A Library full of spirits?

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  1. So, I had an idea a while ago. Basically, a world where books are used as vessels for entities to live in. Every entity is part of a genre and can be 'checked out' like a book would. Some spirits are man-made (fictional stories), others are people from history (autobiographies), and some are used to keep track of things (dictionaries).

    There'd be librarians, of course. And humans coming to 'check out' the spirits.

    Feedback? Thoughts?
  2. I think its a pretty neat concept. What kind of roleplay do you have in mind for it?
  3. A group Roleplay, possibly drop in. But, I'm still not sure. I want people to make character sheets and come up with ideas!
  4. I am a big fan of character sheets for group roleplays! To further bombard you with questions, did you have a more action-y focus or slice of life focus for this?
  5. Slice of life, just silly little situations with some action thrown in every so often. Bombard me with many questions! It's helping me organize my thoughts!
  6. Actually I guess I was lying when I said I'd bombard you with questions, I am already fairly satisfied with what you have so far. Maybe a better definition of what exactly dictionaries would contain? It seems creature and people would come out of fantasy novels and biographies, so what would come out of dictionaries and encyclopedias, glasses wearing men and women who know everything that was in said book?
  7. I really like this! I'm very interested 0-0
  8. I'm also interested. This is a pretty cool idea!
  9. This sounds great!
Thread Status:
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