A Life in Pink

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  1. "Right here, right here, ladies and gentlemen, be the-""And I say, Jean Roublais was not as, well, Roubl-""-but she's not exactly the kind of woman you'd want to associate with, now, is she? Well, I for one will-""Monsieur? Mada-""-and she said, "Penny for your thoughts?" Hahahaha! The looney- I tell you when she-""-the pawnbroker, er, Monsieur Chatillard, or was it Cotillard? He's gonna kill you.""What did you say, friend? I couldn't hear you over the sound of the-""Car!"*HOOOOOOOOOOOONK*"Whoa there, milady, you almost got flattened the-""You really should be more mindful of your surroundings...."

    Mindful... Mindful... Mindful...
    Mindfulness is an art few of us people have. Most are born deaf and blind to the world around them, thinking that everything revolves around themselves; hence, a lack of caution, or at the very least respect. Only the humble may truly be mindful, only they who think nothing of themselves can see how the clocks tick, how the stream flows, and how that other car is about to hit Lady Robucha-wait, no, she got away.
    Oh, but no, I am not one of the humble; I am only one who knows how the world works, a....well, a metaphysicist, perhaps? But the opinion of the family is that I'm not the philosopher among us, that my skills are more curtailed to the world in which I currently work: the theater.
    Or rather, the world in which I currently want to work: no shows seem to need me at the moment, and so I am forced to subsist on the meager restitution of waiting tables. And believe me when I say that the restitution is meager: I deliver my customers food, why could they not at the very least deliver me some respect? Or do they want to deserve having their buttered vegetables smushed upon their faces? And the fame-or, rather, the lack of it. *sigh* Like I said, I am not of the humble, but I do wish that the pride I have in myself could be shown to be deserved-or rather, could be shown at all. But alas, this peacock (with a vagina) hath no mates to show his (her) feathers too.
    Anyway, here passes another interesting group of people. Time, once again, to activate the Caron-de-Chanterelle powers of observation! Perhaps one of them could be my big break....

    (Leslie is sitting on a bench by an old fountain in Chanterelle's city square, expecting nothing but disappointment. For two years' worth of nights has she been wishing on the Barony of the Dead Carons (a little blue star by the northwest corner of the sky, so named because it seems to grow every time a Caron, or a friend of the Carons, dies), wishing for her miraculous "big break" to just, well, pop in like a miracle. But nothing happens in the city of Chanterelle like a miracle: everything always happens as one would expect them to. That's why Chanterelle was named after the mushroom: as the places from whence the eponymous mushrooms grow are often where, once emptied, they're expected to grow again ('unless they're not', said the official note on the subject, as written by the city's founders. In fact, the city was founded whilst its founders were perpetually drunk, so the circumstances of the city's naming isn't actually all that clear....).
    Her waiting passes; her break ends. She returns to work at the Cafe des Partisans with a sad smile painted on her face; sad because once again her dreams did not come true, and smiling because....because she's strange that way? Or perhaps because her work demands it-at certain points in her story, you see, she does things rather insensibly. Perhaps this is because of her impulsive nature, which seems to manifest now, as she shouts, "I QUIT!" to her manager.
    Wait, she quits her job? That wasn't what fate planned for her! Oh dear, I believe her story will now require a rewrite...)

    Oh fuck it, you know what? I think I'm gonna be a street performer. Perhaps then I'd be stickier to miracles.

    (The next day, Leslie returns to the fountain, guitar-en-case in hand (or on back, as it's slung around her back like....a guitar in its case?). She frees her guitar, lets rest on the ground her case, and, after a bit of tuning, starts singing. She sings fairly, although not especially so: the songs she sing, some modern pop songs, don't seem to fit her voice. Deep, brooding, and traditional chansons would perhaps be better for her, though she doesn't seem to know this. But still, she's getting quite the bank of tips: the beauty of her composure is making up for her voice's awkwardness)
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  2. [​IMG]

    Niko was somewhat of a free spirit, even though he never really saw the world in any other way then through his camera lens.
    He walked through the park and as he saw a girl play guitar he stood in between some trees.
    He grabbed his camera and looked through the lens with a big smile, trying to catch some pictures and hoping not to be seen.
    As time progressed he caught more and more with his camera, and somehow he just couldn't stop watching and listening to her.

    She was beautiful, and she had a voice to match it.
    He felt kinda weird, if she looks up, he would most likely look like a creep, but he didn't care.
    He was happy standing from a distance and just admiring.

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  3. "Oh, this is a little song I wrote a short while back. I don't really know what it means; I think I was drunk when I wrote this. But I hope it sounds, you know, good.

    Down in Savoy Road
    Everything's hot as hell
    The air, the ground, the water, the men
    And I daresay, even my kind

    Down in Savoy Road
    It's filled filled with sweet, sweet romance
    Something like wine, maybe even honey
    Nothing that's too hard to find

    We dance the tango everyday
    To that hard rhythm we slave away
    Without regard for the peeping-toms
    Here, love is just a game everyone plays

    Down in Savoy Road
    There's satisfaction all around
    A satisfa
    -AH!" (For as she was singing, she was dancing a bit, trying to do a very lonely (and awkward, considering that she was still playing her guitar as she sung), yet still somewhat sexy, version of the tango-and at this point of the song she found herself being right on the edge of the fountain, right on the tip of the edge of the fountain, right on the side of the edge of the fountain, right in the middle of the air, right in the water

    When she surfaces, she found two things (or two additional causes for her to scream): first, on the few seconds she fell into the waters, a young, sprightly man of details irrelevant to the story had seized the opportunity to steal her case, and hence all of her day's earnings; second, she, in her fall, noticed the oddest flash of light coming from the nearby trees-a flash of light that reminded her of, well, Indiana Jones: the shine of light reflecting off of glass. This second cause, however, she dismisses, for the sake of (trying) to chase town the )"THIEF! THIEF! Oh god, I spent (ugh)-oh, I don't know how long, but a lotta work got into-ah, just get back here, ya thief! THIEF! Stop that AH"(as her wet feet slipped on the pavement-she managed to stop her fall with the guitar, however. Which, of course, was not a good thing for the guitar.

    Oh boy, her day seems to have turned into a cartoon....)

    Oh fuck, my day just turned into a cartoon. I would cry, but-no, I think I'll cry: this is my father's guitar after all. WAAAA! WAAAA! Hahaha, no....And just yesterday, I was boasting about my mindfulness. (A charming smile flashes on her face) And look at that, my guitar's not that broken after all. It's just a little crack, I think, and maybe two, er, three-no, four, strings....
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  4. He snapped a picture and ran over ''You, take the camera, his face is on there. I swear to god, don't scroll.''
    He smiled and started running after the guy who stole her case, he knew the park probably better than anyone and wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty.
    As the thief went left, Niko started to cut through the bushes as fast as he could.

    Both him and the thief reached the same point, Niko jumped and somewhat tackled the thief.
    ''Hey, what the hell? Let go of me!'' the young man started to yell.
    Niko was kinda out of breath and covered his mouth ''Shhh, please, shut your mouth, just shut your mouth.''

    ''Yeah, real tough, catching a thief for a girl you don't know. I saw you taking pictures, what kinda perv are you?''
    Niko started to get mad and started dragging the thief to the fountain, her case in his other hand.
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  5. Maybe I could still salvage this day with another tune. No, wait, that's five, nope, six, strings broken. (She sighs) Fun day.
    I could always go a Capella, though, maybe sing a few standards, scat a little. I'll be like a white-("You, take the camera, his face is in there. I swear to god, don't sc...") What?

    (A man with a good smile came out of the bushes like a fairy and, as dear Leslie here did not at all expect, set to work a certain miracle: the miracle of Leslie getting back what was stolen from her. This was something that she, as a youth born and raised in the City of the Mushroom, did not ever, even in hypothetical musings, expect. And so, the little romantic (in the 18th century meaning of the term) in her suddenly awoke (even though it was never really asleep in the first place), and she started dreaming once again of making it big, of performing for hundreds (not thousands: that'd be too scary), of being her own woman, of paying her rent (and then some), of finding true love....
    Ah, love. It's something she absolutely, er, loves to sing about, yet also something she thinks she's never really felt. Always, her feelings for others were, as she saw them, too strong, too unreal, too reliant on emotion to ever be sustainable; hence, she was always infatuated, but never really in love. And right then, as she sat damply and flatly on the pavement, she found herself feeling yet again the pangs of infatuation: this time it was for her)


    (she said to herself, after (mind you, accidentally) pressing on the scroll button, and seeing one of Niko's unauthorized portraits of her)
    "Well, this is flattering." (Her intonation there sounded cool yet conflicted: she did not know whether to be angry, or, well, flattered) "Some miracle."

    *sigh* At least I looked good in my picture(s).
    I don't know, I've always sort of dreamed of someone actually stalking me. Not that I've not had any stalkers before, but all those other guys were generally, ugh, creepy. This one... I mean, he just ran for that thief! If he were truly creepy, I bet he would've just, I dunno, come up to me and offered me 'assistance'. And he, well he had a damn good smile. I like guys with good smiles: makes me remind of Professor Robichaud. Ooh, also, look: his shots of me don't seem to be just shots-in-the-dark! He seems like a real artist, a real professional. And oh, wow, look at this: I think this was when I was singing an acoustic ---. Wow, he really captured his-my eyes there.

    (All of this she said as she stood up, placed the camera gently on the pavement, and walked (slowly, as if she wanted Niko to catch up with her) away. When she was a good distance away from the fountain, she heard the faint sounds of a man arguing with (and dragging around) another man: this (of course?) made her slow down a wee bit more)


    "Driftin', dreamin'
    In an azure mood.
    Stardust gleamin'
    Through my solitude.

    Here in my seclusion,
    You're a blue illusion.
    While I'm in this
    Azure interlude...."
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  6. As Niko reached the fountain he noticed his camera unattended.
    He sighed and shook his head, why did she leave?
    He put the guitar case down and put his camera around his neck
    ''hahaha, you really made an impression there. She didn't even wait for you, saddo. Now let me go.''

    Niko looked at the guy and threw him into the fountain ''There, I let you go.''
    The guy surfaced and gasped
    ''Dude! My phone! You're gonna pay for this!''
    He chuckled and shook his head ''Next time you think about stealing, figure that someone might actually stop you.''

    Niko picked up the case and looked around, spotting the girl it belonged to he rushed after her.
    As he caught up he scraped his throat ''Hey, hey, wait up. This belongs to you, right? You left my camera, why? I asked you to wait..''
    He looked at the screen and noticed it changed ''Oh my god, you scrolled.. uhm.. I can explain..''
  7. Footsteps behind me, and a voice growing louder and louder (but not shout-y); maybe I should oblige "My hero?" ("....I can explain...." And she stops and turns around. Noting his handle on her performance's prize (that is, her money-filled guitar case), she smiles, well, intently at him, as if she were trying to cast some sort of spell. Her green eyes shone a deep blue akin to the finest of emeralds) "So what do you, er-"(Alarm!)"-but before that-"(For the thief had stood himself up, and was then charging at Niko

    And the thief had caught up, and....)
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  8. Niko dropped the case and turned around, they both flew passed her "fucking hell, what's that.."
    Before he could finish he got punched in the face.

    By this time he felt an anger he had felt before, but also the anger he didn't allow him to answer.
    He grabbed the thief's arm and looked at him "ok, ok! You want money?"

    The guy stopped and nodded "you're going to pay for a new phone, you dick."
    Niko pushed him off and got up "fine, come on.. There's an atm this way, just.. Just leave her alone."

    The thief smiled and started walking, Niko winked and sighed "I'm sorry you had to witness this."
    He turned around, grabbed him and locked him in a chokehold.
    "I told you to think before you to things, you get overtaken by greed. All you care about is money, not even yourself."
    The thief was gasping for air, yet Niko's grip was getting tighter.
    As the guy dropped to his knees, Niko started to hit him, until a security guard started to break them up.

    "Both of you, sto.. Why isn't he getting up!?"
    He started checking his pulse, and if he was still breathing.
    Niko looked rather helpless and shook his head, looking around.. "Look, he tried to steal her money, I stopped him and then he tried to beat me up. She can tell you."

    The guard stood up and grabbed Niko
    "you can tell that to the cops."
    The thief started to gain conciousness and coughed "what happened? You! All I need is a bit of money, why you gotta be a dick!?"

    "Sir, calm down."
    "No! My day has been hell, I can't even pay for food!"
    He got up and tried to grab the Niko, but the guard was in the way.
    He let go and grabbed the thief
    "I said, calm down!"

    As they both calmed down the police arrived, a cop looked at both guys and recognised the thief "so you're saying this guy actually caught this guy??"
    The guard nodded and pushed the thief closer to the cop, who as an answer, grabbed the thief and handcuffed him.
    "You should get your eye and nose looked at, it doesn't look all too nice. But good job, you've done us a great service."
    Both the guard and cop started walking away together, leaving the girl and Niko standing together.

    Their eyes met and Niko smiled "uhm yeah, so there's your money, don't lose it.. Uhm.. Yeah.."
    He looked down "I can email you the pictures if you want.. Or sell them as the portrait of the next big thing.." He chuckled and looked at her again "Anyway, you're really good, keep doing what you do."

  9. "Uh...."

    (Leslie did not know what to say.

    She was shocked.
    The scene was supposed to be the opening to a romantic comedy for her, not a gruesome expression of a man's frustrations with, well, with what exactly she wasn't sure of. Niko, to her, was supposed to have done something amusing (like, say, constantly and consistently dodge-and-mock his opponent), or at the very least done something quick and gentlemanly; she did not expect him to retaliate without impunity, to have nearly choked the poor thief's life away. Now, she no longer wished to be any more deeply acquainted with her 'hero': all she wanted to do then was to leave, and leave quickly)

    This is so wrong. "I'm sorry, I just-fuck, just delete my pictures, please, and-er, well" (she gets her bag) "I guess, I guess I thank you for" (she lifts the bag to her face, to his face: she blocks her view of his charming smile) "for this, yes, and I-I have to go" (she crawls back, and back, and back, and back....She smiles meekly at him, she hints him her disconcertedness, she hurries away)....And fuck, that poor guy just needed money for food? I mean, I though the-oh, and he got arrested for this? He was the one who got all beaten up....

    Oh, dammit, this-I really, really thought this was-No, no I did not, but-Ugh! And he had such a beautiful smile, he seemed like-I don't know, I need to, I need to, I need to have a cup of tea. And I hope he's not following me, dammit I hope he's not following me, I hope he doesn't take pictures of me, I-I don't know. Maybe this wouldn't have happened if I had-maybe I'll just go back to waitressing.

    I don't know.
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  10. Niko was surprised when she backed away from him, a disappointing look in his eyes as he looked down. ''That's just great..'' he whispered to himself.
    He had to go the same way to get out of the park, he looked at the time and sighed ''fuck!''
    Niko started rushing past her, not noticing he dropped his camera and completely not worried either.

    He caught up with the officer and sighed ''Hey, guys, it was me.. I said he stole the money.. but it was me.. he uhm.. here..''
    He picked out a hundred dollar bill and held it out ''It's his.. I'm the one you should arrest.''

    The officer looked suspicious, but eventually uncuffed the man and grabbed Niko, pushing him against the wall and handcuffing him ''Some hero you are, let's get you to the car, you're gonna be staying with us for a while.''
    Niko nodded and smiled ''Yeah.. I know.. Let's get this over with..''

    When he got to the station, and sat down in a cell, hours progressed.
    Eventually the door flew open and an officer smiled at him
    "you're lucky, you got bailed out. You're free to go."

    Niko walked out with the officer and got brought to the main entrance where his father was waiting for him "stealing? Really? If you needed to money, I would've given it to you, Niko."
    Niko shook his head and walked out, his father followed him and scraped his throat "Niko, stop ignoring me! Why did you steal?"

    At that, Niko turned around "Back off! You didn't want to know me when I was a kid, so don't come in now, thinking I'm gonna be thrilled my so called dad wants to have any contact with me! And yo answer your question, I didn't. I didn't steal because I don't need money. I choked him because he stole a girl's money, and all that anger, is your fault. You're the reason I can't be normal around people because quite frankly, you showed me that as fast as they get here, with the same speed they'll go. But thank you, thank you for bailing me out of a crime I didn't commit."

    Niko pushed his dad away and stormed off.
    When he got to a small cafe down town he realised his camera was missing.
    There was a slight panic, but he had no idea where it could be.
    He looked down and sighed, without his camera he was nothing.

    The world seemed a little less dark through a lens, even though Niko could find beauty in most things, his camera was his comfort.
    He didn't have any after his mom passed away, and so he had to find something.

    He ordered a drink and sat down.
    He had to get over his loss in order to move on from the day.
    The way that girl looked at him, did he scare her?
    She couldn't get away from him fast enough..

    He felt like such a mess up, but he had to let it go.
    The fact he took the blame to him was a sign of good will.. He wasn't all that bad, was he?

    Was he..? What if he was?
    "Ugh.. I do so many things, and yet I can't simply talk to a girl.." He mumbled "what the hell.."
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  11. When it turned midnight, Niko decided to head to the park again.
    He walked to the fountain and sat down with a disappointing sigh.
    He tried to help her, he didn't want to scare her.

    Somewhere in the darkness a voice called out for him "Niko? Is that you? I've been looking for you for months!"
    A friendly smile approached and sat down next to him.
    "Oh hey Rachel, I've been.. Around. Why were you looking for me?"

    She looked quite surprised at his answer and giggled "I saw your work in the paper, Kenya huh? The pictures were amazing, beautiful yet very touching. How do you do that? I've never seen anything quite like it."
    That being said, Niko could smile just a little "oh.. Yeah.. I don't know.. I'm always glued to that camera of mine. Thanks, means alot.."

    Rachel studied Niko and frowned
    "Talking about your camera.. Where is it?"
    Niko sighed and looked down "I lost it.. I've had such a crazy day. You wouldn't believe if I told you.."
    Rachel smiled and shook her head
    "Try me, tell me what happened."

    Niko didn't know where to begin, maybe he would just skip a bit of the story, but then it wouldn't be crazy. Or would it?
    "So I was here earlier.. Well.. There in those bushes, I was watching this girl, she uhm, she was singing. I was trying to capture her beauty, the beauty of a person doing something so effortlessly, her voice, her voice had me hooked. And then her guitar case got stolen, and I went after the thief. Then there was this giant bust up, he got arrested, she ran away from me, so I took the blame and gave the guy money, and then I spent hours in a cell and eventually got bailed out my dad.. And now I'm here.."
    The thought of her made his heart skip a beat, she was so.. Different..

    Rachel giggled and nudged him
    "so find her.."
    Niko's eyes widened and he looked at her "I.. I can't. She thinks I'm some violent jerk.."
    She nudged him again

    "Come on Niko, I'm sure it's not that bad. Find her, apologise, and try again. I'm sure she'll understand."
    She looked at her watch and smiled "I have to go, I was on my way home. Be good, stay out of trouble. Find the girl."

    Before he could reply, she was gone.
    He looked around, maybe she was right. Maybe if he talked to her she'd change her opinion, he wasn't a violent person, the way he reacted was nothing like him.
    He got up and started walking, he looked at the ground more than anything, when all of a sudden he noticed a small screen lit up.
    He kneeled down and picked it up "my camera!" He said happily as he put it around his neck "this must be my lucky day."

    He started making his way to the news office and printed of a picture of her with an article and handed it to one of the print employee's.
    "I need you to print this on ever single copy of tomorrow's paper, it's very important that it's noticable."
    The employee nodded as Niko handed him some money "Thank you."

    The next morning the article was published

    Looking for a star.

    Dear, whoever you are.
    We met yesterday noon, and parted in a not so nice manner.
    I am sorry for my behaviour and would like to make it up to you.
    That is, if you would so kindly let me.
    Before you do, let me introduce myself to you.
    My name is Niko, what you saw of me yesterday, is not me and I have no explanation to how or why I did such an awful thing, know that I have taken the blame and spent most of my day locked up in a cell.
    I found myself thinking about what happened and realised that it was very childish and uncalled for.
    If you will let me, please meet me at the fountain where I first saw you, same time yesterday.
    You know who you are, I have published one of the pictures..

    - Niko Whitmore

    P.s. You are beautiful.
  12. A nice, stiff glass of wine.
    Oh, but I don't think wine is called that way. Ah, what the hell-my father taught me how to drink wine, not talk about it.
    Hmm....nutty, and a bit too tannic. With a few notes of....cranberries....Another glass please.

    No, it won't do me any good to get drunk. I've already lost both guitar and job: can't really pay for all of this, or the clean up afterwards. Best be, huh, mindful of what I'm drinking. "A half-glass only, please. Then some water. Oh, and can I have a brioche? That'd be nice."

    "Oh, yes, right, this isn't a bakery. Sorry about that. Been kind of a bad day, today. Messy. A bit too messy.

    "Oh, no, I'm not at all down, no, not like that. I'm disappointed, yes, but no one bad day has brought me down that quick; it's just that, well, everything about today....""What?""It all....it all feels like some sort of sign. As if I shouldn't have chosen this path I'm taking."
    "I myself, I don't really believe in signs. Thinking like that can mess a man-well, or a woman-up, ya know?"
    "I know, I know. I think. It's just...."(She sighs)Since I was before comprehension, my father's been making me believe in all these signs, that there's always--always something out there, pulling on all the strings, making you see things and pull away from all the badness and all that. I just-(She sighs again)I really don't know how to explain it. "Nevermind. I want another glass." Or maybe you have some tea? Heh, didn't I tell myself I was gonna get tea? I guess wine's just as calming.

    (The road home was a short one, though not really short enough to be considered walk-able (at least not with all the rises). Leslie, after finishing a whole bottle, exited the bar a bit tipsy, but not in her entirety drunk: she was coherent enough to be wary of the pickpockets and, ore importantly, hail a cab without making a fool of herself. When she got home, she examined her broken guitar again, estimating the cost of its reparation. The number twelve popped into her mind, and she imagined that it would cost twelve thousand; when she brought it to the guitar doctor the next day, the guitar doctor reckoned half of that. Still quite the expense, but Leslie knew that she wouldn't really be able to do anything without her guitar (or at least anything that would have her family's blessing), and so she was forced to sacrifice her dignity for the guitar)
    "Is that a deal?"

    "Do I really have a choice?
    But really, you have to stop using that term when you're offering me a gig."

    (Joey, you see, is the band leader of a swing band called 'The Rhino Dippers', and they, unfortunately, lack in vocal talent (except maybe Joey, although his voice is too much of an acquired taste to be marketable); often, to go to gigs requiring both instrumentals and singing, they have to rely on outside talent. Leslie's one of those outsiders, although Joey considers her almost a full part of the band because of her frequency in participating and, more importantly, her ability to 'seduce the notes into submission' (what that actually means only Joey knows). The gig was for the week's Wednesday, and in exchange for working without pay, Leslie's guitar would be fixed without her having to pay the six thousand)

    "Isn't that a bit generous, though? I mean, you often only pay me only a fraction of that per gig."
    "Well, this show, it's a bit....bigger."
    "How big?"
    "We're opening -----." (I whisper the name of the band to her. I don't want the audience to hear)
    "Swearing, Les"
    "-ntastic! That's-that's fun-fan-tastic! I--you--that is big!"
    "Very big." (Speaking of big, as she pushes open the door I tell her that)"your face is in the picture."
    "I mean your face. It's in the picture."
    "--sorry, I meant paper. Here."
    (Leslie approaches the old man, who holds out the paper)"You still read the newspaper, Joe? I thought you were too modern for that sort of thing, haha!"
    "Some things you can only catch on the paper. Like well, that. Know who wrote that? Another one of your amants?"
    "The damned shame."
    "I-I told him to delete the damn pictures! I told them to delete them all! The fu-furnishing bastard!" (Leslie storms out of the store, forgetting to take the guitar the doctor lent her. She throws the paper into a nearby dumpster, then kicks a nearby lamppost. The bone-break she receives in the action renders her limp on her way to the park. A few of the people whom she passes by look at her, some with romance in their eyes, but most with a rather....sinister expression)
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  13. Niko was running late, a guitar case in one hand, some roses in the other.
    He rushed over to the fountain and noticed her limping, with a not all too nice expression.
    His eyes widened "I know you're probably mad at me, but please, hear me out.."
    Before he continues he held out the roses "I got you these.. Please don't be mad, I needed your attention.."

    He looked down and smiled "oh and here.."
    He held out the case "this is the exact same one you had yesterday, I noticed it was broken.."
    He felt nervous, his palms were sweaty, and he had no idea what exactly to say

    "I'm not who you think I am, I'm not a bad guy, I swear. And I'm sorry, so so sorry that I retaliated his behaviour. I'm not violent, I don't like conflict.. I rather just avoid it. I gave him money, and I told the officer I stole your money.. I.." He sighed "There's something, something I can't explain about you. It's like.. I don't know.. I didn't mean to scare you, I wanted to talk to you.. I was hoping you wanted to talk to me, but if you don't, please just take these.. As an apology."
    He smiled and looked at her "That.. That's all.. I mean, if that is all you want it to be.."
    He looked down ''Is.. Is that all you want it to be?''
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  14. Huh, flowers?
    (Leslie forcefully takes the flowers from Niko's hand. She then whips his left cheek with the rose-stalks, whilst angrily spouting a bunch of nonsense about)"-how you really should treat a girl if you like her! When she says she wants you to delete your stalker-pictures of her, you-well, I guess you could choose to not delete them, maybe that's what I would've done-but, well, you don't damnedly post them on the paper like that! And another thing,"(she continued on, only stopping whenever a fly decided to explore the deep recess that is her mouth or whenever she ran out of breath--and she smoothly improvised into the topic of her somewhat)"-liking you back! You know, because you have a nice smile and all that--but hey! You still, I mean--"(a few of the people which passed by recognized her from the paper, she noticed; and the ones who felt rather excitable that day surrounded them, and started clapping her on. This made her quickly return to the topic at hand, which was)"-my pictures! And-ugh!"
    (The mix of emotions within her, the confusion, the anger, the charm, ultimately erupted into a grand explosion: once she found herself incapable of continuing her rant, she started shouting at everyone around her, shouting about all of the frustrations of her life, from the death of her father to the fact that the roses she was holding still had their thorns; and as she did this the small crowd around the two slowly thinned out (including those who were just there), until it was only her and Niko who were by the fountain. And when the crowd had disappeared, her consciousness decided to break down: she threw the roses onto the ground, then threw herself upon the fountain's ledge, silently and tearlessly crying about the loss of something she wasn't really sure of)
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  15. Niko was shocked at the explosion of emotions in front of him.
    He wanted to make her feel better.. Why couldn't he just be normal?

    As she threw the roses on the ground, and sat down, he was confused about what just happened.
    He sighed and picked the roses up, sat down next to her and hesitatingly put his arm around her.
    ''Hey, look.. I.. I'm sorry I didn't delete them, and that I posted one of them in the papaer.. I just, I couldn't find you any other way..''
    He tightened his arm slightly ''I'm sorry about your loss, I lost my mom.. I know how it feels.. He's never really gone aslong as he's in your heart..''

    He looked down for a second ''Let's.. Let's get you somewhere warm, I'll buy you dinner.. and you can vent, I'll listen to anything you want to tell me..''
    He glanced over at her and tried to smile ''Please? I promise you won't regret it..''
  16. "I-I don't want to be somewhere warm. I want to be somewhere cold, and forbidding, and lonely, like the tundras of Russia or, or, or the inside of a frozen lake. A frozen lake...." A frozen lake? Really?
    "I-Okay, look, we-I-" I absolutely do not now how to handle this. He likes me, and I-I don't know if I like him! I don-I don't know, he seems so inept, yet, there's-something about him that's charming, or at the very least alluring....He has--he has damage, just like me, and--well, his damage, I don't know, it doesn't feel right.
    (Leslie sat herself down properly on the fountain's ledge. Her face, which remained clean despite all of her late theatrics, shone itself upon Niko with an air filled with a strange yet somewhat familial mixture of melancholy and sweetness)

    "I just....fuck, you really should not have posted that picture. I-I can't do this today, it should be obvious to you that I can't. I'm just too, too....too full of it, you know? Or maybe you don't know, I don't know...." (A bit of silence.
    Then Leslie pushed away Niko's arm, and stood herself up)
    "What I need right now, what I need....I need solitude. Silence. Rest. I'm kinda attracted to you too, you know, kinda-well, spellbound. But I just....Not today. Not today...." (She looked to the east, and saw a distant sun setting, painting the sky a deep shade of pink)
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  17. ''I just.. I wanted you to know that I'm not as bad as you think I am.''
    He got up and put down the guitar case ''Here.. just have it.. I'll make sure your pictures get deleted.''
    He stepped closer ''You know.. you seem.. damaged.. worried about everything that could happen if you actually maybe take a breathe and let go of your doubts , your fears, and everything that might hold you back.. You are hurt, I mean, even I can see that. It wasn't yesterday, it's not today, and if I'd met you tomorrow, it wouldn't be tomorrow either because you're scared, you're scared to lose or to get attached. You fall, and you feel like you fall too deep or too hard, and that's why you hold your distance.''
    He looked at the sunset ''Worrying does not empty tomorrow of it's troubles, but it empties today of it's strengths.. Your father wouldn't want you to.. dwell on sorrow.. life is too short..''
  18. I have to say, I once found this guy attractive, but now....
    Now, he feels like he's just, I dunno, pushing my buttons. And yeah, I know he's attracted to me, but....I just can't treat his disrespect like it's nothing. My life isn't a romance novel, it isn't one for the books or, I don't know, a romantic roleplay: all these decisions I really have to make seriously (and all that).

    First, he almost kills a man. I mean, for stealing my bag. He just, he forgot to release the man from a chokehold. Almost killed a man.
    No, but before that, the stalker thing. Yeah, it's kinda charming too, I know, but charm....charm isn't really enough, you know? Yes, my father won mama with his charm, but that charm wasn't his only weapon. He was a good man, restrained, smart: he knew when to stop, and how to respect a woman.
    But this guy....I think his name is Niko....I ask him not to publish my face on the papers, and what does he do? He publishes them. If we wanted to find me....

    Okay, so he wanted to find me. But maybe there's some other way? There could definitely be some other way. I don't know.
    And now....now he judges me. Tells me I'm a worry-body, afraid of attachment. And he got to that judgement after a few minutes of talking with me. I know, I know, he's trying to be intimate, to be close. But....he's trying too hard, all his works....he's bordering on insult--no, he is insulting me, not bordering it anymore.

    I like that he's being honest and all, that he's sweet, trying to be charming....but really, he...
    "You....you have to learn to be a human being."(A dispassionate statement. She grabs the bag and stands up)"I-I am not afraid of attachment. In fact, I love romance, I crave for it, I'm passionate about it: I don't actively seek it, but I'm not one to reject it either. I-I told you, I want solitude right now.

    I'm not dwelling on sorrow, my father likes sorrow, I'm not-huh. Look, my actions lately may have fooled you and all that, but really, I have a perfectly--

    I-I like you. I think I already said that. But your actions as of late, they're making me like you less and less. I was cha-charmed when you took my pictures, charmed. It was....fun. And you chasing after the thief was, well, it was sweet too. But then....you almost killed a man. Now, death-my father always told me that death is the best tool for falling in love, but you weren't-it wasn't....

    Then you publish them, it, my picture. I told you to delete them. I know, you were only looking for me, but I-I want to be treated wth a bit of respect, a b-

    And now you look at me, and quite, well, frankly judge me--a really, really mean thing to do....

    Honestly, I don't know if you're just socially-ugh!

    Anyway, I can't meet you like this, I can't fall in love with you-I can't like you, I don't like you, and like I said I want to be alone. I feel like you're pushing me, squeezing on me until all my love comes out, but I'm not toothpaste, and I--" (She walks up to Niko, then pecks him on the cheek. The flood of emotions that had filled her before has subsided; she is calm, and her words begin to settle down, she settles down. She sits down again, hoping for....for something to happen) "My life doesn't want to be a romance novel."

    The pink of the sky slowly descends upon the rest of the earth, and the city, my Chanterelle, is cloaked in sunset satin. I feel cool again: the fires of drama have left me, yet so has the flame of desire. I....well, like my impassioned self said, I want to be alone. But I know I shouldn't leave yet.
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  19. Niko looked at her, then looked down "I'm sorry.. I understand.."

    He got up, somehow there was an overwhelming sadness to this.
    His desire to be a better person didn't seem to pull through the way it should've.
    "I just.. Yes, I'm socially retarded. I don't make sense half of the time, and in no way, shape, or form did I mean to offend you."

    His eyes focused on her, as he tried to pull himself together, gulped "I.. You can't like me, fine.. I understand that too. You crave romance, yet you want to leave. I know I'm not the best one out there, I'm not all the things that girls dream of, I'm not even half of those things, I make mistake after mistake, and then I just make some more mistakes, but I'm not a bad person, in fact I consider myself a good person.. Sometimes."

    Niko stepped back and lifted his arm "So go.. I can't keep you hear. I can tell you that part of me wants to love you, make you fall in love with me.. But it won't change a thing. You can't, you won't."

    He dropped his arm "I'm not going to force you.."

    Niko walked upto her, and just looked into her eyes, a moment of silence surrounded them.
    For a second, it was just them.
    "You see, when I stand here and look at you, everything around me disappears.. What do you see when you look at me?"
  20. "I see your....your deep eyes, you charming smile, your-" No, I shouldn't say it. "Well, I see you."
    I should....go now.
    "I'm willing to give you a chance, however. Hmm....maybe this Wednesday? Yeah, Wednesday. Meet me here, lunch hour. I'll take you out. Bring....an instrument."

    (Note: the day was a Thursday, so that's a good week of separation for the two)
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