A Lesson Not Yet Learned.

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    The Flames were heavy and thick. An onslaught of both dark red and orange merged with black to spiral to the otherwise darkened, moon-less sky. Petra, usually quiet, was thrust into complete pandemonium. Villagers ran about the small dwelling, some screaming, others trying to achieve the lower pathway, down the mountains.
    He could not leave. He would not. The seventeen year old with unkempt blonde hair parted down the middle and falling down to the sides of his long, hairless face. Unlike the rest, he’d not run, he’d not leave. No matter how thick the smoke clogged his lungs. He was stretched out in the village square, near the only well water source, staring up at the burning foundation. What the Flames ate at to reach the sky: His old man, Starlo’s Father.
    The man still screamed as he was being eaten alive on the created mount, hands and legs bound by susceptible rope. It tore through Starlo to watch this, hear those agonized screams and be able to do nothing.
    What would his sister think?
    He rolled on his knees now, pushed up onto his feet by pressed hands to the lying dirt. The young man ran toward where his Father was held prisoner. He shielded his eyes against the heat, they were wide.
    What could he do? It happened in an instant.
    “Father!” He cried out. To no avail, the man would only experience pain, and more pressing, behind him stood the one responsible. Shrouded by a red cloak, blackish-red long hair dangling outward moved as did the stranger.
    “Guh…” Starlo clenched his fists together taking a step back, his eyesight in capture to the dangerous one approaching slowly, that one’s hands curled up, flames surrounding them. A monster, that was what Starlo thought him to be. He’d disobeyed his old man. Not done what he asked by leaving Petra-the village-with his sister, no, Starlo had come back to find utter chaos and it was assumed he thrust his own existence into death’s grasp. Breathing hard, he turned his attention on his Father, the screams died down. The man’s corpse burned now, into nothingness. Light blue eyes diverted back onto the approaching stranger.
    Starlo whirled around, nearly tripping, remembering that his Father dropped the old Family weapon somewhere around here. The prized sword heirloom passed throughout the Cohen line from when they were blacksmiths. He bit down on his lip, unable to get the image of his father burning from his head.
    He glanced back, at the new stranger. Two villagers, attempting to escape, up the mountains, were caught leaving their home. The stranger’s attention remained on them now as their right hand raised, flames engulfing it. With a swoop, those same flames flew towards the two, igniting them, they drop to the ground where screams filled the air. Starlo couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was something like a nightmare, had Petra really been invaded by the danger the elders warned people of in the past? The reason why their village lied in the mountains? He ran as quickly as possible knowing what he was about to do could potential have him end up like the last two, his Father even. His lungs Felt ready to explode. The cold mixed in with the heat expelling from the nearby flames. He saw it in the light. The shimmering broad sword lying underneath slight debris. Starlo dove toward it, his hand reaching out to ensnare the bronze-tipped hilt. As he finished rolling, his eyesight caught the phantom lingering close by, upside down by his own vantage point. The youth had been no stranger to using the blade, he’d not go down without a fight.
    He came to a complete stop. He gathered up on his knees, eyes narrowed, unable to see the Face which belonged to the stranger. It didn’t matter. He brought both hands on the hilt now bringing it back slowly then forward. At what was a mere second or two, the stranger reached up, behind their own body, withdrawing their own engraved steel blade, in a eased move. Both blades collided together. Starlo could feel the intense heat resonating from this one. His enemy. He kept his position, adding pressure to try to push the other back. It didn’t work, the other was equally strong, no more.
    Starlo thought about his sire, now dead, his light blue eyes trying to pierce the darkness belonging to the one near him, wanting to understand where such a thing was not possible. The air was both a mixture to cold and heat.
    He heard it next. A raspy laugh.
    The stranger needed only one hand to grip their own sword. With the other free hand, a fist decked Starlo sending him staggering back a distance and no longer in possession to the family sword. It dropped somewhere again. He lie rendered on his back, coughing up blood, looking at the darkened sky, hearing the footsteps approach him. That dangerous one lingered over him, obtaining both their sword and the one Starlo used, looking down at him. Laughing. Both blade tips came to Starlo’s neck.
    “No….” He managed to say feeling his skin being penetrated slightly. This couldn’t be the end. What about his sister? Where had she hidden, he needed to make sure she was safe. The stranger withdrew both swords turning them in their palms. Launching forward, both weapons came down upon Starlo, cutting into him like a pain never experienced before. He Felt a separation, couldn’t pinpoint it, but life was leaving him and he only glimpsed the sky.
    The dark sky.
    “Father….” His thoughts were on his sister too. However the darkness ensued, taking with his vision, his life too…
    He’d made a grave error….
    The yell was enough to wake the dead, let alone the occupants living in the three bedroom house. Starlo plunged to the wood flooring jolting awake now, a crazed look in his azure eyes.
    What just happened?
    In a collective mess, he wore black sleeping trousers and a thin cotton white shirt. The heavy quilt-like bed covers spilled from his big bed nearly touching the floor. He held his exposed neck, touching quickly, looking around the area which belonged to his messy bedroom. He was in his bedroom. Not outside.
    “Not outside.” He swallowed hard. A dream, it had been just a dream. Starlo’s hands quickly ran through his blonde hair.
    “A dream,” He repeated. “Only a dream but it felt so real.”
    His head turned now, shuffling in the hall, outside his room, caused him to look at the door, it pulled opened.
    “What is it?” Asked the deep voice. Moments later, his Father emerged inside, holding a mug of brewing hot tea, bigger, more refined light blue eyes trained on the seventeen year old. Sandy, blonde hair slicked back, away from the man’s slightly bearded face, and drew into a thick ponytail draped against his neck. He wore a cream-colored turtle neck over grass green trousers, glasses covered his eyes.
    Starlo looked at him in question.
    “You called me.” Henry took a sip of his tea. “That or you were having some nightmare by the looks of it.” Petra’s only doctor observed his son’s state. “I heard you all the way down the hall. I’m surprised your sister didn’t. I haven’t heard her stirring about.”
    “Sorry…” Starlo apologized, he shook his head. “I had a terrible nightmare. I thought it was real.”
    “What was it about?” Inquired his Father.
    “I’d rather not talk about it.” The younger man scooted near his bed. He dumped the covers back where they should be staring to the ivory curtains covering his windows, the sun wasn’t even up over the horizon yet, what time was it? Too early certainly.
    “Very well,” Henry looked around the room. “I suggest your top chore be to clean this room.”
    “It’s my space.” Starlo climbed back into bed opting on whether he should go back to bed, the nightmare bothered him to a degree.
    “And it’s my house,” His Father countered. “Make sure you clean it.” The man took another sip of his tea, eyes moving on his son now. “Since you’re up then you can get started on the chores rather than continue to let your sister do a majority of the work. Don’t think I haven’t noticed.”
    Starlo rolled his eyes. “I’ve not been neglecting my chores.”
    “Don’t roll your eyes at me either. Yes, you have. We all have things to do around this household.”
    “I know.”
    “Then make sure you do them.” Henry scolded. “I have patients to take care of, I need both you and your sister to do what I ask you. You’re older, set an example.” The man is now turning toward the door. “Don’t sleep in again, if I catch her doing your chores so help me…” Starlo’s Father did not complete the sentence, he was out the door quickly, closing it behind him.
    “And a good morning to you.” Starlo spoke bitterly as he dropped back down onto his bed throwing the covers over his body. He’d grown to despise Petra. Living up in the mountains, when the winter season approached, the village felt it. He did now. He buried himself under the covers cursing the exchange between him and his Father but living in a place where nothing happened. He wanted to see the world, something other than this place. His mother had more than likely felt the same….
    Where ever she was.
    “My room is fine.” He huffed, eyes closing. “And I won’t sleep in.” Thoughts ran on the nightmare again. Only a dream…
    A dream…
    Like the smell of breakfast…
    Bacon, eggs, toast, ham.
    Starlo jolted up again. Had he not simply just closed his eyes?! He need not turn to the windows for the morning sunlight drifted through the light curtains onto the wood floor expanding the view of his messy room. Clothes scattered throughout the closet, his sketches riddled all over the rectangular wood desk and even the floor. The room didn’t matter. He’d overslept again. He threw his body on the floor, legs raised high as the black trousers came off, thrown into a corner, he rolled to the closet grabbing some blue overalls. He acted quickly, to put them on leaving the left shoulder unhooked. Horses had to be fed, garden tended to….dammit. Starlo hopped barefoot around his room. Boots, where were his boots? Under the bed? The smell of food made his stomach turn in a hungry way. He dashed on his knees, looking under the bed. He discovered his boots. He put them on quickly, finding his heavy green coat under there too. That wrapped around his body also. He was ready and out his room into the hallway where the smell made his mouth water, too bad he couldn’t sneak in a bite, hopefully his Father would be too engrossed in a patient to notice him oversleeping and his sister, maybe she’d not do his chores. Starlo ran down the hall, took a left, beyond the washroom, and a right past his Father’s private, rarely used study. He almost made it to the kitchen, the source of breakfast, when he turned his head, looking out a window. He saw his old man, heading around back, with their horses, two thoroughbreds. Shit…
    “Dammit….” Starlo shook his head.
  2. "Ugh."

    Leela rolled over in bed, she had been comfortable, she had been sleeping. It was a pleasant dream, intriguing, and cut far too short. She put her pillow over her head fitfully, all the noise he had made would have woken up a comatose bear. Her intention was to block out the sound of her brother, as her memory of the dream seemed to grow fainter and fainter. She tried hard to keep it in the fore-front of her mind, but it was just ended so abruptly that she couldn't possibly keep a hold of it. She was about to find something out, something important. What it was for, why it was important she didn't remember, but she would have found out what it was. Leela stared at the wall for a moment, before rolling back over. It must have been a few hours before morning. It really wasn't that far away. Leela determined she would just stay up, rising early was easy for her; and today would just end up being another day her brother slept in. Another day she took on his responsibilities, his chores. It wasn't unusual, she was used to it by now. She didn't complain but simply did them. She searched for no reward, nor did she hang it over his head. He probably had some reason for not doing them, she hoped the reason was far better than just laziness.

    Leela refused to get out of bed to go check on her brother, she was sure that her father was doing it anyway. He was always distracted with his work, it seemed, but he still made time for them and loved them. He did what he had to do and Leela respected that, she always had and always would. Her father was a unique figure, there was no doubt about that. But finally curiosity won over her refusal and she slowly tip-toed out of bed. Down the hall and towards her brother's room. She listened for a moment, it seemed as though it was about his chores. Petra knew she had been doing them for him.. He was being scolded, and he was to wake up on time today, and do his own work. This seemed to be a relief to Leela, but she wasn't exactly sure. She would enjoy not having to do more work than necessary. After listening to a bit of the conversation Leela tip-toed back to her bed. It wasn't long until she had to be up, so she busied herself in her room.

    There wasn't much to do, but when it was time to wake up Starlo was still in his room. Leela shook her head, it was typical of him. She shouldn't have expected any different, but she wasn't sure if she should do them for him. Considering their father specifically instructed him to do them... After a small debate with herself she decided that chores were meant to be done at that time, and should not be delayed. Like feeding and taking care of the animals. They didn't need a delayed breakfast because someone decided to wake up late. While doing the chores her father stopped her.
    "Is your brother up?" He asked.

    "No, I don't believe so." She admitted. It would do no good to lie about it, he could always just walk into the house and check.

    "You've done his chores for him again?" He questioned.

    "Yes.. but it wasn't much. Don't be so hard on him."

    "Thanks for helping out." Was her father's only reply.

    Leela instructed him not to be so hard on Starlo, that maybe he was just having a rough time, with what she wasn't sure. But there had to be some sort of reason. Her father was skeptical. He shook his head and went off to take care of the thoroughbreds.

    Leela took the time to complete all the chores, and do them well, it was a thoroughly exhausting job, but it was worth it. Nothing to complain about really. She was rewarded adequately for her hard work by a magnificent breakfast. It smelled of all the tempting foods; eggs, bacon and toast. Her mouth watered at just the smell of them, and after washing up she was ready to begin feasting.
  3. Starlo strung together more vile words in his mind at seeing his Father outside with their horses, a chore he should've been doing since earlier, he was suppose to be doing all his chores to be honest. His Father's earlier words proved to be a warning, a line not meant to be crossed, and yet at the same time, he didn't care anymore. This village, his so called life, Starlo hated it. He wondered whether or Leela Felt the same. Enjoying the daily chores, every day, doing what their old man wanted them to do. She'd probably marry someone in the village, when older, have that man's children and teach what had been taught to her. The cycle seemed never-ending. To Starlo, it was like death. He really hated it here. He had wanted to go with their mother, that day, when she oddly talked about wanting to make a cake while in the kitchen. Starlo was young as was his sister. Their Father was too wrapped up in a patient to notice. She didn't act as she usually did.
    Starlo noticed.
    He wanted to go with her to the market, she wouldn't let him. Told him to watch Leela, that she'd bring them both back candy. The day was cold, much like this one, she never returned, neighbors couldn't recall ever seeing her in the market...
    It was as though she vanished.
    He didn't understand back then what he did now. That woman was depressed. Being confined to this village, it could drive anyone insane, and he was at his point, ready to give in. To leave. It had been a reason why he neglected his chores, he just did not care anymore. But then what about Leela?
    How would she Feel...? Starlo ran his hands through his hair, he turned, pressing his back against the wall, hearing what sounded like rustling in the kitchen. Turning to look again, he saw Leela, most likely ready to sit down, to have something to eat. His stomach growled a bit. The Front door opening made him look away, to his Father coming in, rubbing his gloved hands together. They stared at one another.
    Henry remained calm, he remembered his daughter's words, not to be so hard on Starlo. It was hard considering that he just talked with the boy this morning about shirking his responsibilities.
    "Dad..." Starlo began, knowing where this conversation would end up, he'd rather skip the embarrassing punishment with his sister so close to hear.
    His Father raised his hand to stop him, it drew the youth in silence.
    "From this day on out," The Village Doctor interrupted. "You will do both the inside chores and those outside. In addition, you'll help me with my patients aside From going to school and any time you are spared when you come home."
    Starlo grimaced. "What?" Disbelief washed over his Features. Over some skipped chores? Didn't make sense. "What about my Friends? We were planning to hang out all this week."
    "Too bad, maybe you should've thought about that before leaving your sister chores. Did I not make myself clear this morning?"
    "Bullshit, this is bullshit."
    "You can take that abusive language elsewhere." The doctor's attention rested to the kitchen doorway where he heard movement. His eyes then trained back on his son. "You will do this until I can see that you're capable."
    Starlo shook his head. "You really think that's going to stop me? I'll be eighteen next month," He seemed to want to challenge his Father's authority, maybe get a rise. "You can't keep me in this hellhole village nor Leela, you think she wants to be here anymore than I do? I hate it here, every day that I have to spend waking up, doing chores, I swear I'd rather slit my own throat. Why do you think mom left?" He knew he crossed the line, even mentioning her, Starlo saw his Father's jaw tighten. The man did not say a word, at the moment.
    "No," Henry stopped him. "You've said how you Feel, no use taking it back. Once spoke, certain words can not be erased. You want to leave your home, go ahead, I won't stop you but you do not speak For Leela and once you walk out that door...." The doctor moved to his son with a swift walk across the room. His last words were shouted. "Don't you ever come back!" Anger swelled in his eyes as he looked at his son before moving toward the kitchen. "I'm sorry Leela...." He apologized.
    Starlo had never seen him angry. It Froze him in place a moment until hearing someone shouting outside.
    "Help, help me, please...."
    It sounded Faint, like in the distance, but still heard.
    "What...what is that?" Henry looked around.
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  4. Leela had sat down at the table, she was actually hoping that the rest of her family would join her. So they all could enjoy it, but that didn't seem like it would be the case. The morning surely hadn't started out well. Leela just quietly sat at the dinner table, she was able to hear her father and brother's conversation. She hoped dearly that her father would take her advice, that her father wouldn't be that hard on Starlo.

    The conversation was short, it wasn't pleasant, Starlo had been assigned all the chores. Leela knew that was an exhausting load, and she hoped that Starlo would oblige, but he didn't. Starlo wasn't happy here, that had been obvious, but was that the reason why he wasn't doing his share in the house? Starlo protested, and Leela closed her eyes. She was almost praying. If Starlo had just accepted responsibility things would have gone smoother. Leela understood, that to be a father you had to lay down the law, so she expected her father to react in such a manner.. but things started to get out of hand.

    Starlo took things a step too far, even Leela gasped when she heard the words come out of his mouth. How could he say such a thing? She shook her head silently, letting a sigh out. How was she supposed to enjoy her breakfast, how was anyone going to enjoy their breakfast now? Now it would just sit there. Get cold. Wasted food wasn't a pleasant thing here.

    Leela heard her name, it was small little mention. Her brother was talking for her. But was his depiction accurate? Sure, she didn't want to be stuck in the same place all her life, she would be happy to travel and see the world, but she knew things had to come in order. First she would live here, make her way here, become old enough, then if she wanted she could think about it. It wasn't a hellhole village, that was for sure. It was a quaint little place.. As far as she could see there was nothing drastically wrong with this place. He must have been exaggerating.

    Leela heard her father yell, he was thoroughly mad. "Dad. You can't say that... You don't mean it.. Do you? He could come back, couldn't he? Right...?" She asked. Almost pleaded, her father couldn't kick him out, could he? Leela was distracted before her father could answer, there was a sound at the door.. It was probably a job for her father, it always was. Especially when it sounded like that.... "Uhm, you should.. probably go check that out." She suggested to her father, as she slowly got up from the dinner table and walked over to her brother. She wanted to try to help comfort him, calm him down maybe, and she figured, if something at the door was going to be threatening, they'd have a better chance together than apart.