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  1. Hello there~!
    As the title suggests I would love to do some 1x1s here! I'm new to the site, but not new to RPing! It's sort of my burning passion at this point ^^! Still Looking~!

    A couple of things before we start...:
    ~No one liners. Please try to make it 1-3 lines at the very least a paragraph (5+ lines) is greatly appreciated.
    ~I'm not picky about grammar or spelling, as long as I can read it I'm fine!
    ~I want to know when you're going to be gone for a while, so you can tell me and give me a heads up! I will do the same!
    ~If I don't respond in a while send me a PM to just give me a push, I won't get angry, but I will do the same!
    ~I am fine with all pairings and all genders! Come at me! XD
    ~I live in Norway so my time zone is GMT + 1 This makes it a bit hard to give you tons of response back if you live in America, but I do response as often and as much as I can when I find the time and in the weekends I go crazy xD
    ~Is the plot boring or do you wish to involve something more? Just tell me about it and we can discuss it and probably add it in! Please don't just give up on your idea as I want both of us to be a part of this! That and don't hesitate to tell me if the plot is boring or something. We can change that right away if we need to ;D

    A couple of pairings I am more than willing to do, and of course more, but posting them all here would take forever ^^;;
    As my signature says I will be gone for a day, but I shall get back as fast as possible! I would love to start RPing again after all!
    (Bold means role I prefer to be playing)

    Random stuff:
    Disney Crossover
    Pokemon Gijinka x Pokemon Gijinka
    Pokemon Gijinka X trainer (Both are fine for me ^^)

    Master X half monster
    Champion x newbie
    Wizard x apprentice

    Master X slave
    x Demon queen/king
    Knight x Royal

    Super power:

    Apprentice X Mentor
    Apprentice + Mentor
    Hero X Hero
    Hero X Civilian

    I can't wait to hear from you~!
    Send me a PM or just post here!
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  2. I might like the relationship popular kid vs unpopular kid, but I'm also kind of curious to know about other pairings you like...
  3. I am able to do a lot! Tell me some of the pairings you are interested in, I am more than enough open to a lot of pairings after all~!
  4. Oooh, that's actually a pretty difficult question. Usually I start stories with pre-defined characters and something of a vague idea and then see where it goes...

    But I like the popular vs unpopular kid relation too! I was just curious about the other ones:
  5. Well I updated it so you can go up and take a quick look if you wish too ;D
  6. I know it does ^^;;
    You see he had a lot of good themes that I too wanted to try out.
    Do not worry though because both he and I know each other very well ^^!
    It is simply due to him having many themes I too found interesting, so I decided to simply take some of his ideas, but of course I have my own plot and character ideas even if it is the same theme/pairing :3
  7. Well... I liked his idea of wizard vs apprentice since I already have a nice character for that, but I might do that one with him already...
  8. Oh, but we can do the Unpopular X Popular Kid if you want ;D I'm really up for anything ^^
  9. Lol, me2 :P

    I prefer wizard vs apprentice more then popular x unpopular, to be honest. But I'm not sure if I can do two of those. Maybe we can brainstorm about both of them and then we'll see which one we pick?

    Send me a PM if you're still interested :P
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