A Last Chance for a Second Life [TWEWY RP]

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  1. Your last memory is something... strange.

    Perhaps it was slipping off a ladder while working on a wall. Perhaps it was seeing the hair dryer fall from the sink towards your bath. Perhaps it was staring down the barrel of a gun or a knife. Or, perhaps, you simply don't remember anything at all. Regardless of what it is, you do know one thing for sure.

    You're dead, buddy.

    While drifting through some ghostly afterlife, you found yourself approached by a woman with a cold smile. She gave you a simple choice -- either be erased, your soul destroyed, or play her little game. You win the game, you come back to life, no strings attached.

    Of course, it's not that easy. Games that have no limit to who can win and a win requirement of simply surviving rarely are...


    Welcome! This thread is for a roleplay/series based off/using the Reaper's Game introduced in The World Ends With You. In the shortest terms, the Reaper's Game is played by people who have died and want a second chance at life. The Game is far from easy, however -- monsters known as Noise and Reapers themselves do everything they can to erase these people (known as Players) for their own reasons. The game lasts a week and requires an entry fee to play -- that is, the thing that matters the most to the Player, regardless of what it is, is taken for their fee. If they win, they get the fee back, but if they lose...

    The Game itself actually promotes cooperation -- if the mission of the day isn't completed, every single Player is erased, but if any Player finishes the mission of the day, then every Player passes. Along with this, Players must make a "pact" with another Player so that the two can fight together against Reapers and Noise both (as battles take place in two different dimensions, called frequencies) -- if they don't have a pact, they can't fight, simple as that. While Reapers don't need a pact to fight (they can project their shadow into the other frequency), Reapers who DO have a pact are generally stronger than a single Reaper alone. This is because only two-person teams, regardless of Reaper or Player status, have access to the ability to create a "light puck," a visual and metaphysical manifestation of their pact that is passed between them through the dimensions and amplifies their abilities when they hold onto it.

    Fighting is done via psychs, abilities that are manifested through pins. While there are many different psychs, they are run by the imagination a person has -- therefore, every character made will only be allowed access to three different psychs, but they may use any pins with that psych, regardless of stats.

    For the roleplay itself, this will stretch into multiple roleplays -- that is, multiple weeks with sign ups for each so that everyone who wants in can get in! This is because, out of necessity, sign ups will stop after Day 1 unless too many people get erased.

    A list of Pins, Threads, and Psychs for those who need help in character creation! Note that the two pins they start with are given to them by the Conductor (that weird lady who took their fee) before they ever get into the game.

    Images of the light puck can be seen right here. For the sake of the RP, it passes as normal (successful attacks within a time frame), but if not passed in time, just disappears and forces the group to start over.

    An image of a shared HP bar (for both Reapers and Players) can be seen here.

    As a note, Players cannot see or interact with each other in battle (as they're in seperate frequencies), but they can hear and communicate with each other -- very powerful Players can actually sense their other partner and what they're doing, but that's a rare breed.


    Now this is a fairly important aspect of the battle system, but for a while, I wasn't sure how to handle it. This is how it works in terms of this RP:

    Every Player Team (and Reaper Team) has three levels of fusions. It is up to the two players to figure out what each level of the fusion does and then add it to both their sheets under the "partner" heading. Note that if both partners do not have the fusions listed in both their sheets, they will not be allowed to use them in the roleplay! You have to let others know what they do, otherwise it's not fair, right?

    In terms of using them, fusions will -- for the sake of this RP -- come into play when the two partners are fighting in "sync," meaning that even despite not being able to directly interact besides speaking to (or sensing) one another they are managing to fight together, not just fighting the same target. Level 1 Fusion (moderate damage) can be used fairly frequently, Level 2 Fusion (heavy damage/likely death to non-bosses) can be used every so often, and Level 3 Fusion (severe/certain death to non-bosses) can only be used in long battles or when the team is in a critical condition or state.

    As for what Fusions can actually appear like, this video here shows the fusions from The World Ends With You itself. The fusions are, in order:

    Shiki Level 1 (0:00-0:04)
    Joshua Level 1 (0:05-0:12)
    Beat Level 1 (0:13-0:17)
    Shiki Level 2 (0:18-0:24)
    Joshua Level 2 (0:25-0:32)
    Beat Level 2 (0:33-0:42)
    Uzuki/Kariya Level 1 (0:43-0:47)
    Shiki Level 3 (0:48-1:00)
    Joshua Level 3 (1:01-1:10)
    Beat Level 3 (1:11-1:21)

    The last fusion in the video (1:22-2:08) is an exclusive Fusion that requires a special channeler (Neku) and the energy of three specific partners combined (Shiki, Joshua, Beat). Because all normal Players can only pact with a single other Player and battles are strictly a one-Player-team battle, fusions with more than two Pacted partners or at that level of power are not allowed.

    Fusions will only be available for use after Day 2. This is to give you time to both make a Pact and figure out your fusions.

    Note that you do not have to turn them all in at once -- if you have a Level 1 Fusion added to your sheet, you may use it freely, but you may not use Level 2 or 3 until said fusions are on your sheet.
  2. Characters

    Lyth Hachito
    Jun Fukazawa
    Leslie Maxwell




    Player Sheet

    Name: Your character's name. Keep in mind the setting is in Japan and thus your character's name should be Japanese unless there's a reason why it wouldn't (non-Japanese parent).
    Appearance: What does your character look like? Feel free to completely make up a look, add in edited sprites, or even just link threads they're wearing and fill in the blanks! Anything that gives us an idea about them.
    Entry Fee: What was the most important thing to your character?
    Entry Fee Reasoning: WHY was it the most important thing to your character?
    Psychs: What psychs can you use? Remember that you may only have UP TO THREE. No more.
    Pin Deck: The six pins your character has. You must link to six pins, no more, no less, but you only start with TWO of these. Be sure to note which ones you have somehow!
    Partner: Your partner. Leave this blank -- you'll gain a partner by making a pact via RP.

    Reaper Sheet

    Name: Your character's name. Keep in mind the setting is in Japan and thus your character's name should be Japanese unless there's a reason why it wouldn't (non-Japanese parent).
    Appearance: What does your character look like? Feel free to completely make up a look, add in edited sprites, or even just link threads they're wearing and fill in the blanks! Anything that gives us an idea about them.
    Rank: What rank is your character? Note that only Harrier and Support are available unconditionally -- to have a rank of Officer or anything above it, you MUST talk to me first.
    Wing Size : All Reapers have fence-wire wings, but the size of the wings reflects how much power they have. There are three sizes -- normal, small, and hidden. Support Reapers ALWAYS have normal size wings, Harriers may choose between normal or small, and Officers ALWAYS have their wings hidden.
    Psychs: What psychs can you use? Remember that you may only have UP TO THREE. No more.
    Pin Deck: The six pins your character has. You must link to six pins, no more, no less, but you only start with TWO of these. Be sure to note which ones you have somehow!
    Noise: What (or which) Noise does your character generally specialize in using? It can be any non-boss, non-taboo Noise, or you can simply put "All" or "None" to show your character has no preference.
    Partner: Your partner. Feel free to put "None," but keep in mind that your partner must be another human-played Reaper and they must agree to it, otherwise you're on your own.
  3. Name: Hachito Lyth (Read as "Last Name - First Name" in japanese style)

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Entry Fee: He lost the ability to move his fingers with any dexterity.

    Entry Fee Reasoning: Lyth grew up lonely and alone, ostracized by his peers. The one thing he had was his art. It brought him comfort and approval from those around him.

    Psychs: Irregular Note, Lightning Bolt, Subconscious

    Pin Deck: Visionary Blend, Black Jupiter, Swift as the Wind, Hushed as the Woods, Fierce as the Flame, Stalwart as the Mount

    Partner: Pending
  4. Interested :)
  5. You know I'm interested, you made sure to explain how awesome.. Though complicated.. The World Ends With You is xD..

    I'm gonna need to put something together though, dunno how long that'd take. Also, would it be fine for me to play an American character who just like, moved to and lives in Japan for whatever reason?

    It's good to see you doing stuff on here, anyway. I toooooold you it's not such a scary place.
  6. Sorry, everyone! A squirrel decided to eat our transformer, so the power blew out.

    @Everyone Who Said Interested: Good to hear it.

    Accepted in! Welcome!

    Tee hee. But yes, that would be completely plausible. After all, people move all the time.
  7. This is true. I'll start putting together a sheet some time tomorrow, if I'm not feeling like dog crap again xD..

    100_0416.JPG <- Might be my character, btw. I drawed him lastnight with your RP in mind.
  8. I'm totally in. I love this gameeee. <3 I'll post my character by Monday!
  9. Looks fine to me. TWEWY characters' clothing is surprisingly simple half the time, but still stylish.
  10. Name: Jun Fukazawa (Jun Foo-Kah-Zah-Wah)
    Appearance: (I love being good at editing sprites)
    Entry Fee: Her voice
    Entry Fee Reasoning: What is it that a person uses the most in a day to do everything from ordering, shopping, to simple communication? Their voice, of course. Jun is a very individual person, proud of herself, and her voice is dear to her because it is a way of expressing herself and tearing down those who would tear down or change her instead. Without one's voice, one is helpless, as people often interpret what you attempt to get across as what they want to hear... or simply ignore you completely.
    Psychs: Pyrokinesis, Velocity Attack, Piercing Pillar
    Pin Deck: Final Pyre, All Expired ; Wolf ; Black Uranus ; Flames Afar, Foes Aflame ; Velocity Attack ; Blizzard Cool
    Partner: Not yet pact'd
  11. Name: Makoto 'Mako' Grayson
    Appearance: Mako has buzz-cut dark brown hair and his fathers green eyes. He has a medium olive complexion. He wears dark brown slacks and a white long-sleeved polo with a light brown sweater vest over it. His shoes are white and black checkered slip-ons.
    Entry Fee: Memories of his father, his fathers family, and his heritage.
    Entry Fee Reasoning: His father was an American business man who was sent to Nagoya. Mako's father, Nicolas Grayson, met Mako's soon-to-be mother during a job interview he had to find a new assistant. He hired Aoi Iwamatsu and they soon fell in love and married. A few years into the marriage, Makoto was conceived and Aoi Grayson passed away giving birth to Mako. Nicolas Grayson was a fantastic father to him and they had a good friendship. Makoto idolized his father and couldn't wait to be like him.

    Psychs: Street Jam, Force Rounds, Burst Rounds
    Pin Deck: LIVE!. Lolita Mic. Lolita Bat. Skull Rabbit. One Stroke, Vast Wealth. Kaleidoscope.
    Partner: N/A at the moment.

    Here's my attempt. Let me know what you think Butterfly? o:
  12. Only problem I see is that I can't tell which of the six pins you're starting with. Fix that and you're golden.
  13. Derp. It didn't underline. I'll fix it when my laptop is up and running again.
  14. I'm thinking 8 players will probably be enough to start.
  15. Name: Leslie Maxwell
    Entry Fee:
    Jun's memories of him.
    Entry Fee Reasoning: Shortly after moving from America to Japan, Leslie met a girl. About his age, pretty as could be, friendly. Spoke her mind too, whether it was something you wanted to hear or not. This girl, Jun wouldn't hesitate to tell him that his stupid ideas were exactly that, or that he was moron for running outside to look for Godzilla or Mothra any time he heard sirens. He thought it was hilarious, and somehow even cute, even though she was being completely serious each time.

    Naturally, Leslie fell for Jun, and he somehow managed to win her over as well. She'd keep him from getting into trouble whenever he'd cook up another terrible idea, make for the best company and keep him smiling, and above all else, she'd stick with him through everything. What could be more important to a guy with abandonment issues? Oh yeah, he's got those. Life wasn't great back home. Not important though. Point is, Jun had become the most important person in Leslie's life, his everything.
    Psychokinesis, Lance Lunge, Aqua Barrier
    Pin Deck:
    Queen's Knight - Mikazuki - Raven - Kinetic Warning - Shiro - Splish Splash Barrier
    None yet.
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