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  1. I stepped out my parent's car into the cool summer evening breeze. The sun was starting to set over the old building in front of me, lights illuminated through the window. My stomach clenched a little, like someone was grasping it firmly in their palm, this was going to be my life for the next 3 years, and in all honestly I'm not too sure I really want to be here. My Mum got out of the driver's side and opened the boot, together we unloaded my suitcases and placed them by the car.
    "I think that's everything" She said smiling her I'm-so-proud-of-you face. She gently pushed a little bit of stray hair back into my black emo fringe that fell just above my right eye. I crinkled my nose
    "Mum, don't be cheesy" I moaned.
    "Sorry. You need to go to the accommodation first, you know which bus your taking?"
    "Yes, the number 5" I confirmed.
    "Okay. I love you" She kissed my forehead softly.
    "Love you too" I mumbled grabbing my 2 grey suitcases looking out in the rough direction of the bus stop. The streets were empty and lightly dusted with the last few golden streaks of sun shining down, there was hardly anyone around, just the odd stranger walking home but it was nearly ten in the evening on a Monday night so as you'd expect no one was really out in the New York streets tonight.
    She slipped back into the car and gave me a last wave before pulling out of the car park and driving into the distance. She'd be back in Chicago by tomorrow afternoon anyway, she'd probably stop in a hotel tonight. I sighed looking back to the college building, it was where I'd be taking my lessons anyway. I slowly wandered over to the bus stop, my eyes achy from the lack of sleep last night, it's kind of hard to sleep when you're in the process of moving to a college campus away from home, and the ceiling in your cheap hotel room is creaking above you.
    The bus didn't take too long to arrive and I heaved my suitcases up paying for a ticket and sitting in the closest seat. There was no one on the bus but one other lady, headphones in and minding her own business. I gazed out of the window watching the streets rush past me. New York, the city that never sleeps, too bad I'm not near the towns. The college was right on the outskirts, the quiet part of New York, but the student accommodation wasn't too far from the town if I felt like a night trip out. I got off at my stop walking the short distance the rest of the way to the accommodation, my suitcase wheels purring noisily behind me. Taking a deep breath I pushed my way through into the entrance.
    I was greeted by a tall slender woman, young, maybe early twenties, with long flowing brunette hair and piercing green eyes.
    "Hey, You must be Peter?" She asked
    "Pete. But yeah"
    "I'm Tracy, I'm basically just here to show you your room and make sure you know what you're doing" She explained. I blinked in annoyance as she led me down a hall towards a lift babbling on about the canteen food, and life on campus. All of which I really could not be bothered to listen to, I was counting on a quiet night tonight. I didn't even want to be here, my Dad wanted me here. Apparently the friends I hang round with are a `bad influence` and he wants me straightened out. So I turned up home drunk a couple times, I'm 18, Shoot me for having a good time. "Usually you can't use the lift, but as you have luggage it's okay" she noted stepping into the lift with me. I was in dorm 26, third floor. There were four all together as far as I could see. "Canteen's just on the ground floor, you can't miss it. It open in the morning from six to ten am and then again at twelve thirty to one thirty, but not many people are here then, and then its open from six to nine pm in the evening." she explained "but if you're not broke you can go off campus to eat." Yeah, right, which student isn't broke? College costs and my parents had left me with hardly anything. First task, get a job.
    The lift came to a stop and we continued down a hall to my room. She handed me a key and shot me a winning smile "You'll be okay from here?" I nodded and mumbled a thanks letting myself in and shutting the door hard. It wasn't too shabby. There was a reasonable desk, a chest of drawers, a single bed with a small on-suite with a shower, toilet and sink. There was a small excuse for a kitchen, a sink with a little surface and a few cupboards. The walls were a pale green and the carpet a creamy colour, but it wasn't too bad. It smelt unfamiliar, kinda of old and used, but I'd get used to it. There was a thick oak door against the left wall, leading into another dorm. I sort of remembered Tracy explain the dorms technically come in two's. There was a soft kick drum coming through the door, as if the person next door had loud rock music on. I sighed dumping my bags down. I could meet them another time, right now I just wanted to be alone. I opened my bags and began to unpack slowly and surely, making the place that tad bit more familiar to the room back home I so missed. I felt out of place here, lonely and hopeless, I wanted to scream but no one would hear me. I was already homesick, this was going to be a long 3 years.
  2. writen piece.

    Pete smiled, sitting on an amp, at the young band in front of him. That was raw talent. He smiled across at Patrick who smiled back "You guys are fucking awesome!" He says to the young band. He knew straight away he was going to sign them. Pete had started up his own record company alongside his band, Fall out Boy, and these guys, Panic! at the disco had asked Pete to give them a chance. He wasn't going to even check them out, he was from Chicago, they were from Vegas, but it turned out they were in Vegas for a couple shows so he thought he may as well while he was here, and hell he was glad he did, he was also glad Patrick, his short strawberry blonde singer, had cared to join him.
    They were a bunch of 19 year old college drop outs, four of them, quite a bit younger than Pete himself, he was 25. Pete ran a hand through his dark hair flicking his emo fringe out his eyes. The lead singer, Brendon, was beaming like a lost puppy. He had a childish face, but it was kind of cute, dark eyes and dark hair. The bassist Brent was a little chubby with long dark blonde hair and a stuck up attitude. Pete had already decided he didn't like him. Then there was the drummer, Spencer, who reminded Pete very much of Jesus. He had dirty blonde hair and a bit of a beard. He was also a little chubby but it suited him, and he was one hell of a drummer. Then there was the guitarist, Ryan, he was the tallest and skinniest of the lot with brunette shiny hair that fell into a slightly thicker emo fringe that Pete's and like Pete he had a thin layer of eyeliner around his eyes. He was composed and calm and Pete decided he liked him best.
    "We are so signing you guys!" Pete said gladly. Ryan smiled at the guys. "Really? Thanks!" He said quickly, looking back at Pete and smiling widely. He had gotten to meet Pete Wentz, and play for him on the same day, he felt like nothing could make this better. Pete Wentz was the one all the girls at his old school loved, he was an big inspiration to Ryan musically. Pete smiled back
    "seriously you guys really are! I'll help grab you some popularity too." he thought for a minute "Pete! at the disco" he nodded proudly while Patrick just rolled his eyes
    "How about no" Patrick added
    "I think it's pretty catchy" Pete argued. Ryan just laughed and took his guitar off, watching Pete and Patrick fight about if his idea was good or not. Ryan smiled a little.
    "I think it sounds like a good idea." He said, just wanting to get on Pete's good side really.
    "exactly!" Pete beamed. Patrick sighed
    "whatever" Pete nodded a thank you towards Ryan. Ryan smiled a little while Brendon smirked at him.
    "Suck up." He muttered.
    "You know it." Ryan replied, winking at him.
    Pete raised an amused eyebrow standing up "come on Panic, lets go taco-ing" he said pulling his purple striped hoodie back on. Ryan smiled and followed closely after Pete. "You really think we were good?" He asked, looking up a little at him.
    "yeah. I really, really do" he reassured. "only sign the best" he winked.
  3. Writing, what do you think?

    I sank slowly down in my seat, disappearing behind the row of heads in front of me, advantage, maybe he can’t see me now, but now I sure as hell can’t see him. The hall was called to order and 200 students fell silent, flipping to fresh notebook pages and preparing their pens and frantic note taking on the theory of looking to a higher being, God if you like, or something similar. I love Philosophy, it wasn’t my major, my major was music, but it gave me a chance to ramble on and look at what I have to live with, and the possibility of something greater than this, something greater than what I have, a purpose maybe. Well a boy can dream can’t he? I sat up straight scanning the heads looking for him. I couldn’t see him, not anywhere, that’s either dangerous or good. I pulled my tatty notebook out my bag, clicking my pen nervously. There was no way I was going to be able to concentrate on this lecture, not a chance, not while he’s still after me. It’s your fault William, you knew she was his girlfriend the voice in my head screamed. Yes I did, and I also know I didn’t mean anything that happened last night, but I and he had always had this strong hate and competition between us since high school, since he stole my first girlfriend. Call this revenge if you like. I didn’t realise he was going to come after me like this; I didn’t even know he was coming to the same College. In short, I am screwed.

    I slipped out of the hall, peering once behind me to make sure he hadn’t crept up unseen on me and walked quickly away down the halls, clutching my notebook with my pathetic excuse for notes I was going to have to magically turn into an essay, to my chest. My long lanky legs moved as quickly as they could in my tight denim jeans as I tucked a loose strand of my shoulder length brunette hair out my face, the hair that had got as equal piss take comments as it had compliments, which now sat just above my shoulders. Like it or not, to me I didn’t look like a girl. It does really need a little cut, but I either found myself to lazy or too lost in thoughts and essays or music to do it. It suited me, at least I thought so anyway. I separated myself from the rest of the wave of students, turning unseen into the halls leading to the dorms. The footsteps faded behind me, all except one pair. Crap I risked a glance over my shoulder. “JESUS Sisky! You scared the hell outa me, I thought you were-” “I know, I actually redirected him the other way”
    “Thanks.” I sighed in relief walking towards my dorm, Sisky walking along beside me, his curly blonde hair catching the light from the windows along the halls as he practically skipped along, hands in pockets as care free as ever. Sisky was a good talker, he talked himself out of any problem. That could be a useful skill to posses with my luck. I was going to need to seriously watch my back. “I think this entire feud between you two is stupid” “It is. But what can I do? The guy hates me guts. Always has” “Don’t worry about it too much, heard he may end up flunking. He’s failing all his classes.” “Well maybe if he actually turned up to them he may learn something.”