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  1. Hello everybody out there! Nice to make your acquaintance! So...I'm fairly new to this sight, however, I'm not new to the RP-ing scene. I'm setting up this thread in hopes that I can find someone or a few someones to help bring an idea of mine to life. I have a rough idea in my head and I'll do my best to decribe it for you, and if you are so willing or intrigued or think that you would enjoy it at all...please let me know :). I hope the amount I've written below doesn't dissuade too many of you, but I would really like to find a few people to do this with.

    So the idea I have is a kind of mix between the anime Bleach and Soul Eater. There is an organization known as Lighthouse, that has been protecting the people from all those horrible things that go bump in the night. The "things" are considered demons, though they don't actually come from hell, but then again they aren't sure that they don't either. As the demons began to appear, so with them were born children of unique abilities. These children could sense these abnormalities, these monsters, that seemed to be able to blend in with the human population undetected. These gifted children, in the beginning, were studied to see what made them so different and to see if they could somehow be of use in the defense against these demons that walked among man. The gifted children were found to have heightened awareness, a sensitivity to these beings presence, heightened agility, physical abilities, and endurance. They also seemed to emit a sort of energy that almost seemed like a beacon of some kind.

    Children who exhibited these extraordinary traits were brought up under the tutelage of other members of Lighthouse, this taking place after they had already had about 10 unsuccessful years of mounting some type of meaningful offense or defense against the threat they were facing. As the years went by and they were beginning to see the fruits of their efforts, there was a standout Reaper among them all, Clara Strova. She had somehow slipped under their radar until her freshmen year of high school, and taking her away from that life had proven to be a difficult task. However, after an incident that saw her parents and longtime friend killed mercilessly at the hands of one of those demons, she was overflowing with passion to take up arms against these things.

    All of her skills and attributes were off the charts, her scores and levels almost outmatching some of those who had been there since the beginning. It was about a year before bringing her in that they had discovered another life form of sorts that seemed to be drawn in by the strange waves that these kids seemed to be putting out. These being were, at first glance, human, but had the ability to transform themselves into weapons. It was an absolutely stunning discovery, as they had no idea how this came to be, where they came from, or what their purpose was. The humanoid weapons, having no inclination either as to how they came to be or why they felt drawn to certain individuals. All they were able to provide was: "I heard their soul calling to me, so I came to answer." The children became grouped.

    *Time skip* (I don't want to run ppl off because I'm writing too much, but I'm just trying to get my idea out of my head and on paper :P)

    Clara Strova, at age 18, had been nicknamed Lady Death, finally having decided to take on a weapon to aid her in her fight against the ever=growing unknown threats that stalked humanity. The two being nearly inseparable and an seemingly invincible duo, however, that all changed during one mission. They were sent out to take down a group of demons that had been holed up in the center of a city, disguised as the latest hot spot for teens to hangout. The operation seemed simple enough; go to that location, identify the targets, and eliminate all threats. The mission seemed to being exactly how all the others went, Clara and her "Partner" identified their targets and began to dispatch them quickly. However, it appeared that they had anticipated their arrival and there were far more there than originally anticipated, as if they had been told that only there were coming and that they would need a lot to stop them. As the fight waged on, Clara and her Partner, who took on the name Charon, were being overwhelmed, and that's when it happened. Charon took his human form, slashes Clara across both legs and across her stomach, leaving her dazed and confused as she fell to her knees clutching her chest and writhing in agony.

    It's been 3 years since that incident, Clara has gone AWOL, refusing to report in or follow orders and Charon is believed to have joined the enemy. Lighthouse is still doing their jobs protecting the people, but they can sense that something big is on the horizon. The rumor mill has been spinning about a new breed of monster that will eclipse the current enemy and will conquer all that Lighthouse is trying to protect.

    Also, I plan to make this a long rp, as I have a few plans for the direction and unfolding of the story, although I do love when others thrown in their own twist as well.

    There are a few way I can see this starting off;

    1- You are a M/F humanoid weapon that is drawn to Clara's resonance and are therefore tasked with finding her and getting her back to her old self before whatever cataclysm befalls them all

    2- A M/F humanoid weapon is tasked with taking her out if she refuses to come back, being that she has been labeled a traitor and high level liability.

    3- A M/F humanoid weapon saves her from a group of demons that have her cornered, and chooses to stick with her.

    I would like to at least be able to do 2 different versions of this, one with a female partner and one with a male. I hope this catches some interest, and I would love help fleshing it out and making it better. I'm completely open to input!

    Clara Strova
    Charon in weapon form
    Charon in human form
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