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  1. I seek romance tonight.

    While attraction can be immediate, however, romantic feelings must be grown at a realistic pace, and characters must develop realistically as well. I want someone with good grammar and spelling and a love for plotting, and I would be interested in the following;

    Teenage passion going through the realities of adulthood.

    Getting over an unrequited crush with a close friend.

    A young man wooing a widow or widower.

    Getting to love the enemy.

    Sweet first love in high school.

    I do require a good amount of text, mainly a few paragraphs, and I do want my partners to have fun and talk with me about the plot, the setting and our characters. I also want to let our characters have their own chemistry, so if a romance doesn't work, we can double and so on until we have the result we want.
  2. I would love to roleplay with you because I have a huge woman crush on Alexandra Breckinridge.
  3. Do send me a Conversation, then, my dear!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.