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  1. Alright kids let get to the meat of the moment, the crown jewel, the LFRP AD.

    I'm Penta/Helix, local college student. First things first: I really do not care for much. You can throw anything* at me and I'll be fine rping it. Secondly, please use they/them in reference to me. The only things I'm pretty sure about is that I vary the amount of replies I do. Sometimes I reply once a week, sometimes a few times a day. All depends on my interest and workload at the time. I'm in college. RP is for fun, and finals week may have me drop off the face of Earth for a good few days. I also like large text for my terrible eyes and little formatting to ease their pain.

    *: There's a very fine line that some things cross and will make me outright block you for, thus:
    The Shit List (open)

    I absolutely, FUCKING HATE it when NT people write characters with mental illness badly. And also abuse factors in with it. Yep, if I see your LFRP ad and you have Abuse and Mental Illness tags up, I'm ignoring you. It's not something to make your character quirky, stop giving a life-altering thing to a person and call it a quirk because I will literally slap the living shit out of your ass.

    Please do not offer to me an rp with incestuous tones.

    Those who refuse to use the pronouns of some of my alien characters (and even "humans"!) will receive a block after I point out for the second time the messed up. You should proof your posts. This I am referring to flavor text, not dialogue.

    HOWEVER: I do make exceptions to people I have rp'd with and gained trust in being able to write without glorifying abuse/incest or just being a huge fuckup in general. I will allow an abusive/incestuous relationship in if it ultimately ends. If I can see you can write a neurodivergant character well, I will be a-ok.

    Warning: I get angry at things

    I tend to do just about anything, but some of my favorite things are High Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Original Fiction. The latter wins out a lot, as I have many characters already set in an original setting that is basically built for them to be placed in any other setting. That is a mouthful. Lately, though, I need to work on my Warcraft-only characters. I can always make new characters, too.

    I also do like to do smut rps but its not a priority. If you're 18+ and mention you'll want stuff to go that way, it'll narrow down the repertoire of single characters, but if we're doing multi-character rps I'm good. Most of my characters are not straight, though, so eat a potato if you find a problem with that.

    Basically, comment here and we'll work stuff out, or PM me. I'm pretty chill and will give you fair warning before I bite your head off.
  2. I would be interested in an RP, but just clarify for me the they/them. Would 'you' prefer I ask if 'they' would prefer something?
    Once that little bit is explained, I think we ought to hash out some ideas! Feel free to message me at any time, though I am also a college student and might not be on daily.
  3. @AngelLass, send you a pm, hope to have a nice thread with you!
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