A Legacy Written in Blood II: Acsension

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  1. I know everyone is sick of vampires. I know, I get it. I am too... I used to, in my youth, be drawn to them, growing into a fan of them. Back before shit like Twilight defecated on the vampire genre (no offense to fans, you didn't create it. Just my opinion), my very first RP was a horror/vampire/western/fantasy mash-up. Good 'ol fashion, home-spun fantasy and a vibrant splash of grit with dark tones drifting through it like miniature zebra print. The kind of shit a starving storyteller pumps out using a 50 song playlist, 7 grams of weed and some old school imagination.

    I used to be the go-to guy for assistance with building plots, building worlds, and helping out IC by playing a ton of player-controlled NPC's (if that makes sense). I can play a lot of characters and I know my dialog. Dialog makes or breaks an RP in my opinion. Choppy, tacky or unrealistic dialog kills an RP experience for me, writing, or (and especially) reading it.

    I got you on this one.

    A Legacy Written In Blood was formed in 2009 by myself and my lil buddy (he was 14 at that time) Sunal Wolfsbane. He came to me (as always) with a concept. A lil seed he planted in the abundant and vastly fertile soils of my imagination.

    Let's do a modern vampire tale that takes it back to the gritty, dark, tragic symbolism of the classic, old school vampire. Take but one page from Ann Rice's book, and make creating the personality and mechanics of your character a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience by making them close to Ann Rice's mold; mystical, romantic, dark and passionate creatures that are so compelling they almost cast spells upon mortals. A character you can bite into and get a little juice on your chin. Fuck these factory-made, generic drones too many players use these days. We want custom, head-turning characters who are 1 of a kind.

    Plus, and this is the very best part, the whole purpose for and meaning behind this project is to make a stand against the teen'ime vampire-romance (Tweenpire) pandemic (which at that time was tearing our site apart from the inside out like an aggressive acidic goo).

    At that time, we chose to depict that by basing our tale of passion and blood on two groups of vampires. You had your young packs. They stalked and owned the night. Opening blood bars, blood raves, club houses, gambling dens, they were the mafia of the vampiric underworld. Then you had your elders. Ancient vampires who believed in a code of discipline to protect the race from mortal men (believe it or not). Then you had the third wheel. The odd man out. The preverbal wrench that was thrown into the mix, as it were (and so I liked to think of them as). The vampire hunters. Michael Lancaster and his elite, highly trained unit of lethal killing machines. Wyland "Mac" McRae is still one of my favorite characters. He was the field commander of the unit. The veteran by age, military and vampire hunting experience. He was one tough customer, but not the cliche douchebag who is impossible or unpleasant to be around. He was a man who hated the new world, the west, the east. His heart was firmly, blissfully, and contently in Africa. He wasn't born there, and doesn't have any African roots, but it's his favorite place on earth. A quote from his intro post: It was a beautiful, mighty and magical landscape untouched by the blight and sickness of mankind. A virgin landscape where nature ruled as King over God's creation, as God created it to be.

    He loves Africa so much that he goes there for two months every year, usually doing merc jobs hitting warlords, drug and gun runners, corrupt politicians, and other undesirables.

    To give you an idea of what that story looked like; the young bloods began to come together under one vampire's leadership. They aimed to destroy the Ancients and end their reign of tyranny over the vampiric people. Due to a long series of events, this young leader awoke an ancient and very powerful vampire from a prison in which the ancients had sealed him in to stop him from trying to wage war on, and enslave mankind, as well as unify and rule the vampiric race. It was pretty well-done. Very entertaining.

    I took the idea with Sunal's blessing and made my own Legacy story (2011) that was sort of my own little take on and homage to the original. It was much more organic, complex, consisting of intricate, delicate architecture. I tried to master and therefor perfect the vampire tale. Take it to a whole new level. Somewhere it's never been before, but in a positive, beneficial way. I believe it worked. What became was a whole new animal. It wasn't just vampires and hunters, killing and screwing and yelling at each other. It was complex, emotional, intelligent, mysterious, dark, old school with a new school expansion package. The story has so much fantasy beyond just vampires. Preacher is a vital, very mysterious character. He is immortal, and has... very strange, profound powers, yet is not a vampire. Doesn't really like vampires. He's not a religious man, yet he dresses, in part, like a priest at all times. He was in Legacy 1, he's in 2, and if there's a three, he'll be in it. I drew a lot of inspiration from Rorschach when creating his character. That dark, cynical vibe mostly, as Preacher is not a tough or violent man. Yet he always avoids violent scenarios. One might say people just know not to mess with him. He has A LOT of pull through A LOT of contacts. He's the man who can get you SOLID info. SOLID dirt. Stuff NO ONE ELSE can. Hunters use him, paranormals us him, cops and detectives use him, vampires use him. Everyone who's anyone does, if you can get it out of him. Preacher has to feel, or otherwise know you're worthy of having whatever info you're seeking. Or, you have to be good. Damn good. Preacher sees and hears everything. It's both his gift and curse. He can find out anything. And I mean just about anything a living person has experienced or has knowledge of. Handy gift, but also a curse, as it's 24/7. He's learned how to control it, fairly well. He can hone in on something and search intensively. But it's impossible to really shut off. He's a great character with an interesting origin story I've chosen to keep air tight, for now. In many ways, he narrates these stories, sort of guides the skeletal structure like the spinal cord. I like him being at the core of the stories, and knew I had to use him when I started this idea. Legacy just isn't quite Legacy without Preacher.

    There's room to have fun, get creative a little bit. I like mystery. Building an intricate maze for the reader to explore, and unraveling profound plot twists. I also enjoy stuff that's character driven. Revealing the past of a character in some stories can be interesting, and greatly improve character development if it's done well.

    I want to shatter the mold and make something truly epic and genius.

    This is A Legacy Written In Blood II. It takes place within the same canon as Legacy 1, the afore mentioned RP I did some years back, but the events of 1 don't impact our plot hardly at all. If anything the events of 2 impact the events of 1. The core of the plot of 1 was about Ascension. Almost every main character was, or ended up trying to find Igneous Raymeous, the legendary vampire, said to be one of the oldest living non-pureblood vampires alive. He was, according to legend, the only vampire to ever ascend. Nothing was really resolved. Adrian's pursuit of Igneous cost him his life. In an amazingly griping and powerful scene, Igneous killed Adrian in front of Isabelle by stabbing him with a short sword. He died in her arms, and Isabelle attacked Igneous. He subdued her, unable to resist his emotions anymore (sadness, regret, guilt, sympathy). She begged him to kill her too, but he would not. He told her that there was no way to gain the power of gods. It has to choose you as it's vessel. He had done nothing, and there was nothing Adrian could have done. It was particularly emotional because Isabelle and Adrian loved each other, but Isabelle wouldn't let him close, because he had broken her heart over and over again, until she was so broken that she had built a wall around herself.

    Epic, truly tragic end to an amazing, intellectual master piece. I miss those days. Hoping to get 'em back here at RPG-D. I have the feeling you folks go hard.

    So this story takes place a few years after the events of 1, but again, they won't come up much at all. Having said that, there may be some special guests dropping in.

    The Plot

    The year is 2013. Vampires live among mortal men in secrecy, established under controlled groups, or families known as Covenants. The actions and lifestyle of every covenant are regulated and supervised by The Vampiric Order, an elite class of ancient pureblood vampires who came together to protect the interests of all vampire-kind. The head, or Master of each Covenant in a given area is granted a seat in the Council for that area. One representative of The Vampiric Order is appointed to oversee each Council and report back to the Order. This has gone on around the world for centuries, and has become vampiric law.

    Despite rumor (because no one is supposed know), The Order's central "hub" is located in England, where it fled from Rome after Roman Catholic hunters drove them out of Italy.

    Our story primarily takes place in New York, although traveling is not only allowed, but encouraged.

    It focuses around (but not exclusively) the Drakul Covenant, one of the most respected and powerful Covenants in America. I would like other players to create at least one other Covenant. This is essential to the plot.

    I want most of the plot to be a collaborative effort. But I have plans for two of the main characters to ascend, obviously. This will be far later in the game, though...

    Damn it! (let's go B's to-the wall)

    Okay, Samuel Blithe is my "main" role. He's a young fledgling vampire (was bitten and cursed). He's a WWII veteran who was bitten by a nurse in France whilst being treated for a bullet wound. He left New York a mortal man, a valiant young freedom fighter. He returned something more. He is now a member of the Drakul Covenant. A treasured member for his sense of humor, charming wit, and global connections either vampiric or otherwise.

    Sam will ascend later into the RP for reasons unknown. The fact that a fledgling has allegedly ascended pisses a lot of vampires off. The Order becomes enraged that these cheap wives tales are floating around the camp fire, and the Drakul Covenant comes under fire from them.

    I also have plans for Vlad Drakul, Master of the Drakul Covenant. He's a real old testament, fire and brimstone SOB. The Order will have him killed in England after Sam's ascension. Then it will turn out that Vlad faked his death to quench The Order's thirst for blood. Truth will have it, that The Order killed his brother to lure him back to England. When Vlad found this out, he ascended, overwhelmed with rage and agony. But Sam (being ascended) has since taken over the Drakul Covenant as Master. By his side, is Vlad's oldest daughter, a character I want one of our female players to fill. The Drakul Covenant is now the Blithe Covenant. But this pisses some of the Covenant off. Alucard Drakul, especially (Alucard is a good role open to a male player).

    Things will get good, especially since the Order hired Michael Lancaster and his team to liquidate the entire Drakul/Blithe Covenant, and they've brought someone out of retirement... Wyland McRae.

    Tons of roles are available. New members of Michael's unit are welcome. Brian died, Kloe retired when Mac did, and Jack joined the C.I.A. doing black ops overseas.

    This is a naked summary of some plans I'd had for a few characters. Vlad's two eldest kids, the male and female were pivotal roles for the framework of this plot to work properly. They create a conflict within the Covenant, and the Drakul family, and a love triangle. A complicated loved triangle.

    Owen Reznik is a mortal man living in New York. He meets a girl named Allison Watson, and falls in love with her. At the same time, he also meets Samuel Blithe. Sam introduces Owen to the vampiric underworld, cursing him as a fledgling vampire. Through Owen, Allison meets Sam, and falls in love. That will end, and Sam will then fall in love with Vlad's daughter. So that's how that love storm works.

    It's going to be epic, a lot of fun. Not your standard grade tweenpire or teen'ime vampire-romance RP.

    Again, I got you on this one.

    A little bit about Legacy Vampires.

    There are three different types of vampires:

    Purebloods are vampires born of two vampiric parents. Social classes emerged amidst purebloods regarding parental status. Let's say your parents were a halfblood and fledgling. This would weaken your status among other purebloods in covenant networks. It's not a very visible, verbal phenomenon, but it's something purebloods judge each other by and hold against each other when it comes to certain things. Vampires are vey envious, complicated beings.
    Purebloods generally have the most weaknesses of any kind of vampire. They are extremely allergic to UV radiation. Their reaction to fire is extremely amplified. Any fatal damage to the heart or brain will kill any vampire. The fumes from garlic mildly burn the tissue of their mouth, throat, and lungs.
    However, purebloods also have some unique benefits. They can heal incredibly fast, depending on age and strength. They have impeccable senses. They can pick up on the emotions of mortals, fledglings and some halfbloods. They are slightly faster, and stronger than any halfblood or fledgling. They are immune to any biological illness, disease, condition, mutation, or defect from their birth to their death. And purebloods actually age, and can die naturally. They age, INCREDIBLY slow! They reach the equivalent of about 18 in about 18 years, and then begin to age at a ratio of about 100 years to 1. Which means every 100 years, you'd have physically aged about 1 year. Now, by drinking clean, healthy mortal blood, you can slow your aging process by a tiny margin. So the more good blood you drink, the longer you'll stay young, and alive. The reason purebloods age and die is because they are more vampire than human, so the human vessel (being inferior to that of a fledgling or half blood) breaks down naturally, despite the curse's best efforts.

    Halfbloods are vampires born of one vampiric parent, and one mortal parent. Halfbloods have varying weaknesses depending mainly on the nature of the parents. Some are allergic to UV radiation, others are not. Any fatal damage to the heart or brain will kill any vampire. The increase in speed, strength, and senses varies depending on their parents age/power. Half bloods are immortal.

    Fledglings are vampires who were bitten as mortals and contaminated by the curse. They have virtually none of the weaknesses other vampires have, aside from the rule of thumb; Any fatal damage to the heart or brain will kill any vampire. However, fledglings receive the least amount of power from being cursed. The enhancements to their speed, strength and senses is minimum. Fledglings are immortal.

    Vampiric legends tell of the vampires ability to ascend their being and existence beyond the mortal scope. Become more than either vampire or human. More powerful than an ancient pureblood, without any of the vulnerabilities. But the only vampire to ever ascend was Igneous Raymeous; the "legendary vampire". But legend he remains. A myth, a semi-fictional character. The Vampiric Order condemns belief in ascension, and talk of it.

    If you're interested, or have any questions, just post or message me.
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