felt bad.

    “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t remember.”

    “I figured.” He was quiet. “You’re friend called me…Pandora or whatever?”

    “Oh.” She looked at herself in the mirror. “So…” she wasn’t sure what to say.

    “So…” he sighed. “She said you were pregnant?”

    Her head sagged. “Yeah. I am.’ The phone was silent. “David?” she looked at the phone making sure they were still connected. “Davi…”

    “I’m here.” His voice sounded strained. “uhm…we’re in Topeka for the week. Could you maybe…meet me half way somewhere?”

    She sighed, looking in the mirror again. “Lawrence?”

    “Yeah, that would work.”

    There was an awkward silence.

    “Well…I’ll see you tonight then?” she asked, running a hand through her hair.

    “Yeah.” he sighed. “Tonight. I’ll call you and tell you were to meet me.”

    “Alright…bye.” she said.

    “Bye.” he ended the call.

    “What was that about?” Moon was waiting by the door when she came out.

    “David called.” Aylin’s voice was quiet. “He wants to meet tonight.” She answered Moon’s question before she could ask.

    “Oh….where?” Moon asked, trying to sound surprised.

    Aylin narrowed her eyes. “You knew she called him didn’t you?” Moon blushed and looked away. “You knew, and yet none of you decided to tell me.” Aylin couldn’t keep the hurt from her voice.

    Moon looked at her again. “We thought you would be mad.”

    Aylin sighed. “I guess he needed to find out somehow.” She shrugged. “Help me get some clothes, so I can go.” She went back into the store, looking at shirts and pants. “I’m going to Lawrence.” she closed her eyes, already knowing what Moon was gonna say. “And no, I don’t want anyone to go with me. I’m a big girl. I’ll handle it on my own.”


    “You’re sure you don’t need me?” Moon asked, watching Aylin pack her bag.

    Aylin sighed. “For the hundredth time, no. I need to do this alone. And besides, I’m mad at you.” She gave her friend a look, and Moon hung her head. Aylin took her phone again, making sure she hadn’t contacted Pandora or Destrey and told them she was leaving, and then tossed it back.

    “I’m telling them as soon as you leave.” Moon stuck out her chin.

    Aylin rolled her eyes, tucking her new shirts in the bag carefully, along with the shorts she had bought. “You do that Moon. Let them know I’m mad at them too.” She pulled on her All Stars.

    Moon sighed. “Destrey didn’t know.”

    Aylin shrugged. “Then let Pandora know I’m mad at her.” She grabbed her keys heading out the her car. Moon called out for her to be safe from the door, and Aylin gave her a smile and pointed to her growing belly in response, before getting in the car and backing out the driveway.


    “Hey, I’m here.” Aylin was filling up her tank when her phone had rang, David on the other end. She looked around, admiring the surroundings.

    “Awesome. I just got a hotel room, across from the Fast Gas. Meet me in the Banquet room?” He sounded unsure about it.

    “Yeah. I can do that. I’m at the Fast Gas now, so I’ll be there soon.” She hung up, and pulled out of the stall.


    She had just sat down at a table when she heard her name. She turned her head and watched as David approached, sitting across from her. There was an awkward silence as they looked at each other, and then Aylin looked away, blushing.

    “So…you look…” he trailed off, thinking.

    “Pregnant? Yeah, 6 and a half months now.” She rubbed her tummy, smiling slightly.

    “I was gonna say good, but yeah.” he smiled, watching. “So….is it mine?” He looked up, trying to meet her eyes.

    She finally gave in, looking up at him. “I haven’t been with anyone since…or before.” she admitted, looking away and blushing.

    He was silent for only a moment. “I was your first?”

    “The one and only.” She gave a slightly harsh laugh. “How ironic. My first and only time, and I don’t remember it, but get pregnant from it.” She looked up at him. “What do you want?”

    He looked at her, shocked. She had seemed like a nice quiet girl when they met. Where did that attitude come from? “I want to be a part of the kids…my kids…life….if you will let me.” Her gaze softened, but she didn’t say anything. He could understand now. She was scared, afraid she had to do it alone. He scooted his chair closer to hers. “You don’t have to do it alone. I want to be there. I want to help you.” He was making sure to keep eye contact so she knew he was telling the truth. She nodded an ok, and he grinned in response.


    Aylin stretched, and then rubbed her tummy. David had talked her into going to dinner, and after much arguing, had also managed to pay for it. She checked her phone, and smiled, not surprised to see 8 texts, 4 from Pandora, 3 from Moon, and one from Destrey, asking if she made it safe. She replied to them, and looked up, finding David staring at her intensely. She blushed. “What?” He shook his head, and she frowned, looking down. She frowned deeper when she saw the time. “It’s already 10:30?” She looked out the window, shocked at how dark it was. “Damn.”

    “David followed her gaze, and then looked back at her. “Is that bad?”

    She looked at him. “I can’t drive in the dark without my glasses, and I left them at home.” She sighed.

    “Why don’t you just stay here?” He raised an eyebrow.

    “I‘m gonna have to. I was hoping I could maybe make it back by dark but…” she shrugged.

    “Are you going to get a room?” he had a hopeful look on her face.

    “No David. I’m going to sleep in my car.” She gave him a sarcastic look, and then laughed. “Yes I’m going to get a room.”

    He gave her a look. “Well, why don’t you just…stay in my room…with me…” he looked uncomfortable now. “My room has two beds…”

    She narrowed her eyes. “Why would your room….were you hoping I would stay with you?” He nodded sheepishly. She smiled, thinking about it. “Alright. But just for tonight. I have to get back tomorrow.” He nodded again.


    After he had gotten her things out of the car and up to the room, she had gone to take a shower. David sat on his bed, playing Angry Birds, and thinking. He was so deep into his thoughts that he didn’t hear her come out of the bathroom.

    “Enjoying your game?” she smiled, sitting on her bed. She was wearing a tank top and shorts, her hair wet.

    He jumped and looked over at her. “Whoa. Some warning next time.” he smiled as he set down the phone. “Yeah. There’s always that one pig that doesn’t wanna get got though.”

    She laughed, nodding. “I hate that.” She crawled up to her pillow, flopping down on her back and grabbing her phone.

    He watched her, his head cocked to the side. He took in her swollen belly, and smiled. “What’s it like?”

    She looked over at him. “Hmm?”

    “What’s it like being pregnant?” he shook his head. “Sorry, didn’t really clarify.”

    She smiled. “Oh. It’s….different. There’s a little human growing inside of me.”

    He nodded. “Does it kick yet?”

    She smiled wider. “Yeah. All the time. Wanna feel?”

    “It’s happening now?” he felt nervous all of a sudden.

    “Yeah. Like I said, all the time.” she lifted her shirt, showing her belly, the belly button already sticking out.

    He moved to sit by her, and she took his hand, smiling at him as she placed it on her tummy. He was silent, and then his eyes got wide as he felt the little foot kick against his hand.

    “She kicks like a soccer player.” Aylin smiled, rubbing the side of her tummy affectionately.

    “She?” David looked at her.

    “That’s what I’m guessing. I go in 2 days to see.” she returned his gaze. “Want to come? If you don’t have to leave, that is.”

    He grinned. “We will be in Topeka all week. I’d love to go.” He looked back down at her tummy, just realizing his hand was still on her tummy. He moved to pull it away, but she put her hand over his.

    “Keep it there. It feels nice, and she likes it.” she didn’t look at him as she said it, but he could see her cheeks turn pink.

    He smiled. “Ok. I’ll leave it there.” he said, his voice low. He rubbed her tummy, watching as she closed her eyes with pleasure. He widened the circles he was rubbing, getting her whole tummy.

    She sighed. “That feels really good.” She opened her eyes.

    He could see in her eyes she had a question. “What?”

    She bit her lip before asking. “How are you going to be here for us?”

    He raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

    She let her head fall back, and stared up at the ceiling. “You have your tours and everything. How can you be here and doing that at the same time?”

    He was silent. “I’ll figure something out, even if I have to take you with me.”

    She looked at him. “Take me with you? Why would you take me with you? It’s not like we are dating or anything.” she stopped at his look. “I’m not saying you couldn’t come see her. Just…there’s no reason for me to go anywhere when we aren’t even together.”

    He sighed, pulling his hand away and standing up. “I don’t know. We’ll just have to figure that out later.” his tone was sour now. “I’m going to bed.” he grunted, moving to his bed and stripping to his boxers before crawling under the covers. “Need the light on?”

    She was confused. “I…no.”

    He turned it off, and she could see his outline as he rolled over, his back to her. She shook her head, still confused, and rubbed her tummy where his hand had been while she sent a last message to her friends before going to sleep.


    The next morning, Aylin woke up to an empty room. She sat up, confused, until she heard the blow-dryer come to life in the bathroom. She shook her head, and sighed, laying back down and rubbing her tummy, the memories of the night before coming back. She still didn’t understand what had happened to make him so mad at her. With another sigh, she grabbed her phone, and, after cursing herself for sleeping until noon, read the messages and responded. She had just set it back on the bedside table when David came walking back out.

    “Finally up?” he asked, not looking at her.

    “I didn’t realize how late it was.” She rubbed her eyes. “How long have you been up?”

    He shrugged, rummaging in his bag that he pulled out from under the bed. “10 maybe?”

    “Why didn’t you wake me?”

    “I figured you and the baby could use the sleep.” He finally looked at her, and motioned to his eyes. “You were lookin tired last night.”

    She blushed slightly. “I usually get sick at night, so I don’t get that much sleep.”

    He frowned, and sat down on his bed, pulling out his phone, and not saying a word.

    She was quiet for a few minutes, and then finally asked, “What did I do?”

    He raised his eyebrows, not taking his eyes from the phone. “What do you mean?”

    She sighed, finally sitting up and swinging her legs over the edge of the bed. “What did I do to make you mad at me last night?”

    He closed his eyes, and drew in a breath. “I just assumed that…I don’t know.” He shook his head. “I was being childish, thinking that since it was my child, you would automatically be going with me. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be mad at you for something neither of us can really help.” He finally really looked at her.

    She was shocked to see tears in his eyes. “What’s wrong?”

    He sighed again. “I am going to be missing out on the majority of his or her life.” He wiped at his eyes. “I always thought I’d be married by the time I had a child, and my wife would go with me on my tours. That way, I would never miss a moment of my baby’s life, and I would never miss my wife.”

    Aylin looked at him, shocked again by his confession. She got up with a grunt, and sat next to him. “We’ll figure this out. You will be a part of this baby’s life.”

    He nodded, and leaned into her, resting his head on her shoulder. She smiled, wrapping her arm around him and rubbing his arm soothingly.
    “Thank you.” he whispered. “That means a lot to me.”

    She smiled again, and let her head rest on his, staying silent and enjoying the moment.