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  1. Kenny groaned and rolled over in bed as he heard someone knocking on his door. He recognized the voice as his grandmother, who was, as usual, shouting at him in Thai. "Hey! Kathoey! Get out of bed!" She rarely ever spoke in English, at least not to him. Especially not now. His grandmother's house doubled as a foster home, though most of the recent group of children had left. The only one left aside from himself was a seven year old girl named Mabel who, like Kenny and his grandmother, was also of Thai descent. For someone who had never been to Thailand she had managed to pick up the language quite quickly over the four years she had been staying with them. Of course, Kenny had never been to Thailand either, but he had spent his entire life being raised by his grandmother, who had been born there.

    He stumbled out of bed, his vision slightly blurred from his lack of glasses. He slipped his glasses on and gazed around his bedroom. It was a complete mess. His various makeup compacts were scattered across his dresser, and the high heels he had worn while out with friends the previous night were lying on the floor. A long black wig was lying next to them, and his grandmother's affectionate teasing rang in his ears. Kathoey. Ladyboy. She had never been bothered by his drag. She had embraced it amazingly for someone as old as she was.

    Kenny shoved the clothes on his floor aside and rummaged through his closet for something to wear. He eventually settled on a pair of jeans and a black button up shirt. He shrugged when he looked down at his hands and realized that his fingernails were still painted with the glittery red polish he had put on the night before. He doubted that there was time to take it off now, and besides, he thought it looked nice.

    He was supposedly meeting his father and half siblings today. Kenny knew nothing about any of them. His father hadn't been around when he had been born, and he wasn't mentioned around the house. Kenny got the feeling that his grandmother didn't like his father much. The only reasoning she'd given as to why he was being welcomed into their house was "Mali would have wanted it." Surely his father wasn't all bad if his mother had loved him that much?

    Kenny had never met his mother either. She had died giving birth to him. He had seen pictures of her, though. She had been a short, thin, pale woman, with dark hair similar to his own. Her eyes had been green though, leaving Kenny to wonder where his dark eyes were from. His grandmother had told him things about her too, how she had loved makeup and all things related to fashion, but his grandmother always seemed so sad when he asked, so as he grew older he simply stopped asking things.

    He shuffled out of his bedroom and had to dart out of the way to avoid being slammed into by Mabel, who had been running down the hall. The girl abruptly skidded to a halt and then said in English, "Sumalee told me to tell you that your eggs are ready!" before turning and running back the way she had come. Kenny followed the girl into the kitchen and sat down at his usual place at the table. His grandmother sat a plate of scrambled eggs down in front of him, which he quickly thanked her for.

    "Your friends coming over today Kenny?" she asked him, and Kenny raised an eyebrow, slightly surprised by her question. He shrugged. "Tommy probably will. He always does. I was supposed to do my first booked show tonight but I asked to have it moved to tomorrow because...you know." He didn't want his father and siblings to see him doing drag right away. He felt like it might cause trouble. "Lita will probably show up later tonight, we were supposed to go with Tommy and watch Cherie perform. Unless you don't want me to. I can stay here."

    He said he could stay, but he really didn't want to. He had been watching his drag mother perform since before she had started teaching him. He liked going out with his friends. Tommy Gunn, whose real name was Haley Porter, was a drag king as well as the first friend Kenny had made watching drag shows. He hadn't known Lita Riot as long, he had only met her a year ago, when she had been picked up by the same drag mother as him. Lita's real name was Cody Rodriguez, though none of them ever actually called her by it, or used male pronouns. It was very rare for any of them to call each other by their given names. When they had first met they had all wound up introducing themselves with their stage names because of the settings, and it had stuck. Kenny was almost always Lucy, even as a skinny boy with glasses, Lita was always Lita--though she had been Lita Winters before Cherie had started teaching her, Tommy was always Tommy, and Cherie was always Cherie. At least to them.

    "You can go," the older woman said. "But maybe you should take them with you if they want to go." Kenny sighed. He really didn't want to take his father and stepsiblings to a drag show. It was probably a bad idea. He thought his father had a lot of nerve to come back. Kenny didn't particularly care about meeting him. He had gotten along just fine without him for the past nineteen years, he really didn't need his father now. He would try to get along with them at least, if only for the sake of his dead mother.

    He poked at his food, taking a few small bites, but mostly pushing it about with his fork as he listened to Mabel chatter on about something or other. He heard a knock at the door and his grandmother shuffled off to answer it. Kenny continued to poke at his food.
  2. Aito hadn't heard one word from his children so far this particular morning. The three usually didn't agree on anything, but they all weren't happy about this change. The man had mixed feelings himself, and if he had any other option, he would not be going to stay with the grandmother of his eldest son whom Aito hasn't had any part in raising. Aito had thought of trying to get in touch with Kenny long before this, but by then he already had three children to care for. Aito had thought it best he let boy be as he knew he was being well taken care of.

    "Are the three of you going to be this silent when we arrive?" Aito asked his children as he drove. It was quite the drive from where they had been staying before, so they had left really early. Sam had slept most of the way and had just woken up. Rhia and Alexander weren't able to fall asleep, but both were still quite awake as they were used to lack of sleep. Alexandra was the only one who bothered to respond to his father's question. "I'll talk, but this guy better not be weird."

    Alexander knew absolutely nothing of this half-brother he was meeting and wasn't at all thrilled about that. He had enough trouble dealing with his sister's bothersome ways. He didn't want another sibling that would not fit his ideas of normal. Alexander had been quite proud to be very popular at his high school. He had graduated that past June and had no idea when he'd be able to attend college. Alexander knew his father needed him around for now, and Alexander planned to get a job as soon as possible to help them get back on their feet, so they didn't have to stay this these people for very long.

    "I'd be okay with him being weird." Rhia stretched her arms above her head. She had to sit with Sam in the back seat the whole way, and it was really cramped back there with the portion of their belongings that hadn't fit in the trunk. They didn't have all that much, but it was still a bit too much to shove into a small vehicle. "Finally the princess speaks," Aito chuckled as he made a right turn and pulled up to what he was sure was their destination, "We're here. Remember to be polite. We have no where else to go."

    Rhia was anxious about meeting these people. She hoped they were different than her father and Alexander. She couldn't take dealing with anymore closed-minded people. She loved her family, but they were just too much to deal with sometimes. Sam sighed heavily as he got out of the care and followed Rhia and Alexander toward the door behind their father.

    Aito stood in front of his children as someone came to answer the door. He put on his best smile. "Hello. Thank you so much for taking us in." The unusual cheerfulness in Aito's voice caused Sam and Rhia to snicker knowing their father wouldn't scold them at this very moment.
  3. Kenny continued poking at his food, eventually pushing the plate back and looking toward Mabel, who was close to finishing her own food. "You can eat my eggs if you want," he said to her. "I'd rather let you have them than throw them out." He stood up, smiling as he watched the girl eagerly dumping his eggs onto her plate. He shuffled slowly about the kitchen and over to the sink to wash his dishes, listening to his grandmother pull open the door.

    He didn't want to meet his father. He didn't need him, or his half siblings. He didn't care. He had all the family he needed already. He was quite happy with his grandmother and Mabel and Cherie and Lita and Tommy. Sure, it wasn't a nuclear family, more of just a hodge podge, but it had always served him just fine. As long as he didn't have to go through life totally alone, he would be just fine. Without somebody who hadn't bothered with him his entire life.

    Sumalee pulled open the door. "You're welcome, Aito," she said, giving him what was very obviously a false smile, but tossing a real one towards his children. "Hello." She didn't like the man, she had no idea what her daughter had seen in him, but his kids hadn't done anything. They simply existed. Like Kenny. He hadn't done anything for his father to abandon him. He had never asked to be born to a mother who would die shortly after, along with an absent ghost of a father. But Mali would have wanted her son to know his father.

    "Come in," she said, stepping aside. "We can get your things from the car later." She let them to the kitchen. "Have you all eaten breakfast yet?"

    Kenny was drying off the plate and placing it off to the side as the group walked in. Mabel had just finished her food and was taking the dish to the sink. She grinned up at the man and older boys. "Hi!" she greeted. "My name is Mabel! That's Kenny over there." She pointed at him.

    Kenny looked up and fixed his glasses. "You shouldn't point at people, Mabel," he said. It was more of a side thought, not something he would normally say. He just wanted to put off talking to his father and half brothers. "Hi," he said, looking over at them. "I'm Kenny."
  4. "Yes, we've eaten. We stopped somewhere awhile back." Aito didn't mind that he wasn't liked by the old woman. It didn't bother him at all. His daughter, however, disliked tension of any kind and wasn't looking forward to the large amount of tension that was sure to come. Aito glanced over to Kenny, but spoke first to the girl instead. "Hi, Mabel. It's very nice to meet you." This greeting held a more natural cheerfulness than when he had greeted Kenny's grandmother. Aito looked back to Kenny. "Hello, Kenneth." Aito readjusted his stance and glanced to the side towards his other children. "Aren't you going to introduce yourself to your brother?"

    "Half-brother you mean," Alexander corrected. "Hey, Kenny. I'm Alexander. Nice to meet you, I guess." Normally, Alexander would never correct his father like that, especially in front of other people, but he really didn't like this guy being referred to as his brother. Alexander hadn't even known he had a half-brother besides Sam until recently. He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his hoodie and glanced around the place. He supposed it was nice of the woman to allow them to stay there, but he wouldn't say that aloud.

    The youngest Haruhi son flashed a slight smile at Kenny. He kind of liked the idea of having another brother, but he still wasn't happy to be there. Sam liked everything how it had been. He was far from his friends now, who had been like his family since he got ignored a lot by his actual family. "Hi, Kenny. I'm Sam."

    Rhia was a bit lost in her thoughts, but a nudge from her father brought her out of them. She smiled sincerely as she looked at her half-brother, Kenny. Out of the group, she was the most willing to make things work out. Of course, she was still upset about the move. She had to leave behind her best friend, and she doubted she'd get the chance to see her much. Her father had told Rhia to forget about her old friends and make new ones. He had never approved of Rhia's friends.

    "It's great to meet you, Kenny. It really is," Rhia stepped forward and offered to shake hands with him. "I'm Rhia."
  5. Kenny raised an eyebrow when his father used his full name. Nobody ever did. His grandmother used it on occasion, when she was upset with him or if they were in a serious discussion, but that was about it. "Hi," he greeted, and then added, "Just Kenny is fine." He put his plate off to the side and turned to look at his half siblings.

    Well fine, he thought as the eldest brother corrected his father. I don't like you either. Not that he would ever dare say that out loud. "Nice to meet you too," he said. He grinned at the youngest boy and then reached over to shake hands with the girl. As he did, he noticed the paint on his nails starting to chip. He would have to paint them again later. "Hi," he said. He wasn't sure how he felt about the oldest boy, but the younger two seemed nice.

    He couldn't really blame them for being unhappy though. He knew he wouldn't be if he had to leave his home and move in with complete strangers. "I can help bring your stuff in if you want," he offered. "And show you where your rooms are. "The house is usually packed since there's always foster kids coming and going but since Mabel's the only one left it's pretty empty. I can help you unpack too if you need it."

    He started outside without waiting for an answer. He wanted to help them, and hopefully it'd get them to like him a bit more. He hadn't really cared much about them before, but he would have to live with them now, and anything that would help them get along easier was
  6. Rhia stayed back a moment, just to give Alexander a stern look, before following Kenny outside. She knew Alexander was going to make things difficult. Rhia had noticed Kenny's painted nails and was glad Alexander or their dad hadn't spotted them yet. That was sure to be problematic. Rhia caught up with Kenny to walk alongside him. She heard Alexander's heavy footsteps and grumbling coming up behind them. Rhia had hoped their dad would send out Sam to help instead. Alexander was tolerable when he wasn't in a mood, but he was definitely in one of his moods at the moment.

    "Don't touch any of my stuff, Rhia." Alexander pushed by Rhia and walked faster than she was towards the car. "He didn't even mark his boxes. How am I supposed to know which ones are his?" Rhia was mostly talking to herself, though she glanced over to Kenny. Rhia sighed as she saw Alexander take the first box and toss it aside. "I bet that one's one of mine."

    Aito had decided to let the kids bring the stuff in. He wasn't so sure about what he thought of Kenneth, well, Kenny yet. Aito glanced around feeling awkward being left in the room the old woman and the little girl as Sam had wandered off to look around. "Maybe I'll just go help the kids," Aito decided aloud.

    He headed outside towards the car. "Be careful with those boxes, Alexander. There's fragile stuff in there." Aito looked at Kenny for several seconds before noticing his nails. "What's with the nail polish?"
  7. Kenny shrugged at Rhia's comments on her brother's boxes. "No idea," he said, taking some boxes that were marked with Sam's name from the trunk of the car and moving to get the one Alexander had tossed aside. He didn't really want to take any of Alexander's boxes anyway, seeing how moody he was. He could take his own boxes in. He slipped back into the house and down the hallway into the rooms designated for his youngest siblings before setting the boxes down and quickly heading outside once more.

    He saw Aito heading outside after him. He couldn't really blame him for not wanting to stay with his grandmother. Kenny knew exactly what his grandmother's feelings toward his father were, and they most certainly weren't positive ones. Kenny wasn't sure how he felt. He had to get along with him now, since they'd be living together, but Aito had just totally abandoned his mother and didn't bother to check up on him at all during his nineteen years of life. So his father would have to excuse him if he wasn't exactly feeling too warm and fuzzy towards him.

    He was slightly surprised when Aito asked about his nail polish. As odd as it sounded, it had never really occurred to him that it might be perceived as odd. He was so used to being around people who didn't question it. The people who did seem to take issue with it were not ones he regularly spoke to or socialized with, and they had never exactly felt real to him, aside from the times when they threatened him or his friends. Threats came less often when he was with his friends. Most were too intimidated by Cherie to bother with them when they were in a group.

    "I just like it," he answered simply, taking another few boxes from the back of the car. "I put it on a couple of days ago and just never bothered to take it off." He left out that he had painted his nails for drag purposes. He would mention that to his family later.
  8. Aito frowned. He didn't understand how the boy could like having nail polish on. Aito had very narrow views when it came to gender and sexuality. He often made comments which upset his daughter, but he was unaware she would have any reasons to be upset. Rhia could see the look on her father's face and could feel one of his gender role speeches coming on and knew exactly what angle he'd take. Rhia wanted to spare her half-brother of those hurtful comments for as long as she could, so she decided to chime in.

    "I think nail polish looks great on you, Kenny." Rhia smiled. "I've got plenty of colors if you ever want to use some." This redirected Aito's attention to his daughter and he walked beside her lecturing as they both took in some of the boxes. Alexander overheard the exchanges, but decided not comment for now. Alexander just gave Kenny a harsh look and grabbed the last of his boxes.

    Rhia walked ahead of her father when they returned. She was now slightly upset but she was used his closed-minded ways. Rhia grabbed another box marked with her name and glanced around for any others. She spotted just one more of hers and placed it on top of the other one and took them inside.

    Aito finished taking in the boxes forgetting all about wanting to explain to Kenny why he shouldn't be wearing nail polish. "Well, that's it. Thanks for helping, Kenny."
  9. Kenny noticed the frown on his father's face, but pretended not to. Something had told him his father might react to him this way. He wasn't particularly bothered. His father had never cared for him before, why should he start now? His friends were mostly in similar situations. Cherie's father had run off when he was twelve after he'd learned Cherie was bisexual, and he'd been abusive to both Cherie and her mother for what time he had been around. Lita's mother had died when she was eight, and as far as Kenny knew, her father had no idea that she was doing drag or was gay. They had never been close. Tommy wasn't particularly close to either of his parents. It was probably part of the reason that they were all so close. They'd created a safety net family to supplement what they'd lacked.

    "Thank you," he said, grinning as Rhia complimented him. "I have a bunch of polish too. You're welcome to borrow any of it anytime you want." He definitely did like Rhia. She seemed nice. If he was going to get along with any of them, he would definitely have no difficulty getting along with his sister. She seemed more open than their father and Alexander were. He saw the harsh look from his half brother and simply shot back a glare. He didn't care what Alexander thought of him. He liked himself, and the people he considered family liked him too. That was all he cared out.

    "You're welcome," Kenny said when his father thanked him for helping. "No problem. Your room is the last door on the left if you go down the hall, Sam's is next to it, Alexander's is across from yours, and Rhia's is across from mine." He looked back at his sister and picked up the boxes she had just set down inside the doorway. "Come on," he said. "I'll help you unpack if you want."

    He led the girl down the hall and to the room across from his own. A glance in his own open doorway reminded him that the place was a mess, makeup and various bits of drag scattered everywhere. He would have to put it away later. "Here," he said, slipping into the doorway across the hall. "I brought most of your stuff in here when I brought it in." The room was fairly decently sized, and had been kept neat despite it's lack of an occupant.
  10. The first thing Alexander did once he'd gotten to his room was close the door behind him. He didn't want to be interrupted while he was unpacking. Though, he doubted his siblings would bother him while he was in such a terrible mood. Out of the four, Alexander had the most to unpack. His father often spoiled him, often when the man didn't have the money to do so. Alexander didn't realize how bad his father was when it came to budgeting. Alexander thought they just ran out of money due to simple bad luck.

    Aito nodded in response to his son before going into his room. He didn't know exactly what he thought of boy yet, but he had just remembered the nail polish. He made a mental note to speak to Kenny later on about that. He would never allow Alexander or Sam to make their appearance in any way feminine, just as he had told Rhia was not to appear in any way masculine. Aito had once through out male clothes he had found in Rhia's closet. Neither had ever brought up the incident since.

    Rhia smiled. "Sure," she replied softly. "I'd love your help unpacking." She liked Kenny a lot so far. She knew she'd be getting along well with him.

    "Having a room to myself will be a nice change," Rhia said as she entered the room and looked around curiously. "I had to share with Sam at our old place." She grabbed the first box and opened it. Most of her belongings were clothes and make-up. She didn't always feel like dressing feminine, but her dad insisted on it. Rhia had seen a bit into Kenny's room when they went by, and she saw what was all over the floor. Their dad was sure to flip out. Rhia really wished he could be more understanding. He did try to be a bit more open-minded to things sometimes, but not often. "So I couldn't help but notice your room. I mean, the door was open..." Rhia glanced downward as she took a few items of clothing from the box. "There was an awful lot of make-up and stuff in there that dad's not going to approve of at all. He'll try to make you get rid of it. He won't care that he has no right to."
  11. Kenny grinned when Rhia said having a room to herself would be nice. "I like having my own room too," he said. "I've had to share with foster kids a couple times and we've had a good amount of problem children so...it definitely wasn't fun. The only one I don't really mind sharing with is Mabel." He had grown quite attached to the little girl in all the time she had been staying with them. He probably wasn't supposed to be picking favorite foster kids, but he did definitely favor Mabel.

    He opened a box and began pulling things out. Most of this particular box was filled with clothes. He started folding the clothes that had gotten messed up and sorting them into piles on the floor, not sure what exactly Rhia wanted done with everything. He had to hold in a laugh at the girl's comment on his room.

    "It's fine you looked, I don't mind," he said. "I don't really care if he doesn't approve of me. I like that stuff. He hasn't exactly been around for the past nineteen years so I'm not all that concerned with what he thinks. I'm not getting rid of any of my stuff."

    "He's probably not going to like any of my friends either," Kenny added with a shrug. "I'll deal with it. I've done stuff like that my whole life. In not about to stop for somebody who never took an interest in me before."
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