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  1. Prompt:
    The war between the demons and vampires finally ended, and the house is covered with dead corpses everywhere, of both races. The house reeks of death and the sight is surely disturbing. Few survived, you being one of them. All the ones that survived are a part of the same side as you. Minutes after everyone left, you were about to leave too, stepping over still bodies when you heard heavy breathing and crying and sniffing. You froze in your steps and listened closely, not having to put much effort into it. You knew for sure that you heard it and silently followed the sound, leading you to a room on the third floor. It appeared to be a bedroom; it was quite large, mostly white with designs on the wall. Maybe a teen's or adult's room. You sighed, knowing that the ones who lived here were ones from your race and team, and they are now gone. But who is in the closet? You sense their presence. Surely someone hadn't survived and is hiding for a sneak attack, right? You slowly approach the closet, and in less than a second open it, only to meet the enlarged eyes of a little girl, appearing to be about ten. She's shaking and her eyes are full of her tears, as well as her face tear stained and still wet from present flowing tears. The Maynuses never mentioned a daughter... is she even a daughter?

    Character Signup Sheet:
    Height and Weight:
    Skin Tone:
    Extra Facial Features ex. glasses, freckles, etc. (optional):
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color and Length:
    Vampire or Demon (or maybe human, should be rare in this rp):
    Personality (optional):
    Back Story (optional):
    Anything Extra (optional):

    Here is my character's description!

    Name: Macy Maynus
    Age: 10
    Height and Weight: 4,3; 80lbs
    Skin Tone: White but small tan
    Extra Facial Features: Slight freckles across her cheeks she hates
    Eye Color: Bright but dark brown
    Hair Color and Length: Medium lengthed brownish blond hair, naturally straight
    Vampire or Demon: Human
    Personality: Kind, funny, affectionate, can sometimes be narrow minded, some times straight to the point, more TBA
    Back Story: The daughter of two pure bloods (demon or vampire), unknown of all the supernatural. More TBA.
    Anything Extra: N/A

    This rp is a lot like The Feud of Those Who Are Powerful, I know! But no one's really responded to that lol. So here this is!
  2. OK...
    Is there a set race or can you choose either Vampire or Demon?
  3. You can choose vampire or demon.
  4. Then COUNTMEIN!
    Will make a CS soon.
  5. Haha okay! Thanks! :)
  6. Demon
    Name: Rairakku Akuma (Rair)
    Age: 13
    Height and Weight: 4"7 43kg
    Rair (open)

    Skin Tone: Pale
    Eye Colour: Illuminated blood red
    Hair Colour and Length: Lilac and pink (Depending on the lighting)
    Falls half way down her back.
    She retains her childish side which shows more often then her 'demon'.
    Back Story: The result of merging a demon and a human. It is almost like having split personalities, but deadlier.
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  7. Cool! Accepted! I'm anxious to know how this rp will go with your char lol. I like her!
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  8. Thank you.
    I may elaborate on it more later.
  9. You're welcome!
  10. are you still accepting people?
  11. I will be willing to give this a try.
  12. Awesome!

    Name: Myron Salark
    Age: 19
    Height and Weight: 6'6'' 180lbs
    Skin Tone: honey brown
    Extra Facial Features ex. glasses, freckles, etc. (optional): N/A
    Eye Color:mix matched. Right one is ice blue, left one is Peridoe green
    Hair Color and Length: shoulder length, charcoal black
    Vampire or Demon (or maybe human, should be rare in this rp): Deamon (Gargoyle to be exact. Wings that can retract into his back are smooth as onyx and the same deep honey color as his skin. The same stone from his wings can spread to the rest of his body, covering him like an armor but it can crack.)
    Personality (optional): Little bit sarcastic, and has an explosive temper that normally comes out a little too easily.
    Back Story (optional):
    Anything Extra (optional): has a pet whelpling named Akira.
  13. Sure Hanzo! And Emily, I'll PM you!
  14. Name: Dante Pheles
    Age: 14
    Height: 5"1
    Skin Tone: Olive
    Eye Colour: Blood Red
    Hair Colour/ Legnth: Short,jet black with few red highlights,cut spiky.
    Race: Demon
    Personality: Childish, sometimes innocent, sadistic, gloomy
    Backstory: He is the son of an extremely powerful demon whos body was destroyed and his soul sealed away. After this happenned he was "killed" on many occassions by vampires during the war, but due to his incredible regenerative abillities he survives his fatal wounds. He has complete dominion over fire which he inherited from his father and he is also able to re-animate dead bodies but he is unable to retrun their souls, so he creates only lifeless zombies. He finds himself lost in the world without his father and sets out to find his soul and return it to a body.
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