A Light in the Dark

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  1. Spirits of the dead walk the streets, demons and other evil creatures lurk in the darkness, and everything is in total darkness.. at least, for Xania it is. Ever since she was a little girl she could see the spirits of those who have passed. It didn't used to be a problem but things began to get worse as she got older and now at 21 its as if she is living in hell. Every where she goes there are spirits or demons, not all the spirits are bad, but they all want her attention after realizing she can see them. She sees the world under a cloud of grey that makes even the brightest of days look dull. She has been told many times by family members that when she finds that special someone they will be her light in the dark. They will be the one who helps her get through each day, the one that will brighten up the world and let her see clearly again. Xania was not quick to believe this considering any time she has told somebody they laughed in her face or called her a freak.

    Xania gets her self up and ready for a long day of doing nothing but wondering through town. She throws on a pair of black jean shorts and a tight red spaghetti strap shirt. She lets her long black hair fall in soft waves down her back and heads out the door. Her crystal blue eyes scan her surroundings and she heads toward a small restaurant to have breakfast. She walked inside and took a seat at a table in the back. There were many spirits in here and she ate here so much that they never bothered her anymore. Occasionally one or two would come talk to her so she got in the habit of wearing a Bluetooth to avoid being stared at. She eats her breakfast slowly and watches out the window as the town begins to come alive, for those who are living and who are not.
  2. ryuuto has been able to see for as long as he can remember. ryuuto got up from his bed and prepared for the day. standing at 6'3" he had to to have a custom ceiling in his apartment he put on a set of black jeans and a t shirt he looked out the window. his emerald green eyes reflected in the glass. he looked down at the street and noticed a strange girl entering the restraunt. he decided to go down and see what this girl was hiding. when he entered the restraunt he sat down at the booth she was at hi my name is ryuuto
  3. She stared at the strange guy for a moment then blinked "um, hi." she looked around for a little bit then looked back at him "im Xania" she said shyly. some of her hair fell in front of her face a little but she didn't bother to move it. She watched as a spirit walked past their table from the bathrooms behind them.
  4. ryuuto looked at xania. he followed her line of sight. when he saw the spirit. "im guessing that bluetooth is not really connected is it"
  5. She raised an eyebrow at him not believing he would know that "why wouldn't it be?" She questioned curiously and kept her attention on him
  6. "i followed your line of sight and i know you can see them as well" he reached into his pocket and pilled out his bluetooth "the other reason is i do the same thing"
  7. Her eyes grew wide as he told her he could see them too and she sat up in her seat, she had never met a guy that could see them before. Come to think of it she never knew of anyone outside of her family who could see them. "Y-you see them?"
  8. "i do see them. its nice to finally meet someone who isnt part of my family who can see them"
  9. She nodded and smiled at him "that it is" she sighed softly "I thought the women in my family were the only ones" she told him sadly
  10. "See what?" Keira, a middle-aged woman roughly 5'6" in height, looked over from her own table. She had been nursing one milkshake for over an hour, meanwhile tinkering with a strange gadget that occasionally emitted sparks, but otherwise didn't really seem to do anything. "I see a restaurant, a woman, a man, and a conversation not involving those Bluetooth devices you two are wearing. What in the world...?" She then stares blankly at Xania and Ryuuko, letting her gadget drop on the table with a light "thunk".
  11. Xania shrunk back into her seat and shook her head "nothing you need to be concerned about" she told the woman simply, not really trying to be rude but also not wanting her to know what they were talking about.
  12. "Thats normally true with my family but im a rare case" he turned to look at the women. "You wouldn't believe us even if we did"
  13. She put her attention back on ryuuto and gave him a questioning look "so you're the only guy then?" She asked him curiously "that's so strange" she shook her head and smirked at the fact that this whole situation was strange.
  14. "As far as i know, yeah im the only guy who could see them"
  15. Exuberantly approached the Lupe. The masculine 6'4 embodiment wore what appeared to have been a simple wearing a plain men's kimono of cheap, worn cloth with a white umanori hakama, zori and oyster-white hue tabi. How thick and luxurious were the locks of the individual that were of obsidian-hue, and fluttered about in the gale as he'd approached the vicinity. His right foot planted itself within the restaurant. His peacock-blue-hue pupils, set sight upon the several presences that were within the vicinity. Oh how ecstatic and graceful was the male, with each and every step his clothing forged of silk, and several other materials wove about valiantly.

    Taking his time to have entered the vicinity, rather silently. No sound could've been heard from the embodiment, other than the mere sound of wood meeting the surface of the Restaurants floor. He'd taken a few more footsteps to the right before the elegance within his mere erected standing with no leniency in his spinal cord became much more, relaxed. He'd taken a seat just across from the other beings. Which allowed the motions of his clothing to come to rest. The balls of his wrists were planted among the edge of the table.

    Oh how outstanding, upon his entry a trail of the scent of lavender followed the embodiment all the way into his current position. Which would've allowed the opposing presences to catch his scent.
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  16. Soon after the scent of Adenthos had overtaken the area, a heavy scent of steak, chicken, shrimp, onion, mushroom, and many other delectable foods came to overpower the area. The scent came from a trail which traveled through the thick of the woods. If any soul were to make a closer inspection, they would see a restaurant labeled "Grill Master Dante's Kitchen", the building design was based off of old feudal tradition. A blast-back to the day of samurai and ninja. Inside of the restaurant stood a slender, 6"4' male in a chef's robe, his bare chest was revealed and his skin had a luminescent glow against the light of the hibachi grill which rested in front of him, cooking the various foods all together, mixing the flavors of the foods themselves along with the spices that went along in the grill with them. Many sauces rested atop the foods as they grilled as well, making it ever so delicious in both that of look and smell, one could only assume the taste would match.

    The dark haired male in the chef attire sighed a small bit, enjoying his art as he cooked the food along slowly. "I love this~, it's such a tranquil pass time.~"
  17. Swaggering boisterously in tow right after his father, Adenthos. The slender 5'7 visage wore was seemed to have been wearing an expensive woman's yukata that was adorned with floral embroidery, floral obi encircled the boys waistline, and zori upon his feet. How full and lustrous the boys locks of obsidian-hue, fluttering about in the gentle caress of the passing breeze as he followed closely behind his father.
  18. Instantaneously, his nostrils gaped, inhaling the air around himself. Taking in the aroma of the vicinity. Noticing that his own scent was overwhelmed by the smell of the delectable food. His peacock-blue ocular devices set sight upon the table itself. Noting each and every detail about this vicinity. His mind began not only analyzing the details of the table, but of everything. Even the scent prior to the one that was caused by the aroma of food. The mere essence of food sang to his nostrils as if drawing his presence to the food.

    "Outrageous, isin't it me' boy?" spoke the Shinobi. " I know that ye' smell that!" in a mere gasconation did he speak, before the thin lips of the male were explored by the pink muscle that rested yonder of his teeth. The moist warm luxuriousness drug its extremity about his own thin lips. Before retracting into his own mouth once more, leaving behind no saliva on his own lips. " It be time to eat."
  19. Come get food from the best marketer in all of Japan, Now in this new location near you!~
  20. Instinctively the boy craned his neck, his nostrils was wafted in the most captivating aroma. His nostrils flared, taking in the aromatics that was in the vicinity of the room. His violet irises locked onto the table that was decorated with an ensemble of food. Taking note that was he in a place of business and must conduct himself accordingly in front of others. Cielona, glided across the flooring of the vicinity, making his way over to the table silently along side his father. He calculated meticulously as he surveyed the food, wondering particular food item to have immersed within his maw.

    "The food smells absolutely divine father. But, who made this?" The boy queried in a hushed tone, before having the pink muscle cascading along the soft lips that gave the slightest hint of pout. He remained adjacent to his father, joining the man at the table as he prepared to devour the beauty that was laid before him.
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