a little 1 on 1?



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Haha, don't mind the title. :) It just gave me a bit of a laugh so I figured I'd use it. Now, I'm (obviously) looking for 1-1 rps; however I CAN handle more than just 1 rp.

A bit abut my style:

I'm about intermediate-advanced in my style. 3rd person onlyyyyy please! 1st person gives me a headache and kinda creeps me out :) I can usually write a decent length reply, unless I have obvious reasons not to (short post from partner/I've had to dash somewhere!) I can duel-wield characters (...lol?), and am comfortably playing both genders. I ask that if you would like to roleplay, that you are the same. I don't mind playing with people just new to the world of Roleplay. We were all newbs once and need to start somewhere!!

The main genres I do range through the following:
  • Magical/Mythical
  • Yaoi
  • Anime (totally made-up, or based on shows/manga - that would have to be discussed)
  • Animals (if so, preferably equine (horse), dogs are alright... Cats, or mythical).
I am open to other suggestions though, but by all means no vampires/lycans (werewolves)

That's about it, I guess.... :D