A Little About Me!

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  1. Real Name: Sam.
    Birthday: July 11th, 1995.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 17.
    Genre Rps: Fantasy, High school, Paranormal, Horror, Romance, Action, and sometimes Drama.
    Extra: " I role play as a demi-god named Eli. He is the son of Ares (the god of war). "
    ~ If there is anything else you wanna know about me, just ask :)~
  2. Welcome! I saw you posting in a jump in, its nice to see our newer members diving in and having fun.

    I hope you continue to join us and enjoy your time here!
  3. Thanks! :) I have had this account for about a week now! The first couple of days i actually concidered deleting it because it confused me XD. Glad i didnt delete it! :D
  4. You will get the hang of it. : ) If you have any questions or concerns, staff or other members are willing to help out.
  5. So this is who I've been playing with. :3 Nice to meet ya!
  6. Hehe thanks! Nice to meet you too :3