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    No one liked school, especially not Diana. Every day she'd walk in, do nothing for six hours but argue with teachers, then she'd leave. Not much to be said. The only enjoyable part of her forced imprisonment in their high school was the high amount of students it had. It was the best place to socialize and hang out with boys. The thing about Diana was that she was a pretty girl who failed every class she was enrolled in. This meant that whenever she was interested in a boy, she could simply ask him to tutor her after school and then she'd make her move. Regardless of whether the boy was actually talented in that subject or not, they always tended to say yes and then she tended to get her way.

    Her most recent 'tutor' was Tao, a boy who she had begun talking to a few months prior and started dating about the first week after they met. They got along relatively well, had a few common interests, and Diana found him to be really attractive. That's why she found herself going to his house every day after school.

    The problem was that today hadn't been a good day for Diana. Her first period was boring, in her second period she heard a girl call her a 'dumb bitch' when she wouldn't answer the professor's question, and in third period she got herself into a fist fight with said girl. Of course she won and of course she was suspended for a few days, but the reason she was still angry as she walked into Tao's house was that over the course of these events, Tao hadn't texted her back. It was a stupid reason to be angry, she knew that, but for some reason she found herself furious. She walked into the home, threw her bag down on the floor and went to sit on her boyfriend's couch. Diana sat with her legs crossed, arms crossed, and cheeks puffed out to show her anger. She was the type of girl to give the silent treatment and she hadn't talked to Tao since they met up when the bell rung, thirty minutes ago.

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    As usual boring school things that didn't care for, but knew how to do with no problem, though he would rather do his usual mischiefwhich he finally did soon after when he gotten bored enough which didn't take long him. Which was one of the ways how he meet his girlfriend, began dating and/or meet up, in the office, or after school, which ever one came first.

    Anyway through out the whole day his phone was off, well dead. He forgot to charged it last before he went sleep after talking Diana. Hopefully he didn't miss anything from or he'll have her a mouth full from her like always. Dispate how pretty and fun she was to be around she had a lot to say...always no matter what it was.

    And today was one of those days where she didn't talk to him at all after school. Giving him the silent treatment. He sighed at the angery Diana and just ignored her as they walked to his house and opened the door to let her. Being her he watched as she threw her things in his couch and flipped on it with her huff and puffs almost reminding him of an angery squirrel from how puffed her cheeks were.

    He threw his bag beside her's and went to the kitchen to grab a snack for them and made it sure it was the ones she liked. Tao hopped on the couch beside her and began shaking the bag in front of her. "Come on now you can't be mad at me forever, " he began, "what did I do now for you to be mad at me?" He asked after a while of shaking the bag and put it down on his lap.
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    Diana turned her body towards Tao when she heard him speak, but she stayed silent. Glaring at him stubbornly, she was crossing and uncrossing her legs. This was a habit of hers that she did when she was restlessly angry.

    Now, usually Diana was the type to hold out for hours or sometimes even days when she did the silent treatment. The good thing was that though she was stubborn, she still had her temper. That meant that if you said the right thing, she'd quickly blurt out some angry answer and then she'd talk again. It wouldn't be the most calm, or helpful talk, but she'd talk. "I can stay mad as long as I want to." She replied, turning her head to the side. Realizing she had broken her silence, she bit her lip but managed to maintain her angry exterior. Taking a handful of food, she looked at her boyfriend.

    "I spent the entire day texting you, and you didn't care enough about me or my problems to answer!" She huffed out.

    Was she being dramatic? Yes, but she didn't realize that. She was a very emotional girl and constantly afraid to get her feelings hurt, even if they were getting hurt over something stupid like this. In her mind, this wasn't just abut missing a few text messages during the school day, this was about their relationship, this was about Tao's feelings towards her. And in her mind? When her boyfriend didn't answer her messages, she decided that he obviously didn't care about her in the slightest! It's true that she was probably and hopefully wrong, but her inner instincts were telling her that she was right, and she'd believe herself until she was convinced that she was wrong.

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    He watched her as she restlessly moved around in one spot angrily until she give in and spoke to him, well more of an anger blurt, and took some of the food that was in the bag. "Wo-" He was about to poke fun at her for giving in and what not, but quickly stopped hearing what she said next. Shit shit shit! So she did text him all day...crap.

    He raised a brow and face unfazed at what she said. "You're being over dramatic D," he told her knowing this might and up having her flip out more, but his gonna risk it cause she is being dramatic, he did felt bad not text her back even though it technically wasn't his fault that his phone died and all. Though being Tao, being a douche that he is, he likes getting, or seeing, her upset cause it's funny.

    "look my bad for not texting you. I mean we were in school," as if he actually cared about the school rules, which he never did and probably never well. " plus it's probably nothing then the usual you had to say to me, like boring classes, creeps, or something. " He said putting his arms around her waist dispate him being a douche at this moment while his girlfriend is being emotional. Knowing that she flips at a dime about things.
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    Diana was absolutely enraged so she grabbed a couch pillow from behind her and slammed it across her boyfriend's face. Then she quickly backed away, smacking at his hands until she was on the other side of the sofa. Once she had distanced herself, she hugged the pillow to her chest. "I gave Mandy Harrison a black eye today, and I'm not even supposed to set foot on campus for the next three days." She said. Her voice was going from an enraged roar to a small whisper. "It's clear you don't even care though, all you care about is your classes."

    At that point she had been whispering to him while her eyes swelled up with tears. In that exact moment her voice quickly came back in one last yell, "And if you don't care about me, then I don't care about you! So don't even think about coming over just because I'm home tomorrow and don't think you can just text me and make it better either!" She finished. After that last scream, Diana got up.

    It was true that outbursts like that were usual for Diana, but she usually didn't ever start crying unless she was really serious about what she was talking about. That was an issue because as she stormed off into the kitchen to grab her things, tears were running down her face. Her feelings were hurt and that was obvious. It was clear to her that Tao wasn't taking anything she said seriously and if that's how it was going to be that was fine, but she wasn't going to let him get away with this.

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    Tao was about to kiss her on the cheek and just cuddle with her, but all of that stopped when she put the pillow in his face make him muffle a sound then held his hand lightly when she smacked it. "Ow?" He stated at his semi, but not really, hurt hand. "What did she do now?" He asked then stared at her when an stated that I didn't care for her which just a little because he did care for her. Tao chuckled a little at her he didn't care THAT much for his classes.

    Tao chuckled slowly resided hearing her coca crack as if she's about to cry. Was she really that upset? Did he fuck up big time? His eyes widen as she screamed at him angerily about into tears at any moment. He did know what to say or do at this point kept his mouth shut to prevent anything worst from happening.

    He was about to reach out to get to tell her he was kidding and didn't mean to piss her off, but instead he let her go. Tao watched her leave from his place and he just sat there for a while thinking about it and flopped on his couchand held the pillows upset for what happened. She's such a pain and overdramatic. He was just JOKING! Well his phone was died and all.


    He sigh after an hour thinking about and feeling bad, but soon he was being stubborn to keep himself from saying sorry to get and blaming her dispate it being his fault. Fine, he won't talk to her since that's what she wants.
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    Diana went home and she waited. She always had a rule about when her boyfriends made her mad, and that rule was that she'd always give them an hour to apologize before she'd consider him to be trash. She knew that sometimes she could fly off the handle, but she felt that her man needed to understand her well enough to know that he had to apologize before she would,

    After that hour, the apology she was waiting for never came. And thirty minutes after that hour, Thomas was banging on Tao's front door. His hands were in his jean pockets and he was staring at the door blankly. He wasn't very angry looking, he was used to this sort of thing happening every few months. His little sister would throw herself into the arms of some man, then when she got hurt Thomas would have to go take care of it. Honestly, it was tiring, but he'd do anything for Diana, even if it was stupid.

    Because of that fact, and because of the number of men Diana's been hurt by, Thomas is pretty well known around the school. A lot of people call him a lot of different things, some people call him a delinquent, some people call him an asshole, and some people call him pathetic. He knew all of that, he just didn't care because those people never seemed to have the courage to say it to his face. That's why he was hoping that today he wouldn't have to actually fight, hopefully Tao had heard of him before, and Thomas would be able to scare him without putting his hands on him. The older brother didn't know much about this newer boyfriend, all he knew was that Tao had money, and Thomas would probably be able to take him down quick, and really? That's all he needed to know. Banging on the door once more, he called out. "Hey! Open up!"

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    Sitting at his room desk as he surfed the web on his computer and blasting music to pass the time since he had nothing else to do since he did his homework in class earlier. He hummed to the songs until he heard a soft knock on the door that he was able to hear from the music. Tao turned the music down and made his way to the front door, "Alright! Alright! I'm coming geez.." he looked through the peek hole before opening it up. Tao stated at the male in front of him looking at him up and down with a raised brow. "Can I help you? You lost?" He asked with slight spite from being angry earlier that still lingered in his tongue.

    Sadly not knowing of Diana's brother, he never seen him when he was there, but only heard of little of him from her, or friends. Though what ever rep this guy hold, Tao wouldn't be scared like the others. Shocked more then anything else.
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    Thomas' eyes only focused when the door was opened. He looked at Tao with an expressionless face as his eyes flickered up and down the other's body. Letting out a soft sigh, he shook his head in disappointment. He hated it when Diana dated pretty boys like this instead of men who would actually be able to stand up for her and take care of her. The boy in front of him looked like he weighed as much as Diana herself.

    Sure, Thomas' sister had dated worse boys, so it wasn't like this one was his least favorite, it was just that.. Well, this one seemed more pretty than manly, more cute than handsome, more like a kitten than a lion. He supposed it didn't matter, hopefully this would be the last time Thomas had to lay eyes on that pretty face. The older brother decided to put on his meaner demeanor and push at Tao's chest before he took the opportunity to step into the house

    "If you want to help me, you'll shut up and take the beating." He said, grinning a little bit as he moved closer and grabbed Tao by his shirt. "Do you think you're too good to text my sister back? Do you think you're better than her?" He growled at him, narrowing his eyes in a menacing way.

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    He crossed his arms at the expressionless male when he sigh and just stared him continueless until his face twisted when he pushed him and grow stopped raise in both confusion and quite upset that the male just walked in his house like it was ok. "HEY! What the hell?!" He barked at him when he was slightly pushed. He did he likes the fact that he could walk in here as if he owned the place and think he was the shit just how the way he looked.

    He backed up a little when he came closer to him then glared at him of dagger when the older brother grabbed him by the shirt. It didn't take him long to process what he said to him which mad him equally grin in a smirk. Amused by this now. "What?" He chuckled at this, "Don't tell me your her older brother?" Tao couldn't believe this and what he was hearing from. " What did she tell you?" He asked then shake his head. "Actually, no, of course not why would I think that...well in some way yaaa..." He said then thought about it be kind of was in some things he was better then her, but he had his problems just as well.

    Being Tao he wasn't gonna admit that though. Tao had such a big mouth on him that'll one day it will get him in a lot of trouble. He stared at the other smirking and put his hands on the other's hand as an gesture to maybe let go of him.
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    Thomas was glaring daggers at this boy, clenching the shirt in his hands. He didn't know why he was actually feeling himself get angry, usually he'd be able to calmly handle boys for Diana, but this one specifically pissed him off. It was clear that Tao didn't know who he was talking to, and Thomas was going to make sure he was aware so maybe the other boy could learn to shut his mouth.

    "All you are is a pretty rich boy. I'll tell you right now that if you've ever dated anyone before, I promise they were in it for your money." He growled at him. Diana hadn't told him too much about this boy, but he knew plenty to be able to make his own assumptions and try to get into his head. He slammed the other boy against the wall, letting the volume of his voice increase. "You aren't shit! You're lucky that a girl like Diana took her time to see something in you besides the size of your wallet!" He was yelling now, upset that Tao seemed to actually think he was that great. Tao seemed like someone you wouldn't even want to get to know, and he should've felt lucky that Diana had wasted her time with him.

    As he let go of Tao's shirt, Thomas spat at him. "You're nothing. You're the kind of person people talk to one time, and then they decide you're not worth it. Do. Not. Take my sister for granted."


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    He spat out a chuckle hearing his harsh words toward him and easily giving back daggers. Tao winced at the pain of his back when he slammed him against the wall harshly as he continued to speak to him, Tao had gotten into trouble with many people before and fought with them, but he doesn't think he had ever had anyone actually get a hold of him. Tao stare up at him when he finally let go of him.

    He brushed his shirt down to relax the wrinkles or whatever that got him with a sly grin. He wasn't done being a sick just yet before he admits that he was probably doing the wrong into Diana, just a little. "Seems that yelling runs in the family," he began, " but you're right maybe I am taking her for granted or just teasing ya." Tao shrugged before putting his hand in his pockets looking at him dispate just almost getting beating by this kid that could probably easily do so. He'll never learn his lesson. "Isn't that what all girls want is the size of my wallet. I mean...I have to treat her somehow." He said now leaning on the wall. Tao looked away for a moment in thought before speaking again. " Plus if I'm not worth it then you wouldn't be here and your sister would be saying me...." He said then added. "Oh pretty rich boy me as you called me...which is new for someone to call me that in my face. Pretty anyway." He said slyly.
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    When Tao spoke again, Thomas had already been calming himself down. He knew that he couldn't let this little guy get the best of him, and Tao had a point. If he wasn't worth it why was Thomas here? He had to think about for a moment. He supposed he was here for his little sister, but the fact that she sent him must've made Tao worth it.

    The older brother shook his head with a sigh. "Listen. I don't give two shits about you, alright? I'm only here for Diana... She's convinced there's something more to you. She just really thinks that you have to be more than an asshole..." He said, looking at Tao. "Be serious with me for a second, do you actually care about her? Because she thinks you don't, and if that's the case you just need to back up off of her and we won't have an issue." He murmured. When Thomas got like this, he was very serious yet kind. Right now, he was looking into Tao's eyes with a furrowed brow, biting his lip. "She likes you. But if you're going to hurt her again, then you better leave her the fuck alone before you get yourself into some actual trouble. And if you care, you better apologize for whatever you did!"

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    "Geez! I told her this already of course I care for her if I didn't I wouldnt out up with her and your nagging, yelling, and flipping on me!" He said to him quite bother now hearing this. He couldn't believe she do all of this just cause she was upset over something so small like him not texting her. He put his hand on his face for a bit to think about this as he listened and sigh. "I did apologized-ish to her about what happened unless she want me to come to her window and with roses or something." He said in disbelief of how childish she is being then thought how he as well is being, which isn't helping the situation.

    "Look," he started grabbing his phone to start his apology as he spoke. "the argument wasn't even a big of a deal she got upset over something little." He began to explain to him. Unless he is messing something while they talked. She only gotten upset of the fact that he didnt answer her right away which and up being bigger than need be. " Something little shouldn't have gotten big." He added to the older male then pressed send to question her why she would even bring her brother into this then put his attention back to Thomas, "Maybe I teased her to hard, but she should be use to it....geez she's so sensitive." He chuckled a bit looking up to him not as upset as he was before. "You right I could be an asshole." He admitted.
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