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A Las Barricadas!

We interrupt the regularly schedule programming to give breaking news from the Headquarters of Sion Enterprises, located in the Las Vegas Lexicon region of Mars. For quite some time, there has been rumors that Sion's Head Director, Mister Donald Crawford, has been working with the various government districts and zones of influence to help quell the threats of pirates. Here, he comes now:

"Good Morning to all my friends on the Martian Colonies,

My name is Donald Crawford.

At this point in time, I must apologize for interrupting your normal morning programming to bring you this message.

I've heard your cries for help against the Banditos and we at Sion feel that it is time that we address these issues. For too long now, these thugs have been raiding homes, churches, and businesses a like. Whether the UN is too busy with affairs on Earth or not, we at Sion Enterprises believe it is time we work along side with local governments to ensure that a long and ever lasting peace is finally declared.

Here at Sion, we are now creating state of the art police weapons, including various designs of mecha and new fire arms that will both out gun and out man the mafia empires that currently control so many aspects of our fragile lives on the frontiers of human advancement into the cosmos.

Further more, for far too long, we've been putting the conduct of civilized law into the hands of rebels, mercenaries, so-called intellectuals, and anarchistic bounty hunters. Do we really want the dignified role of civilization to be "saved" by outlaws that promote their own well being over that of the publics'? If we do, then I believe we'll be moving even deeper into the depths of decadence!

In order to further promote the preservation of law, we are once again putting more research into the Agents Schema.
When combined with the help of the local police and military forces, along with our latest inventions at Sion, we'll ensure a brighter and better future for our children and our children's children.

Now at this time, I will take any questions from the selected panel of reporters…"

There you have it folks; Mister Crawford giving vague but reassuring promises about helping to defend the livelihoods of the people of Mars…

Yes. It's one of those kinds of tales…. A Spaghetti Western set a few hundred years after humans learn the art of space travel and warp speed and stuff like that.

Here's the low down; the vast distances of space have formed barriers and difficulties similar to those faced by American settlers as they crossed and developed the continent, forcing people to become independent or even insular, without help from whatever central authority that is control and immediate protection once again becoming a personal matter.

Recently colonies found in the Southern Cross region, located in the moons just past Mars, a group called the Banditos have been raiding women, booze, firearms, money, all other sorts of things.

In such times, people seek out any kinds of heroes they can find to take on the bad guys. This is where you come in.


You are a man with no name, an independent bounty hunter, an intellectual, a liberal, a conservative, a mercenary, a soldier of fortune, and whatever else you can lay claim to. You travel around from colony to colony seeking out adventure, glory, and most importantly rewards.

Armed with mecha, machine guns, lasers, space ships, and whatever else you could need to face all sorts of shady groups, you are the last line of defense of bringing law and order to a lawless frontier of humanity.

Do you have what it takes?
House Rules:Please pay attention to any requests or specifics given

Basic Plot Idea: You are a free lance bounty hunter hired to take on the Banditos. Storyline will be made up as we go along to ensure we can have a fulfilling freeform format. Expect to encounter many "Western" themes mixed with science fiction and heist films. As well, also expect needless slaughtering of bad guys and other Quentin Tarantino-like weirdness.  

Game Masters: Rory and Zypher

Number of Players Allowed: Five

Number of Characters: One to Two, please PM if you want more than two. Amends will be put into consideration.

Posts per week: Please aim for one or two.

Rating:Older Teen, 16+. There will be violence, some adult themes, and crude humor.

Genre: Sci Fi Fantasy, Western, Adventure, Bounty Hunters.

Atmosphere/Mood: Action Comedy

Timeline:Futuristic Wild Wild West.

Ask my Maid Mandy! But seriously though, you have any questions or there is anything I have left out, just go ahead and ask me (in this thread or PM)

Character Sheets:

Well, if you've gotten through my entire badly-lain plot and you still want to RP, here's the sheet. 

Name: What your character is called... 

Age: How old they are.


Appearance: Height, weight, body type, hair color/length, eye color etc. If you post a picture please add a short description as well.

Who Hired You:

Weapons option: You can arm your characters with weapons. Nothing that is magical or so powerful that it makes you impossible to stop. It can be anything from a gun to a large hand held weapon. 

Personality: How your character would react to situations. Are they nice? Arrogant? Rude, etc.

Past: Add a short past - where they grew up, perhaps how they got to be where they are at the start of the RP. Why they are on the side that they are on. 
Name: Rachel "Garnet" Valentinerne

Age: 21.

Gender: Female


Rachel has white hair because she dyes it to add to her 'persona,' though she's really a redhead. She stands 5'6" tall and weighs 120lbs. Her body size is slim, therefore meaning she is not an overly muscular young lady but she does pack a punch.

The outfit in this picture isn't exactly well suited for bounty hunting, so she designed a uniform of black and yellow for herself while in combat. This is her riding jacket. It is a combination of leather and mesh, allowing for free movement but still keeping her safe from the elements. Her pants are made out of the same material that any modern soldier wears, being both light weight and durable to the elements and high speeds. Her helmet was a gift from her father before he was killed in combat against the Las Vegas Lexicon mafia. This is tattooed up both of her arms.

Who Hired You: Sion Biosystems Corporation, to "take care" of the Banditos. Yorkburg is one of the wealthier towns and is willing to pay towards to 400 Space Dollars for each Bandito head brought In.

Weapons option: Garnet uses her Motorcycle as her chef means of combat. The bike has 20" front and rear tires, and is powered by a high-performance, water-cooled, single-cylinder engine - geared toward the lower end for faster acceleration and there are no exhaust pipes. The exhaust is routed through the hollow steel/aluminum/magnesium tubing used for the frame of the bike. The rider's body is protected by shields. It is about 10.5 feet (3.2 m) long and her max. speed is Of 0 to 180 mph (290 km/h) in 6.9 seconds. There's a central computer on the tank that supplies an LCD announcement containing additional information for the driver.

It is armed with two hidden mini Gatling guns on the sides, which gives her a lot of fire power. The draw back is that they cannot be reloaded after all the bullets have been consumed.

As a rider, she has a good sense of balance and tends to have better spatial judgment than most. Which allows her to 'flow' with her bike with great ease.

For personal defense, the Company Store gave her a "pocket knife" named Hunter. The blade is roughly a foot long and is hung on her leather belt. She is also armed with standard US Government .45's.

Garnet is well read, meaning that by stealing book as a child from the patrons of her father's involvement in the Moon uprisings, Garnet learned to read in this fashion. The Company Store, turned a blind eye to this fact. The reasons for this are personal and thusly she never talks about it.

Garnet cares little for advice of others. As well, the woman will only talk to someone if they interest her. She is paid to do her job well, not listen to the problems of others. Her only loyalty is to money. Although she is in the lower class of society, Garnet is known to horde the little she has for a "rainy day."

She knows that life is full of hardships, so she has a fatalist attitude. This means that the only interest she has is her own. Everything is based on self interest for survival and if one fails then death is the only way to go.

She demands to be addressed as Garnet because it sounds more warrior like than Rachel does.

Past: Garnet was born on a Martian settlement. Her father was a member of a criminal syndicate called the Company Store, which was in charge of several mining project on Mars, Earth's Moon, and Earth itself. Her father was also immigrant on run from the British that were stationed in the British sector of Mars. Garnet was raised on the run, so she never had a formal education in an established school. Several years her father was involved with various worker rebellions on the Moon. This forced them to live life on the lamb. That was until they stumbled their way into the casino world of Las Vegas Lexicon. Her father worked for the local Company Store branches for several years. Without a formalized military, her father had her trained in various combats but it was the motorbike that she excelled at. During a coupe against the CS, Garnet decided to abandoned Las Vegas Lexicon altogether and became a hired gun.
Name: Ruby Mayhem

Age: 22

Gender: Female


Height: Stands about 5'7"
weight: A lady don' share that information sugar.
body type: compact but slightly toned
hair color/length: Long, bust length hair. Ruby red just like the setting desert sun.
eye color: Gray-blue

Who Hired You: Sion Biosystems Corporation who want to have certain, not so legal holdings in Yorksburg but need the political climate to settle down first. So they sent Ruby out to "take care" of the banditos.

Weapons option:
Gertrude: A large rail gun that Ruby carries with her constantly (Shown in picture above) Impractical for most situations but if she has the time to hoist it up and fire it causes massive damage to anything it hits, including mechs. Very unwieldy and difficult to use even for Ruby.

Bethany and Jane: When put into a pinch Ruby has twin handguns. Lightweight and simple they are the antithesis to Gertrude. Specialized sensors on them makes sure that only Ruby can fire them.

Personality: Ruby is a lady in manners, well spoken (with a Southern twang), but she gets angry easy, and doesn't put up with much crap. She'll just as easily put a bullet in someone as give them a kiss. She likes to spend times in Saloons and other rough places but always seems to have no problem fitting in.

Past: Ruby grew up planet-side on Mars, having a rough childhood out in the red desert she quickly took up gunslinging as a profession, getting into many duels. Eventually she was recruited by the Martian Government to work for them. Spending a few years doing that she finally broke that contract and buying a ship to get off the planet. Soon she began using her talents to become a hired gun, usually not bothering with the "alive" part of her contracts and doing fine off death money. Eventually she was picked up by the Sion Biosystems Corporation and sent her to Yorksburg


Name: Spinel Reina

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10"
Weight: Classified
Body Type: Slim, minimal muscluature
Hair: Short blue

Who Hired You: Sion Biosystems Corporation (She is an actual employee of the company)

Weapons option: Two high powered large pistols connected to a digital databank that will automatically reload all bullets fired.

The metal tipped braids on the edges of her outfit are actually part of her specialized form of martial arts and she can use them with deadly efficiency and even without her hand to hand combat abilities are of a high caliber.

Personality: Spinel is very flat and emotionless individual, the only time she actually smiles is when things are going exactly her way. She is extremely intelligent and calculating. She prefers to work behind the scenes and manipulate the "big players" in any situation.

Past: Spinel is one of the daughters of the CEO exec of the Sion Biosystems Corporation. When she was younger she wanted nothing but didn't care for much. As a child she was just as expressionless as she is now. Her father saw the potential of having such a emotionless child and began training her almost as a human weapon, but still caring for her as a father would. Recently her father asked her personally to keep an eye out on his new "investments," Garnet and Ruby.
Man, you had me sold when you said Spaghetti Western in Space.

Character coming up.

Name: Reverend Niall McKinley, 'The Preacher'

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Appearance: Reverend McKinley has an imposing figure, standing at over 6'4" and heavily-muscled. He is commonly seen in a long, travel-stained brown duster, underneath which one can always see the priest collar that makes him as a religious figure as well as a gunslinger. Possibly the most striking feature of his appearance is the breastplate he often wears as body-armour, with a crucifix emblem forged onto it.

Who Hired You: The Sion Biosystems Corporation, to be one of the bounty hunters tasked with dealing with the Banditos who plague the colonies. He receives funding from various religious groups as well.

Weapons Option: McKinley is a gunslinger not just in name; he wields a pair of revolvers that pack a heavy punch and a large capacity for bullets; this pair of Irons was custom-made for McKinley, and he is an adept when it comes to using them on others. His time as a sniper in the European Union military has made him an excellent shot with the sniper rifle he also brings with him, allowing him to take out targets from a great distance away. With built-in Spotter programmes and capable of automatically collapsing down into an easily-carried shape, it is a very useful weapon in the Preacher's arsenal.

Travelling the deserts of the Red Planet's moons is no easy task, yet it is one that McKinley must complete regularly as he takes his fight to other parts of the world. He utilises a Quad-Bike to move from place to place; it's highly manoeuvrable and deceptively well-armoured, but does not have any weapons or armaments, as McKinley prefers to do his fighting face-to-face with his enemies.

Personality: The Preacher has the outward personality of a very calm, controlled individual; he is well-mannered and well-spoken man who is always happy to assist others where he can. He is a tolerant religious figure, having no quarrels with people of other faiths as some other preachers might.

In combat, McKinley has the professional detachment of a soldier; he's quick-thinking, calm under fire and doesn't hesitate when an opportunity presents itself. He has earned a reputation amongst Banditos as a truly ferocious enemy, offering those who seek to fight him one opportunity to surrender peacefully, after which he offers no mercy.

Inwardly, McKinley has more than a few personal issues, however. He is aware that, as a good Christian, he should not be perpetrating the acts of violence that he does, as it is against the will of the Lord according to the Bible to kill another man. Yet he feels he cannot sit idly by and preach forgiveness and toleration as bandits and thugs exploit and kill others. As such, he has moments where he comes to doubt his faith, though his resolve remains steadfast; he often adopts gallows humour, figuring that he'll find out if he's done the right thing when one of his enemies finally manages to kill him.

Past: Originally born in Ireland back on Earth, Niall McKinley was one of the many McKinley children who enlisted in the European Union military shortly after leaving school. He found God in the trenches of some off-world, war-torn hellhole, and went on to serve as a soldier for a number of years until his honourable dismissal when he was around 40.

At this point, Niall elected to do the work of God, joining the Church as a preacher not long after he left the military. Choosing to emigrate to the New Worlds, he became the preacher for a small Colony in the British-controlled Moons of Mars. For several years he lived a fairly calm, peaceful life, caring for his flock in his new home.

Four years ago, however, and trouble struck the colony that Reverend McKinley was a part of; raiders decided that it was the ideal target and swept into the small community hell-bent on killing anyone who resisted and stealing whatever they could. Though he had not used them properly in years, McKinley had ensured that his guns were well-maintained for such a situation, and when the raiders came the Preacher came out to defend his flock.

Slaughtering any of the bandits who got in his way, the Preacher led the survivors of the attack to safety. He believed that his eyes had been opened; everyday, good people had their lives destroyed by the cruel practices of bandits and thieves, and no-one seemed to be doing anything to stop it. The Preacher had found his Divine mission, and in the four years since he has earned a reputation as a terrifying hunter of outlaws and bandits, fighting his way across many moons and planets on his mission.
Looks good so far. I'll wait until we get one or two more people before I start the RP.
Name: Dennis "Thanatos" Jaeger
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Dennis stands at six feet tall, weighs about 180 lbs, has green eyes, and medium length light brown hair.
Who Hired You: Deltria Weapons Corporation, an Earth-based weapons and vehicle manufacturer. DWC has been looking to get a foothold in Mars for the past 7 years due to the difficulty of getting large quantities of weapons to Mars from Earth, but bandit attacks have proven troublesome in construction. They hired Dennis to help clear out the local scum on Mars with an experimental hoverbike stuck in the late stages of approval, and a neural implant designed to increase reflexes as down payment.

Weapon Options: Dennis is an enthusiast of revolvers and carries two restored Colt single action army revolvers on his person at all time. Known for owning what equates to a small armory back home on Earth, Dennis' selection is both vast, but the distance between Mars and Earth in combination with overall space traffic make this little more than a way to continuously supply Dennis with ammunition. Its impractical for weapon delivery without generously large amounts of advance notice.

Besides his revolvers his typical weapon is usually a SDM-R, a heavily modified M16 designed for marksmanship.

Reflecting his clear, concise, and to the point personality he perfers semi-automatic and precision weaponry while finding automatic and explosive weaponry distasteful, loud, and a blatant waste of ammunition.

Dennis' hoverbike is an experimental DWC Portable Armory 32C1 (PA-32C1) designed for solo missions and weapon transportation. When stocked to capacity it can reach a maximum speed of 160 MPH in approximately ten seconds. Empty it can reach a maximum speed of 220 MPH in closer to five seconds. It is only lightly armored due to its weapon hauling capabilities.

In close range, Dennis has a combat knife on hand.

Combat Habits: Dennis prefers to engage in situations where ambushes are ideal, the area has very heavy cover, or in places where his bike can maneuver easily, allowing him to use its speed to his advantage.

Personality: Dennis prefers his moniker Thanatos amongst other bounty hunters. He is level headed, not particularly loud, and often quite exasperated by the trigger happy tendencies of other bounty hunters in the galaxy. His ability to think on his feet have saved him many times, and is always willing to give advice to those around him. While working in teams is not above him, he believes that self-reliance is far more important.

What Dennis fears more than anything is that if he continues to kill he'll slowly lose the ability to regret or feel guilt after continued killings, but at the same time can't bring himself to stop after watching the strong morals of his police officer father his entire life.

Past: Dennis was born and raised in New York City to a housekeeping mother and a police officer father. Growing up around his father and his strong morals compelled Dennis, like many other young boys, to become like his father. As a result he often got into trouble at school after defending other kids from bullies (IE, beating the crap out of them). As he would defend the other kids, a few others began to follow and help him. Dennis greatly enjoyed working with his friends and believed as a team there was nothing that could stop him.

Dennis' team mentality took a severe blow at the age of 16 when his father was in a police shootout. Despite the officers greatly outnumbering the criminals and superior positioning, his father caught a bullet in his dominant shoulder. After surgery, Dennis' father had difficulty using it and had to move to a desk job. Afterwards Mr. Jaeger would often think back to his old days as a patrol officer. Dennis eventually concluded that his father was injured and had to be pushed behind the scenes because his fellow officers didn't do enough to stop the criminals despite their numbers. Thus Dennis' self-reliant mentality began to take hold.

When he graduated high school Dennis began to learn his way around weaponry. While his parents were unsettled that he wished to become an intergalactic bounty hunter, they accepted that there would be little they could do to sway his mind. Mr. Jaeger introduced Dennis to his colt single action army revolvers, which Dennis took a liking too immediately. His father subsequently gave them to him, and in doing so provided Dennis with the two guns he'd carry for the rest of his life.

When he was 22 he was on a hunt in Greece where, in his haste to find his bounties before they could escape again, he charged into the bar his targets where hiding in, drew his revolvers, and gunned them down before anyone could react. Panic stopped as quickly as it began when Dennis holstered his revolvers. One eye witness account made it into National European newspapers with the statement "He came in and killed those men so fast it was like he was an incarnation of death itself. My son went to thank him for killing the bad men and called him Mr. Thanatos after studying the ancient Greek mythology for the past three weeks."

The nickname Thanatos stuck, after which Dennis' popularity in the bounty hunting grew rapidly to the point that he was hired by Deltria Weapons Corporation three and a half years later. While initially reluctant to take the job, the offer of the PW-32C1 and a neural implant to increase his reflexes as a down payment was too good an offer to pass up. The PW-32C1, which he named Nyx, allowed him greater weapon selection in the field, and the neural implant allowed him to almost triple his reload speed. His only condition to accepting after that was was that he had a chance to take a few more Earth-based jobs to become accustomed to his new toys. Six months later he was off to Mars.
Not a lot has changed. I mainly reworded some things so the character is more my style. :D

Charles "Charlie" Seagrave



Charles is 6'3" and weighs around 190 lbs. He generally wears a necklace with a shark's fang and has tacky costume jewelery on each of his fingers. His hair is a beach blonde with a white shine in the sunlight. A vertical scar is along his right eye from an incident in his shop. It has ruined his vision so that he has to wear glasses. From spending so much time in the sun, his skin has turned a caramel tan. As for clothing, he typically wears something fashionable with multiple colours. To not dirty those, he has plain work clothes.

When in combat, he wears this bio-suit that helps to increase his speed and strength.

Who Hired You:
Hired by Garnet since he's a weapons designer and fixes up her motorbike.

Weapons Option:
Like Garnet he carries two pistols. He also drives around in a tank like vehicle. It has a speed of over 100 miles per hour (160 km/h), go from 0 to 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) in 5 seconds, possess a steering system to make sharp turns at city corners, and withstand a self-propelled launch of up to 30 feet (9.1 m). It also has rear flaps for braking, front autocannons, rocket launcher, Integrated fire-extinguishing system and safety connection to gasoline control, and the front of it is heavily armored, so the car can crash into and destroy objects.

An unusual man, Charlie is. He is flirtatious to women and attracts a lot of attention because he's flamboyant. Most of the time, he's chipper and optimistic. Nothing seems to upset him, either. Except for Garnet when she acts negative towards him. He feels that he deserves more recognition and gratitude from her because the entire reason he follows her around, is to help her.

Charles was once a guy living in the Swinging London scene in the Las Vegas Lexicon colony of Mars. He was originally born on Earth but moved to Mars for a better job. He was involved with a private firm that made weapons but then decided he was too good for normal company work, so he created a business of selling complex machines and weapons to bounty hunters. When he sold faulty weapons to Garnet, she never forgave him and forced him to work for her in response.
Storyline is now open. This chapter please introduce whom your characters are but don't do any sort of major plot arch just yet. Zypher, have Ruby meet up with Garnet this time around. We'll be beating up some gangsters.
I'll try to post this weekend. I have writer's block for some roleplays because of my stress and illness. v__v;
Chaos, please keep in mind not to over use NPCs. I would prefer not to have two ISAF-like corporations running around in this RP.
Writing my intro post as we speak. Sorry for taking so damn long; inspiration has only just caught me.
No problem, Grumpy. I understand perfectly.
Chaos, please keep in mind not to over use NPCs. I would prefer not to have two ISAF-like corporations running around in this RP.

Don't worry. I'm sick of playing that way and want to avoid NPCs even more than you want me to. At most Dennis' DWC contact will be something to keep me on the storyline rails.
Busy month coming ahead of me, so if I end up slowing this RP down, feel free to hijack and proceed. My heart's just not in this RP like it is others anyway, so do whatever you need to do. <3 Even if that means giving Charlie to someone else.
Name: Jarkko Stark

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'9, 152lbs, Medium Build, Light Grey/Medium short hair, Amber Brown,
Jarkko has the appearance of someone who has worked very hard and is proud of what they do, from his tough hand that have seen a lot of work, to his thick legs, which can run like a thing possessed when needed.
[SPOIL=Char. Picture]s_naiz.jpg

Who Hired You: Sion Bio Systems Corporations, as a backup merc. to provide support for "The Preacher," Rachel "Garnet" Valentinerne, and Ruby Mayhem

Weapons option: Jarkko's main weapon is the Wolverine Mk.I, A walker mech, it is medium armored with Dual Vulcan Miniguns, The wolverine holds around 20,000 rounds on its back which belt feeds the miniguns. Able to withstand armored rounds, its weakness is that rockets and lasers can easily devastate this recon suited mech.
to transport this Jarkko has a modified jeep, which can haul the wolverine in a just large enough container.
When Jarkko was in the 505th the standard weapon in case one's mech was taken out was the Sar-21 Assault rifle, Jarkko still has his Sar-21 rifle, and keeps it on him at all times, The Sar-21 Assault rifle fires a 5.56x45mm NATO round, is gas operate with a rotating bolt. The Sar-21 805 mm, weighs 4.44 kg fully loaded, the magazines hold 30 rounds each with an effective range of 500 meters.
For Melee Jarkko uses a Mithrodin Sword which Jarkko has nicknamed his "Horde Killer" [SPOIL=Horde Killer]mithrodin.jpg[/SPOIL] Horde Killer is a manageable 42 3/4" long, and made of Stainless steel, When Jarkko isnt checking his other weapons, he is cleaning his sword.

Personality: Friendly but distant, willing to share his seemingly never ending supply of vodka with a comrade.

Past: Jarkko was born on the Sakhalin Island of Russia; Out of school Jarkko decided that he wanted to see the universe, to do so he joined the United Nations 505th Light mechs, which was comprised of over 250 Medium armored Wolverine P.A.S. (Powered Armor Suits), The 505th was sent to many colony planets to quell rebellions. During one full scale rebellion, a disaster occurred, the rebels had broken into a military warehouse lots of ammo and launchers, which were subsequently used to decimate the 505th to about 34 surviving suits. After this happened Jarkko Bought his Wolverine from the U.N. and resigned, becoming a merc. to support himself.

Okay, just real polite like, I'd just like to say A.) Just because the bike and implant came from DWC doesn't mean EVERYTHING Dennis has is DWC, because its not. B.) Could someone have at least asked if I had anything related to DWC back story before we start writing it for me? I'm trying to prove I can do this without having every little thing be predetermined for me. Not that I won't work with what was thought up.