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  1. The Nevada Affair

    The Nevada Affair is an event which occurred twenty years ago, in the last days of the Infernal War. It is an event that has truly shaped the state of affairs today. It shaped the careers and destinies of crime juggernauts such as Edgar, Frank, Roland, Raine, Shade, and Hans. It also unleashed a terrible evil upon the world, and resulted in the deaths of thousands of people.

    The Nevada Affair was a conflict between forces of the Nevadic Mormon Saviors (NMS) and vigilantes supported by the Republic of Nevada. Alexander Reaver, a rich and well known farmer, led the vigilantes, while a wicked cult leader known as Jaysus led the NMS. The conflict was an attempt to drive out the NMS from Nevada and allow the fledgling government to regain control over the state. The conflict lasted for nine months, officially ending in the Battle of the Mojave.

    Reaver's Crusade

    The NMS were taking part in wanton destruction in northern Nevada, and were beginning to make audacious forays into the south, which was controlled by the Republic of Nevada. In an attempt to restore order to the land, Alexander Reaver led a group of five hundred brave locals and well paid mercenaries to push back the NMS. They first encountered their foes at the Humboldt National Forest, where NMS skirmishers were harassing forces of the Republic. A short and bloody brawl ensued, and most of the NMS warriors were killed. Only a few members of the Republic forces were killed or injured, and this victory motivated the Republic to send more troops and supplies to Reaver's Crusaders to aid them cleanse the land of wickedness.

    Their force now doubled due to the assistance of the Republic, Reaver's Crusade continued into the north. They encountered many empty villages, and realized that all of Northern Nevada was almost entirely depopulated. Many had fled south, while many others had totally disappeared. They were soon met with harsh NMS resistance, and lost many of their own. They retreated to Brigham City, which was held by Mormons who did not support the NMS. Shortly after their arrival, Brigham City was attacked, and everyone in it was either killed or captured. Reaver's men fled the city, and retreated to Reno to get reinforcements. They arrived just in time to witness a horrific attack on the capital city of the Republic. President Stone, the leader of the Republic, was assassinated, and hundreds of other people were murdered by hordes of strange zombie like individuals with yellow eyes and gaunt faces. It was soon discovered these people were possessed, but not in the traditional sense. They could not exorcise the infected persons, and were forced to kill them instead. Following the attack on Reno, Reaver's private crusade stopped. The Republic took over military operations, and the entire military was now in action.

    Arrival of Edgar and Frank

    To supplement their forces, the Republic brought in mercenaries from California. Among them was a detachment of assassins led by Edgar, and the famous demon slayer known as Frank Hamilton. With these two dangerous men with them, the Republic was now a force to be reckoned with. They made aggressive forays into northern Nevada, freeing captured civilians before they could be possessed and destroying NMS bases. Hundreds were killed on both sides, as the fighting was vicious and unrelenting. Many died from the desert heat.

    Edgar discovered several interesting prospects during his time with the Republic. He recruited dozens of tough soldiers to come back with him to California and try their hand at being assassins. Among these men were Roland Green and Hans Gambino, who were particularly effective during the fighting. He also invited Rayze, although the man was more interested in caring for his daughter than murdering people.

    Battle of the Mojave

    The Republic made one last assault on the NMS to totally drive them off. They sent their entire army to the Mojave Desert, where they found the hideout for the leaders of the NMS. Harsh fighting ensued for three days. Hans lost his hand to the leader of the NMS, Jaysus. However, Alexander Reaver distracted him, and Edgar struck him down, using Jaysus's own katana to slice him in half. The NMS was defeated. Alexander Reaver led his crusaders down into the NMS stronghold and found something unspeakable. A huge, black, faceless monstrosity was in a large cage doused in holy water. Needles and wires and all sorts of things were attached to it. It was apparent the beast was being harvested for something. The wires connected to thousands of human shaped tanks which held unconscious captured civilians. The beast's blood was being harvested and injected into the people. The NMS was trying to create an army of what were essentially zombies.

    No one knows what exactly happened next. The only ones who survived going down in there were Roland, Frank, and Edgar. Hans had stayed above, nursing his wound. It is rumored that an evil voice called out to Alexander, and he pressed a button which released the beast. The tanks filled with people all exploded, and the beast broke free of its cage. It then launched itself into Reaver, possessing him and driving him insane. He butchered all of his crusaders, except for the three mentioned, and fled. He killed anyone who got in his way, and made a beeline straight for his estate.

    Edgar and a small force of concerned soldiers followed Reaver, eventually tracking him to an abandoned shack a few miles from his estate. Frank used the great and powerful demonic blade of Apollyon to slay Reaver and drive the demon from his body, sending him back to hell. And thus, the conflict was ended. The small group of battered warriors then went on to find Reaver's estate was in ruins, and his son was the sole survivor. Edgar took him into his care, and he and his compatriots went their separate ways. Roland had fallen in love during his time in Nevada, and he and his new wife went to Oregon. Hans and Frank accompanied Edgar back to California. And the Republic was left in shambles.

    The Nevada Affair led to:

    Edgar gaining his katana.

    The Brotherhood of the Revolver being founded.

    Shade becoming an assassin. Possibly Raine as well.

    Roland getting married.

    The Republic falling apart.

    The notoriety of Assassin's Inc being established due to its work in the Affair.

    Raiku was unleashed upon the world.

    Shade was infected with demon's blood.

    Half of Nevada's population was wiped out.

    And many other things....
  2. The Kingdoms of Seattle and Portland

    The West Coast is a messed up place. First of all you have La Ciudad del Infierno, which is a hub of sin and debauchery. The rest of California is, for the most part, run by bandit tribes and populated by roamers. Most of the land is totally dry and desolate, due to a minor nuclear holocaust that destroyed half the state. It's totally desolate up until you get to the Oregon border.

    There is a large metal fence there. Al few hundred fully armed soldiers guard the border, shooting anything that gets close. As far as they're concerned, the state of California is lost, and anything that tries to cross the border should be shot. They're not going to allow any evil thing to seep into their land.

    What they're guarding is a burgeoning city state which is constantly expanding. Far up north, near the border of Washington, lies the city of Portland. Now referred to as the Kingdom of Portland, this is a sanctuary for any sane people who still live on the West Coast. It is ruled by a man called Duke, a strong and sly man who liberated Portland from the demons during the dying days of the Infernal War. He protects Portland alongside the Knights of Oregon, a small army of gun toting guys in fast cars who patrol the entire state, destroying evil and ensuring that nothing wicked festers and becomes a threat to their kingdom. Their borders are constantly expanding, trying to retake all of Oregon from the darkness which once enveloped it. For outside the reaches of the Kingdom there is nothing but chaos. The citizens of the Kingdom believe that Duke and his Knights are the only ones protecting them from certain destruction.

    To the north, on the coast of the Pacific, is another kingdom. The Kingdom of Seattle is governed by remnants of the US army who survived the Infernal War. During the War, you see, the army was split down the middle when the demons took the Midwest. Half the army fled to D.C. where they were destroyed, and the other half fled to the West Coast, where some managed to survive the war. Now, Seattle is governed by General Horatio Taylor, who is trying to unify the states and establish some form of government. The Kingdom of Seattle is a militarized state. Every citizen is expected to serve in the army for a minimum of five years, and all must be part of the state militia, which can be summoned at a moment's notice to protect the Kingdom. Washington for the most part is wilderness, with demons, robots, and worse wandering the lonely forests and craggy mountains. It is General Taylor's dream to destroy these evil doers, and set the country he loved on the right path.

    Both of these nations are beacons of hope for humanity. Hundreds flock to these places every year, knowing they are among the only places they can truly be safe. Lately, however, there has been conflict between the two nations over how to deal with California to the south. Seattle believes it must be liberated and the people added to their ranks, while Portland believes all the people to be lost, and that California must be purged. The future of the chaotic state lies in the hands of these two nations.
  3. "We can't..."
  4. Jason

    He knelt down so she'd get on his back.


    "Your idea, your responsibility. A good leader doesn't pass blame because people got hurt and they were warned it would happen. So, what's your idea?"


    He smiled up at her. "I think Anna would like you."
  5. Jason

    "You are very light. Don't worry about it." He set his hands on the floor momentarily before taking off running at a very high speed. He soon transformed into a horse and barreled through the sewers.


    "You have two people here who were close to your potential allies and you didn't use that, instead you used a kidnapping tactic that you are lucky didn't end worse. You are still in contact with Morty?"

    John perked up when he heard that.


    He smiled and just nodded. He didn't want to break the news to her, not yet.
  6. "I never noticed."
  7. It was the same high end condo that they last visited. Anya slowly started walking on her own out of the shade.
  8. Anya walk ahead a little bit then slowed down and slide back next to Lucius, “Too hot..” she complained.
  9. Melody look at him innocently.
  10. Melody was sleeping peacefully the rest of the day.