A Little Bit of Trouble (Ziloxillusion)

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    Name: Kisaragi Kai


    Personality: He is a gentleman, as polite as could be. Most of the time. He has a habit of teasing girls that he likes, or even just friends with. He has a strong will and will always heed the call for help. He never will get angry with anyone, as he sees it would be a waste of time.

    History:Kai grew up with his father beating him and hiw mother. When he wasn't home she was beat and vice versa. However once he was old enough he kicked his father out, so he could move out with his mother safe. He made a vow to never become like him, and makes an effort to treat everyone, especially women with the respect they deserve.

    Name: Arisu Maki
    Age: 17
    Personality: She is shy but can be a little more outgoing when she opens up.She is polite to a point but you really have to watch out when it comes to making her really upset. She seems skittish when it comes to touching her and she doesn't fight back.(alot of this has to do with her history.)

    When she does open up, she is a very different person. She is carefree, happy and talkative.

    History: She comes from a very powerful family,like they are royalty in the mystical world. But they have a very dark secret; Arisu's older sister Asami. Asami is the favored child. She has the whole family wrapped around her little finger. The issue is she isn't the legitimate child. Arisu is the true heir to the throne. Asami wants what Arisu has and so since she was a little girl her life has been hell. (Beatings and such. Her history is like Kisargi's but its darker) She has always tried to escape but they always find her and bring her back and make her wish she had listened and stayed. They do put on appearances when hosting events or holding court to avoid any unwanted attention.

    She's a blood mage.


    Ok, I'm not quite sure what our story will be like.
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  2. We shall see I suppose. You may start, as I have to do something for a while.
  3. Trees flew past Arisu as she ran, she could hear her elder cousins about a hundred yards behind her making her press herself to run faster. Crap, they will be on me before I can get to the town. She thought, she slid under a log and lost herself in the bushes. She crouched and slide to hide behind a tree that had been blanketed by the bushes. As she pressed against the tree she felt a sharp edge rub against her back, her fingers ran over the bark and felt a hole. She turned and looked at the hole and saw it was big enough she could squeeze herself into. She quickly squeezed herself into the hole, curled tighter and listened hard. Please don't find me. Please God don't let them find me. . .
    "I don't see her." The voices got closer.
    "She must have slipped away behind a tree. "
    "Tomaki, we have to find her. If we don't, they will kill us themselves."
    "You think I don't know that? Just find her and find her now."
    They stayed close by, she could hear them searching the bushes then the heavy thudding of their boots as they ran off. Arisu let out a breath and closed her eyes.
  4. As Kisaragi Kai came over the hill he smiled with glee at what he saw. His clothes, had been through rain, mud, dirt, and the occasional claw to get here. "It's been a while, Veyra!" In front of him was a large town, Veyra. He had just come out of Zery Woods, and was exhausted after traversing through mud. He still had about a 2 days walk to get to Veyra, and it was going to get dark soon. "I guess I'll settle here. Hopefully bandits won't b able to see my fire." With that, he ran back into the forest to find firewood.
  5. Arisu crawled out from the bushes and stood up, brushed her ripped dress off and readjusted her pack strap to be sure it was secure. She opened the flap to make sure the book of spells that was wrapped in the extra dress was still in the bag. She felt the warmth of the cover as the book recognized her touch and smiled. Her tangled hair fell in her face. She picked at a twig as she looked around. The sun is going to be setting in an hour. . . and I think I am lost. She sighed and started walking, her pack thumped against her side. I can't use any magic or they will be able to pinpoint my location. She could hear a stream nearby and hurried for it.
    All of a sudden, something barreled into her. A warm body that was all muscle and brute force. slammed her into the ground, the force knocking the breathe from her lungs. Her head banged hard on the ground and everything was a blur, the sounds around her rang and came in and out.
    "Got her. . .the bag."
    "Just tie. . . they will be waiting."
    Rough fingers dug into her hair,and she let out a yelp up pain as her cousin Kiba pulled her to her feet.
    "Hush you brat."
    "No! I don't want to go back!" A slap shut her up.
    "You know exactly what will happen when we get back." She knew and she wasn't going through anymore pain.
    "Let me go!" She swung her leg back and felt her foot make contact with something soft and suddenly found herself free. She scrambled up and began to run but was tackled again.
    "Stop fighting it."
    She let out scream of fear as he dragged her to her feet.
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  6. While in the forest, Kisaragi thought he heard voices but diregarded them. He had managed to get quite a lot of firewood and was heading back when he heard the scream echoing through the forest. "A girl? Damn...Probably bandits." Dropping the wood,his facial expression quickly changed from being radiantly hqppy, to downright serious as he sprinted back into the forest, hopping logs and such."Someone out here!? Helloooo!?" Due to the thickness of the trees visibilty was near 0. Scream again please...I'm close...I can feel it. He strained his ears as he ran, in case he went the wrong way.
  7. She heard a stranger's voice calling out,she didn't know if he was human or a mythical creature but it didn't matter. Her cousins would kill him if he was human. She didn't want to risk it but couldn't help letting out a cry of pain when her arms were wrenched behind her back and practically out of the sockets. Tears formed as old bruises stung from the pressure of his grip.
    A babble of incoherent words came from her and she felt the pressure ease as Ruki flew back and into Kiba. She took off without a thought, straight for the trees.
  8. (I found a better pic for her, I updated the thread.)
  9. Running to the source of the screams, he ran headfirst into a girl with a ripped dress. "Oh crap, are you ok? Were you screaming?" He helped her to her feet and dusted himself off. "What's going on?" He was then interuppted by men, coming from the direction she did. "These your friends...?"
  10. Arisu looked back,"N-no." She grabbed the strangers hand and ran again, dragging him with her. She could hear the thuds of her cousins boots behind them. Think.Think Arisu. What spell? She slipped her hand into her bag and touched the cover. Give me a spell or something to help.
  11. "I got this..." He grabbed her hand tight and hoisted himself and her into a tree. "Come on! We've gotta get behind them." He started walking out on a branch and hopped from one tree to another. "Watch your step." He didn't know if she was a criminal or not. But he had to help her no matter what.
  12. "They w-will kill you if they catch us." She told him as she followed his lead. She could hear her cousins thrashing around below, and the warmth the book against her side. Why is it acting so weird? She kept her eye on the branches, careful to keep her balance.
  13. "Yeah. I figured. They couldn't kill me even if I wanted to." He picked her up and threw her to another branch, and he hopped down. "I'll take care of them." The branch she had just been standing on, then cracked and broke. "Stay there. That one will support your weight." He turned to chase after the men.
  14. "They aren't human!" She called out to him as he ran off. Arisu bit her lip and pulled the book out, she pressed her hand on the cover and closed her eyes.

    Riku heard steps behind them and turned around to look. He could see the man with blonde hair running towards them. He smirked and muttered a spell and threw a ball of fire in his direction. Kiba laughed and threw a ball of ice at him as well.
  15. He grinned and slid, using the mud to his advantage and knocked them over. He stood up and kicked one solidly in the head and put his fists up to the other. "You know, it's not very manly to scare girls like that." The one called Kiba was still on the ground.
  16. Ruki scowled, "That isn't even the worse that we have done to her." Kiba was out and Ruki was getting pretty ticked with this human. "You should walk away now before I put you in your place. This isn't something you want to meddle in."
    Arisu opened her eyes as the air changed. "Oh no." She jumped down from the branch and took off towards the men. Ruki is drawing power, he will kill that man.
  17. "I doubt it." With that he ran at him, full speed,ready to punch. But in one of his hands he had some mud, and just before he reached him, Kisaragi threw it in his face and punched him in the gut several times quickly.
  18. Ruki caught his fists with hot hands and smirks, "Wrong answer." He shoved him back into the tree and muttered a word and watched the branches wrap around him and the tree grow around him. "You got yourself into something way over your head."
  19. "Hoo-boy..."He slipped a vial out of his sleeve and threw it on the tree, killing it instantly. "Come at me...If you're ballsy enough." He beckoned him and raised his fists again.
  20. Ruki smirked again and disappeared just as Arisu cane through the bushes. Her eyes widened as she watched him disappear and she looked at Kisaragi. "Run. Now. " She knew that trick and knew how deadly these two were. She ran toward him and grabbed his hand, pulling him into the forest. The trees grew out and together to form a barrier behind them.
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