A League of Their Own

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  1. The crisp morning air left a chill on rosy cheeks as Annabelle laced up her running shoes for an early jog. She had planned on sleeping in this morning, but after the mild argument she'd had with her father the night before she didn't sleep as well as she had hoped she would. They had been having the same kind of argument at dinner every night for the last week, and she was growing tired of the routine. He had been secretly arranging blind dates for her with the sons of his business colleagues. She understood his worrying, but she knew he secretly had his own agenda for her future and she wanted no part in his social climb. Annabelle wanted to live her own life and explore the world, she had no thoughts of dating in the immediate future, let alone marriage.

    Her eldest brother Mark had been their father's project of sorts, and he was much more obedient than his sister. He had married young to the daughter of his father's business partner - a marriage of convenience that eventually grew into affection - and of course following the nuptials the stock value behind the company increased. The middle child of her family, Jared, had also been one of her father's targets...but the only commitment he wanted right now was that to his precious cars and of course his share of the business. Her mother often complained that her sons had been raised without having a true childhood and that was why they were so selfish. They were her father's proteges so of course he let them get away with anything so long as they stayed out of legal trouble and helped him with the company. Annabelle was the baby, and she was spoiled accordingly but took after her mother as she tried not to concern herself with business affairs.

    Closing the front door, she turned to a touch screen located to her right and spoke her name on command. Immediately, her weekend schedule appeared and she tapped the friday morning slot. She chose to ignore the flashing icon alerting her to another company party her father was forcing her to attend. Her jogging route popped up in front of her with weather conditions, estimated duration and possible detours should a problem arise. She plugged her cell into the offered slot and transferred the information before confirming her departure with security and dismissing her profile. She took the steps from the front door in quick strides and let herself out the front gate. She took off in a run, hoping to exhaust the frustration from her body before she reached her favorite park so she could switch to a more relaxed job and clear her mind.
  2. "Incoming schedule checklist for the day Chase"
    The blip of the door as he was about to head out reminded him about the plans for the day, a few meetings spaced into some leisure as he was about to depart. A small swipe to the left of the door transferred the data to his phone with a signal beep. As Chase left his house, his mother rushed out after him with a note
    "Chase! You're bound to lose your head if it wasn't attached to your shoulders!"
    "Mother that line is older than dirt..."
    They both share a laugh as her son embraces her, smirking as he takes the note form her hand and kisses her cheek
    "I'll be back with dinner, tell Suzy I said bye>"
    He smiled as he boarded his car,a stunning vehicle that riddled the streets with breathless patrons as he paroled down the roads. As he went along his way, the same voice reminded him that his first stop would be to deliver the note for business. More like prenuptual agreements, trying to finalize divorce papers was difficult enough, but he was glad to be the middle man. Got him out of the house and let his mother stay home for Suzy, his half sister. Though she may be a result of an affair, she was an angel and Chase never exiled her form his love. His mother was a saint, just her and his father never really saw eye to eye after years of marriage. It lost it's luster. It lost it's passion. It ended in a trainwreck. But times are changing as Chase still tries to adjust to this.

    After his initial errand, it was time for breakfast. Something light he thought, something he could treat himself to easily. It was still fairly early but he felt wide wake, just something to ease him until lunch. Of course, his cafe of choice welcomed him in. As he left the barista, coffee and cake bit in hand, he looked down to see what was next. Nothing for a good two hours. Not one to really dabble back to home, Chase looked around for a suitable spot to dine in on his breakfast. The benches were not set up for later patrons yet, but the park was really close as he spotted some tables welcoming him to sit near the entrance of the gate. As he walked across the street to reach his destination, he looked at his phone more to try to figure out the best method to get everything done, though he was not looking forward to the meetings. He was still young, still a venturing soul. He felt locked down when business riddled into his life, but it had to be done. His father would both be devastated and angry if his son never showed up or ignored his duties. And he would rather not incur the wrath of a wealthy man who gave him his paycheck. But ever since the divorce the old man became more shattered spiritually. If nothing else, seeing his son also raised his spirits,a fact that Chase was reminded off daily. So much so it distracts him regularly, almost stumbling out of the pedestrian safe son and stuck by a car, the blaring horn work him up as he grinned awkwardly
    "Sorry sorry, lost focus..."
    The driver was not amused, a bird to the sky further showed this
    "..Classy..move along dick..."
    As the vehicle murmured past, the park welcomed him with heat pillars, emitting radiating warmth from their bases for this chilly morning. Chase placed himself at the closest table and began to dine, enjoying this peaceful time, wandering eyes to look at the other park goers.
  3. Fortunately, the warm up run was just what Annabelle needed to clear her head of all her father's drama. She rounded the last corner to the park with ease and decided to slow to a walk until she reached the gate. The streets were just starting to wake up with the morning traffic and early bird risers who needed a caffeine fix before properly starting their day. She was absentmindedly strolling when she noticed the young man stepping into the on coming traffic. She cringed as the car just barely managed to stop before hitting him, and clicked her tongue at the man's clumsiness. She watched him with a raised brow as he entered the park with his morning snack. She had clearly misjudged the man, he hadn't seemed like the park type to her at all. Shrugging it away and letting her mind clear again, she finally reached the gate where she tied her hair up into a messy bun and started her jog.

    Her favorite part about this particular park was the trail itself. Early in the morning, they were nothing impressive, but at night they were the most beautiful images she'd ever seen. It looked just like the fountain parks in all her favorite old movies, you could call her old fashioned but she loved vintage inspired locations, like this park. The street lights looked as though they were aged and still needed the pear shaped light bulbs from the early 2000's. There were benches made from real wood, though reenforced by steel and the trees were perfectly trimmed. There were 3 giant oak trees in the whole park, the only original trees that survived the construction.

    She was just coming back around to the gate from her first lap when her phone buzzed with a notification. Slowly to a walk again, she pulled it out of her pocket and tapped the flashing icon. She huffed in annoyance as her father invited her to a late lunch up town, knowing all too well he was only luring her with her favorite chinese food in order to bribe her into another "casual date". Biting her lip at the prospect of the food, she accepted the invitation and figured she could put up with him if it meant a good meal. She walked to a nearby vending machine and swiped the screen of her phone as a bar code popped up. She swiped it easily to the machine's main screen and sighed in content as her grape-flavored vitamin water appeared in the allotted slot. She opened it and took a few mouthfuls as her phone vibrated for what should have been the start of her second lap, but she just pocketed the device and figured a stroll would be just as relaxing.
  4. As he snacked on his roll and drank his coffee, his eyes wander to the young woman as she jogs, her attire was already eye catching but something about her was more appealing, her air around her was very regal and lovely. He was slightly fascinated but he didn't let his eyes linger long, scanning to the next patron around the bend. He finished his meal and stood up, stretching as his coat fluttered a bit in the breeze, yawning in his sleeve as he looked around. A little pop up flashed on his wrist watch for a small blip. As he pulls his phone out as well, checking his schedule. One of the meetings was downtown again in a small restaurant that he and his mother went to one night, but this was with his father. Some lunch plans and meeting with another client of his. Chase sighed as he left the park, spying onto the young lady from earlier as she bent down to get her drink but as she did, he looked away, respecting woman was a niche of his as he looked away form her exposed rump.

    As he drove down the road, the occasional blip for a reminder was flashing transparent on the screen as he wiped it away, trying to focus on driving. He finally reached his destination, walking inside to meet with his father, a firm handshake then a quick hug before they sat, talked a bit then went down to business
    "So what is this about dad?"
    "Well Chase the details are a bit dim but some sort of pact is to be made between my company and another for mutual benefits. We haven't talked about the details but he said that the bargaining is a pretty sum. One you can get a cut of if you cooperate."
    Chase nodded, looking around the tables to try to find them before his father instructed they'll be seating together once they arrive. Luckily underneath his coat, Chase looked presentable and formal, something he enjoyed while on his runs, but always went relaxing at home. Time was slow as they ordered, waiting for their companions
  5. With the population in the park beginning to grow, Annabelle started to jog again as to not look too lazy. She couldn't help but train her eye to the young man from earlier as he left the park. She wouldn't deny he was attractive, and from his clothes he seemed to be well off. From a distance he looked very tall and handsome, and for a moment Annabelle found herself imaging how much taller than her he would be if they walked together. She chuckled the thought away and continued on until her lap was done and upon noticing the time she decided to sprint home to get ready.

    "Anna dear, I put out some outfit choices for you so hurry and get dressed. Your father is expecting you in less than a half hour and if you hit traffic..." The rest of her mother's lecture was lost as she stood in front of her mirror and waited for the touch pad to respond. When it did, she instructed her hair be dried as she sorted through her cosmetics and decided on a bit of mascara and some light lipgloss. Her mother would of course scold her for not dolling herself up more, saying "a young woman can never look too good" among other foolishness. But she knew her father, and he didn't like her behaving like other girls her age with all their makeup and revealing clothing. All traces of her morning run were gone with the shower, and her hair fell softly in natural ringlets as she observed her mother's choices. Sighing, she chose the least formal: a form-fitting peach colored lace dress with a modest neckline that reached just past mid-thigh. She matched the dress with a black blazer and a pair of comfortable stilettos. Satisfied, she grabbed her handbag and tiptoed to the back door where she slipped out without her mother noticing. The family car was parked and waiting, and she entered with a sheepish smile for being late.

    Her father was waiting for her outside when she arrived, looking only mildly irritated. She stepped out of the car and fidgeted to right her dress as he spotted her. She hurried over to him, already formulating her excuse when he smiled too brightly and wrapped her up in a hug. "Anna, you look adorable! How was your jog?" He asked, and she knew something was up. She narrowed her eyes suspiciously, not buying his happiness in seeing her. "It was very refreshing. But Daddy, you promised me a lunch date...as in just you and I. Did you not?" She asked, and he gave her his playful smile while escorting her into the restaurant. "Yes of course, and you know I love spending time with my favorite daughter!" He supplied, leading her to a table with two other men seated. "I'm your only daughter..." She muttered under her breath with a sigh, knowing she should have known better than to trust that this was just a lunch date for them.

    "I'm sorry for the wait my friends, my daughter likes to make me wait you see..." He joked as they reached the table, and she rolled her eyes but immediately let her inner good girl take the reigns and she laughed politely at her father's joke.
  6. As Chase watched the gentleman come over with the lady form earlier he was a bit surprised to see her again, but looked around a bit
    "..It's no worries I understand how daughters can be.."
    Said his father and Chase looked at him confused
    "...Suzy doesn't count, she's not yours.."
    Retorted Chase as he drank, making mister Bolter fluster a bit with ensnarement
    "So what was this mutual beneficial we're discussing..."

    As the group chatted about the potential blossom of a partnership, Chase looked over at Annabelle a bit quizzical holding his chin his his palm and playing with a fork in thought, drumming it on the napkin to deafen the sound. And his attention flashed form her to her father as he spoke. It was a understanding pact, sounded prosperous for both candidates, until he talked about the alimony he was bringing forth: His daughter to ensure the success. This made Chase rub his forehead
    "..I'm sorry you want to set up your daughter with me to try to get our business together?"
    Both of the older gentlemen nodded in agreement, Mr. Bolter a bit more hesitant as he himself was a bit unsure about this. Chase just shook his head, slowly standing up
    "With all due respect Mr. Weste..."
    Chase said as he slid the napkin off his lap and onto the table
    "...But I won't accept....."
    With that Chase grabbed his jacket, and nodded to his father as he left the trio alone to wonder about this
  7. Annabelle was momentarily shocked when she noticed just who it was her father was setting her up with. It was the attractive man from the park earlier. She had to laugh at the irony of the situation, and if the circumstances had been different... she let the thought slip away, there's was no way in hell she was going to make this easy for her father just because he was attractive. As she heard what he said to his father, Annabelle cast her eyes down in order to hide her quiet laughter. So it seemed they held similar opinions of their fathers, at the very least.

    She decided to zone out the business talk, knowing the drill and exactly when to declare her refusal and then make the perfect exit. She found herself playing eye tag with Chase, noticing every time she chanced a look in his direction he'd be looking right back at her. She had to smile a bit, guessing the attraction was at least mutual. Finally, the conversation came full circle and she watched as the Bolters' both regarded her father's proposal. She sat up a little straighter, taking her cue to stop the madness when Chase beat her to the punch.

    It was ridiculous, and maybe even childish, but Chase's blatant refusal infuriated her. Of course, it never occurred to her that she'd done the same thing to countless of her father's choices up to this point. "If you both will excuse me..." She offered in a clipped tone, glaring at her father heatedly when he dared protest. She grabbed her coat and bag and took out her phone to arrange the car to come pick her up. Her heels were the only sound in the hall as she stormed after Chase, and finally caught up to him in front of the restaurant.

    "For your information, your refusal was unnecessary because I made my decision the moment I walked in that door." She fumed, realizing where they were and composing herself before lifting her chin defiantly and glaring up him. "In fact, I don't find you the least bit attractive and quite frankly I'm growing worried that my father is losing his mind if he thought for one second you were my type. So don't think you're so great, all you did was say it first. Enjoy the rest of your day." She finished curtly, this time without raising her voice. And just as quickly as she said her peace, she turned on her heel and stormed down the block to find her drive.
  8. he just stood there, looking down at her, even with heels she was slightly shorter, but he couldn't help but smirk at her defiance, trying to be Miss ballsy gave him a small warm feeling in his gut, but he hid it well. He grasped the ledge of the window they were near, looking in to see their fathers try to compose the last of the evening , wondering where they went wrong, why their children are vicious etc.
    But Chase then looked at Annabelle, hearing her little rant and let her finish, and without chasing her, just said aloud.
    "I'm pretty sure you could find a man yourself, and I thought it was ridiculous that he would try such a thing...you're a grown lady..and I find it even more despicable that he's using you to get a head in the competition..."
    He was adjusting the links in his jacket and looking down, shrugging
    "...I won't lie...I find you pleasant to look at, very lovely, and if my head wasn't screwed on right I'd go for it. But you shouldn't be forced to do something you have no heart in. So even if I didn't beat you to the punch. I wouldn't have been the least bit hurt about it..."
    He smirked at her. He wanted to point out her eye play was blatant evidence she did find some attraction in him but that was against the moral he was standing on right now, but still spoke to her
    "..Have a nice night Miss Weste...."
    He turned around himself to head to his car.
  9. Annabelle nearly fell flat on her face at his words, stumbling in her stilettos at the sound of his voice. How he had responded made her face light up in shame, but she stood her ground. If there was one thing she wouldn't apologize for, it was her words. It only made her more mad that he had looked so amused at her ramblings, making her feel as though she were a child kicking up a fuss at the grocery store. She could only imagine the joke of an excuse her father was in there giving, and the rescheduling he was trying to organize. She couldn't help but feel a slight flutter at the compliment he offered, but she'd consider that later when she wasn't still in this terribly embarrassing situation. She turned towards him again, determined to make sure she had the last say, but it never happened. In her anger, she had turned to quickly and a snapping sound was all that warned her as her heel broke off and she stumbled non too gracefully flat onto her ass.
  10. His attention was gained from this as he turned to see her heel break off, sending her to her bottom onto the cold stone walkway. He couldn't continue though as he walked back, offering his hand to hers and kneeling down, but he was silent, no ridiculing emotion in his eyes as he looked into hers, his captivating gaze easing her gently as he grasped her hand and helped her up, but shifted his weight to support her.
    "...Did you twist your ankle on your fall?"
    He asked sincerely concerned for her well being as he walked with her to her car, sitting her down in the driver seat but inspecting her foot.
    "....It's swelling. you landed on it wrong....here..."
    he was gentle with her as he switched her seats, getting into the driver seat of her car and heading off to the nearest hospital. He was quiet all the way, letting her talk to him if she needed to and listening but didn't budge if she questioned why he was driving her car. But as soon as they reached the hospital, he stepped back as soon as someone was there to professionally help her.
  11. Annabelle didn't know which was worse, the pain in her ankle or the mortification she was feeling. She didn't dare meet his eyes when she took his hand, though finally she surrendered and her bright green eyes landed on his captivating blue ones. It was strange how calming it felt to be under his arm, how safe she felt. "I...it's probably nothing. Honestly, I'm never this clumsy..." She trailed off, holding his gaze as if in a trance. She snapped out of it when he switched he seat, placing her in the passenger side. "Really, I'm sure it's not...alright then." She concluded lamely, seeing as he wasn't having any of her protests. She was stunned at his kindness, and she tossed her head back lightly for having behaved so immaturely earlier.

    "Listen...I'm sorry for how I acted to you. My father really does mean well, I think... and I'm so used to an opposite outcome... I acted rashly and it wasn't fair to take out my frustration on you." She admitted with a sigh, apologizing always made her feel awkward. "N-not to say I was actually considering it...because I wasn't. I just don't want to be seen like a spoiled brat." She added hastily, making sure not to give him the wrong idea. She let them sit in comfortable silence for the remainder of the drive, but oddly it didn't feel uncomfortable.

    Upon their arrival, she was definitely feeling the throb in her ankle. The nurse who had met them at the door took one look at her ankle and clicked her tongue. "That's what you young girls get for wearing those ridiculously high shoes. You might want to ask your boyfriend to stay, you'll be in no condition to drive home tonight dear." She said, probing the injury. Annabelle couldn't help but observe that her touch didn't feel as gentle as Chase's had. She reddened at the boyfriend comment, shooting a look his way before glaring at the nurse. "He's not my boyfriend, and I'm perfectly capable of operating a vehicle thank you very much." She said as the nurse led her into get a wrap and some painkillers.
  12. As he watched her, his thoughts of her changed. He didn't think she was spoiled or snobbish, just proud and independent and he respected that. He couldn't help to chuckle though as the nurse mistook him for her mate and dragged her off to get wrapped up, but he remained in the building sensing the worst case scenario is she couldn't drive. He wouldn't dare leave her out cold like this and have her father have to dig her out, no surprise if he had another date immediately planned. But as he waited he smiled at the small one sided conversation she was having to a wall as he driove her here. Nodding to himself in approval he kept an eye on the door they pushed her through, waiting for her to come out unscathed.

    As he waited he had another thought, sending a quick message to his buddy Keith
    "I left my car over at Chung's Diner, I'm helping a girl-"
    "Oh sweet a lady friend"
    "Keith Shut up it's not like that, she tripped and sprained her ankle while we were at dinner."
    "So it was a date
    "No...Well not exactly, I'll tell you later but give me a second, I'll give you an address to get my car at for later."
    He hung up before Keith could pry in some more and waited for Annabelle
  13. The nurse had thoroughly enjoyed embarrassing Annabelle with silly questions while the doctor wrapped her ankle, and by the time she was rolled back out to the waiting room she was as red as a tomato. The nurse just laughed in amusement as Annabelle fumed in a vain attempt to shut her up. Even worse, Chase had waited for them. She let out a whimper of defeat as the nurse muttered more about their dating. "Here you go young man, we patched your girl here up all nice and comfy. And you Miss Weste, here are your painkillers. Take one as soon as you get home, and make sure you're comfortable because they're strong. Try to keep her out of trouble for the rest of the night, sir." And with that, the horrid nurse took her leave. Annabelle mouthed all the curses she could think of after her, before clearing her throat and getting shakily to her feet.

    "Thanks for all your help, I'm truly grateful. I'll escort myself home though, I wouldn't want to keep you from anything..." She said, trying to keep the cringe out of her voice and off her face when she put weight onto the injured ankle. She hobbled for only a few steps before the pain was too much and she bit her lip hard to keep from making any noise. When she tried to put weight on it again, it was too much and she held onto Chase's arm for support. "Well...I mean, I guess it's worse than I thought...could you, I mean if you wouldn't mind..." She said quietly, knowing how ridiculous she must look to him with all her indecision. She lifted her gaze nervously to his before staring back to where she was still holding his arm and immediately released her grip.
  14. Right before she let go, he squeezed her hand onto his arm to make her latch on and smiled
    "..Sure, just tell me where.."
    He smiled and helped her to her car, placing her gently in the passenger seat and riving her home. The ride their was eerily quiet due to her pride keeping her form trying to talk, but he didn't mind. Turning on the radio, he stopped on the xm station that played rock form the 2000's, smiling a bit. It seemed so long ago but he enjoys music past is time. He was drumming the steering wheel gently but still keeping it straight as they drove, soon reaching her home. Pulling into the driveway he looked around for her father's truck
    "I guess they're still trying to figure something out..."
    He looked down at Annabelle, back into her green eyes as he helped her out, making her balance on him as he walks her to the door
    "Even though it's not a date at all and you'll never see it as one...I enjoyed meeting up, as one sided as it was."
    He smiled and stopped at her door, making sure she was stable enough to make it back into her house as he let her arm go from his, resting it beside her as he started to walk away from her door, but waited for her to be safely inside.
  15. Annabelle smiled to herself at his choice of music, though she preferred the pop from that particular generation rock wasn't necessarily something she disliked. He seemed a bit more at ease this time around, even drumming his fingers along. She found herself nodding along a little bit as well. She too noticed her father's truck missing, and scoffed at his assumption. "Oh no, if I know my dad he's searching diligently for a new prospect or partnership. Unless he somehow managed to patch the little scene we made up with your father." She answered with a smile, accepting his help to her door. She didn't want to go in though, which was new to her but she wasn't entirely against these ideas.

    A shy smile made it's way to her lips and he spoke of their evening, and as he waited for her to go in she mimicked his earlier posture and leaned against her door frame, although she made sure to emphasize the curve of her hips as she smiled at him in a very coy manner. "While I do admit this certainly wasn't a date, I don't recall mentioning anything about not enjoying it." She said, the flirting coming naturally as she gave him her most playful smile. "Do enjoy the rest of your evening, Mr. Bolter..." And with that she turned on her good heel and welcomed the comfort of her home. She leaned against the door as she closed it, and for the life of her she couldn't wipe the smile off her face.
  16. And you as well Miss Weste..."
    he smiled back at her before she closed the door, walking down the street some to make the call to get his car back safely and return himself home.

    The next day after his wake up at his father's place, the usual schedule popped up against his bed, but this time it was empty. Apparently after the little fiasco at the diner, compromising the partnership between the Westes and the Bolters, Chase assumed that his father cut everything off for the day. Unsure how to take this he looked throughout his day planner and noted he was free for the day. So he decided to make some calls. To Keith, Samantha, Dmitri, all the contacts, but he couldn't find any available. He had the day all to himself. And he didn't like it.

    Usually when his day is free he hangs out with his friends, catch a movie, grab a bite, hit the town, but none of his friends were ready to part their time to enjoy the day with him. Figures the day he gets off, everyone is still busy. And it was still too early to hit the clubs downtown. So he had no idea what to do, but he noticed something new on his phone, a new contact he had to approve. As he checked for some info, he noticed who it was. Annabelle Weste. Somehow during their ordeal last night, their phones got their contact info and submitted their numbers onto each other's phones. But he was a bit surprised to have her number there on it. Something almost compelled him to call her but he went against it. Last night wasn't really anything, so he had no reason to try to call her/
  17. The shrill sound of a morning alarm woke Annabelle up the next morning, and she struggled out from under her sheets to turn the noisy thing off. She lay in her bed, staring out the window with a lazy smile as she recalled the previous evening's events. It was interesting to meet someone who, like herself, wasn't only interested in money. Most of the people her age were either taking over a family business or partying away their time and money. Sure, Anna enjoyed a party every now and then, although she mostly avoided alcohol due to her low tolerance for the beverage. She loved to dance in a crowded club and just throw herself into the music. She frowned down at her wrapped ankle - she wouldn't be dancing for at least a week due to her clumsiness. She sighed, making her way out of bed and into the shower.

    Freshly showered and wearing a pair of light skinny jeans and a black long sleeved V-neck shirt, she grabbed her phone and headed downstairs to eat. The house was empty as everyone was out doing their own thing. But due to her injury Anna's schedule had been postponed for the day. She went through her phone, smiling to herself when she passed over Chase's name in her contacts. She had noticed it last night before bed and for once she was happy that her phone had gone and added someone to her contact list without her permission. She absentmindedly tapped her usual yogurt and granola breakfast into the menu bar and waited for the meal to be prepared. She kept hovering over Chase's name only to skip it before she could do something stupid. So they had spent an evening together, big deal. He's seen all the most embarrassing parts of her and probably joked about her to his friends.

    Just as she was finishing up her meal, a notification popped up on the main screen of the house security system, and Anna watched as her father's face appeared. He was sitting in his office adjusting his suit, most likely preparing for a date with her mother. Anna was jealous of her parents and their everlasting love, she had always wanted the same and wished her father would see that and stop setting her up. "My sweet Annabelle, I hope you slept well. I have a favor to ask you. As you know, today your mother and I are going on a date of sorts and I need you to bring the yellow envelope in my office to Mark. I would do it myself, but I have no time to go home and this partner of ours likes to have paper copies as well as electronic for some odd reason. I've already arranged the car, so could you help your old man out? All my love!" Anna childishly stuck out her tongue as the video message ended, and sighed. It wasn't like she had anything better to do today.

    Hugging her red coat closer to her body, Anna leisurely made her way down the block to the cafe her father had directed her to. It was busy with the lunch hour rush, but Anna couldn't see her brother anywhere. Tired of standing on her foot, she chose a table near a side window and requested a latte from the menu bar at the center of her table. FIVE MINUTES flashed on the screen, the seconds ticking off as the time passed. She sat back in her chair and watched the cars fly over the streets, wondering why everyone was always in such a hurry to get somewhere on the uptown streets.
  18. He fidgeted a bit boredly in his house as his father was working, staying with him for the day. His mother did not live far form the town they all resided in, but it was his father's turn to have his son. The only child they shared and the only child for his father, his mother's recent marriage bolstered two children for her that she raised with her past lover, now an estranged marriage blossomed between them as they grew more connected against her ex husband's back.

    But he felt compelled to at least follow up about last night, to at least make sure Annabelle made it safely and was doing alright. But i nstead of face time or a call, he sent her a message
    "hey, it's me the big headed jer-"
    He erased the message and retried

    "...Hey it's Chase from last evening. Hope your leg is healing well and that you're doing okay."
    He finally sent that draft and sighed a bit. He was thinking about really calling her to try to make some plans but decided against it, knowing well she did not have an interest in him, even though her flirtatious attitude the night before migh speak differently. But he thought she was just a huge flirt...a lovely, sexy, gorge-.
    He shook his head to escape to a different thought, roaming his house for something to do. The entertainment room was ready at his disposal, but it was not appealing at the time. A few minutes pass as he decided to take a nap, heading to the living quarters and resting on the recliner. His father's cocker spaniel leaps up and rests with him.
  19. Annabelle had been lost in her day dreaming when someone cleared their throat, sitting down across from her. She turned to look at the man, her stare very confused and uncertain. "May I...help you?" She asked, her tone bored and speculating, and she crossed her arms across her chest. The man smiled, but it looked more calculative than friendly. "Your brother sent me, I'm bringing the envelope to our business meeting." He told her casually, sitting back and seeming to take in her appearance. Already Anna knew she didn't like this man. "I'm sorry, but I'm going to need to confirm that with my brother. If you'll excuse me..." She said, standing from the table and putting a distance between them. She messaged her brother, and sure enough he'd been telling the truth. "It seems I owe you an apology. Here's the envelope, will that be all?" She handed it over, reaching for her coat but he motioned for her to sit, he himself already comfortable.

    "I hope you don't mind that I ordered a refill for you, it was the least I could do for you coming all the way down town despite an injury." He told her, leaning forward and instigating small talk. Anna was starting to get the feeling her father had something to do with this guy coming instead of her brother. "I can tell by your suspicious look that you think I have ulterior motives, but you're mistaken. My name is Colin Morgan, my father Conrad is a partner in your father's company." He held out his hand, and Anna took the offered greeting politely. "I'm sorry, it's just my father likes to think he's a match maker you see..." She said, laughing at her own foolishness. Colin smirked at her, almost smugly, and Anna fidgeted uncomfortably. She needed to find some sort of excuse to leave without looking like she was letting his ego win. "I have no interest in getting to... know...those who do no benefit me, miss Weste." He told her, making sure to hold eye contact. Anna narrowed her eyes, about to tell him to go to hell when her phone took that precise moment to alert her of a message.

    Chase's name flashed on her screen, and she could have climbed through the phone and kiss him for giving her a perfect excuse. "Well Colin, give my brother my regards, but I'll have to excuse myself. My boyfriend is getting impatient you see, so..." She gave him an overly polite smile, making sure to sugar coat her voice. "By all means, don't let me keep you from him. I'm sure we'll see each other again soon." He said, giving her a tight lipped smile. Anna knew she'd thrown him for a loop at the mention of a boyfriend, everyone knew that Daniel Weste's daughter did not date just anyone so casually. She gathered her coat and phone, and made sure to sway her hips just enough to make a perfectly dismissive exit.

    "You can't begin to understand how grateful I was for that text, you saved me from a rather annoying situation. To show my gratitude for not only that but last night as well, I'm going to buy you dinner. An acquaintance of my father's just opened a new Thai restaurant down town, you can pick me up at 7." She responded back, hesitating momentarily after she sent the message and hoping she didn't sound too demanding. Shaking her head, she pushed the thought away. Annabelle Weste wasn't demanding, and any man should feel honored to be picking her up. What did it matter that said man had the most amazing body, not to mention he was funny and made her want to... She stopped her racing thoughts, running her fingers through her hair. It was a thank you dinner, nothing more. Besides, Chase thought she was some kind of accident prone drama queen. She did NOT have anything more than physical attraction to this man, and even then it wasn't much...really.
  20. His nap was short lived as the spaniel on his lap tried to nuzzle into his pocket at the vibration his phone left off on his limb. Still half asleep, his groggy nature limped his hand to his phone, but it felt numb, asleep as Tootsie, the dog, slept on it as it was resting on his chest. He shook it violently to try to get a surge of blood going into the nerves, reawakening the arm and flexes his fingers. He never liked the emptiness his nerves made him feel when pressure was applied to anything as he slept. It was a scary feeling but he literally shook it off. Grabbing his phone to check the message, he smiled to himself when Anna's name was flashing on the monitor, opening it to read.

    Dinner plans with Annabelle, this was unexpected but he still relished at the thoiught to fianlly have plans, even if it was with this madame from last night. But a look of confusion sprawled on his face as he got the intention. Her buying dinner was absurd, he helped her in the goodness of his heart, not for anything in return....Then again, she was asking for his company and she was a catch. He decided to agree to this and looked at the clock, he had 2 hours before their evening.

    The chime of the town clock rang 7 times as he was driving towards his destination. A fan of all kinds of food he was curious about thai food. He enjoyed sushi, habashi and all you can eat buffets, but he never tried this type of oriental. His threads of choice seemed more lax form the other day, a black blazer accented his red polo, left untucked over jeans, but all in all a pleasing appearance. Casual but still wanted to look nice for Annabelle, sitting in the lobby for their reservation, and his companion for the night. He was smiling slightly as he looked and reread the message over and over, waiting for her arrival.