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  1. Hello folks, I’m here again with a couple of plots that I have really been craving to do. There are only two and unfortunately that means I am only looking for two partners. The plots, as they are currently, aren’t really ones that can be done with several different partners. Apologies if you find them interesting but they are already taken; it’ll basically be a first to show interest is the one who gets it kind of thing.

    Now I’m hoping to find someone who is patient. Things can get busy for me on and off and it can be rather random sometimes, so my ability to post frequently can be affected. In general I can get a post out once a day, usually in the evenings after work. When things DO get busy I can usually get a post out once every other day or every few days. I will try my damndest to let you know if I’ll be more than that, but sometimes that to can be difficult. Don’t feel bad for sending me a message to check-up on things, I won’t get mad or offended. Although, I would ask that you not do it multiple times in a short span of time. One is good enough.

    My posts can be as short as two chunky paragraphs or as long as... Well, there’s no limit really, but I’m not going to say you MUST match my length. I would appreciate at least two decent paragraphs per post or else I do sometimes get bored. Proper grammar and punctuation would also be nice, but I’m also not going to take a tennis racket to you if you make mistakes from time to time. I’m not nearly that crazy.

    That’s pretty much it, if you need to know anything else about me before deciding on partnering with me just message me and we can chat. If you are interested please send me a message.

    Please Note: The second plot is more thought out than the first but both are malleable so your ideas can be included too. I would also prefer the female role as those are the characters I have created for both plots. Thanks for having a read!

    Plot 1 (open)
    A gypsy is currently in another kingdom far different from the one she grew up in; the newly crowned king is far from the monstrous man that still rules her own lands yet his kingdom has close trade relations with the man. They are celebrating the coronation of the new king and she and four others that she escaped imprisonment with have been hired as one of the groups set to entertain all those in attendance.

    They are of course there for other reasons, mainly to steal the jewels that would be given to whomever the king took as his queen. She is the one who is supposed to take them, and after their performance and the end of the festivities she returns and attempts to do just that but is caught red handed by the King himself. For the first time in the last twelve years she is fearful of what a royal might do with her or whether she would be able to kill him and get away before the knights killed her. Though she doesn't get the chance, someone else tries to kill the King themselves. The person's face is covered and after their attempt, which Kita thwarts for no reason in particular, they leave. She attempts to leave too but is stopped by the Kings knights, forced to choose a life in the dungeons or help a royal unravel a conspiracy that he didn't even know was afoot until now.

    Plot 2 (open)
    The Silver Coast used to be a thriving kingdom. A kingdom full of elves in fact. The elves here were unique, different than their forest and dark skin brethren. Because there is a perpetual state of winter there is a general lack of sunlight, so their skin is even fairer than that of the forest elves. So much so one might say it is as white as the snow they walk upon. They were also wielders of a more powerful magic than other elves. The king and queen of this beautiful snow covered land were known to almost every royal in other kingdoms near and far. They were loved because they ruled in a fair and just manner, but they were also hated because they took full advantage of their innate magical abilities. Even after the revolt against the cleansing of magic from the lands of Alara, there remained a deep distrust of magic by some.

    There is good reason for their mistrust, because not all with magical abilities use them for good. Much like the King, his ever faithful brother takes for advantage of his birthright. Unfortunately his faithfulness was only a ruse, as the younger brother coveted the throne and would do anything to obtain it. Even if that meant killing his brother the king, his queen and their newborn daughter and opening up the gates of hell and unleashing demon gods upon his enemies.

    He was the reason for the war that followed; it was mercifully brief, given the power he wielded and the demon spawn he commanded. Both king and queen were slain, but his attempt to secure his place on the throne for years to come failed when his creatures were unable to kill the princess. The infant was taken away in secret, moments before the king was slain. The soldier who fled with her in his arms only got as far as the edge of the kingdom before he was forced to place her in a saddle bag and send the horse away, giving his life to keep horrific creatures from finding her.

    Now, many years after the elves of the Silver Coast we torn apart, some siding with the king’s brother and other fighting in memory of their king, there is a general... Lack of concern with the state of things by most individuals. People still fight, but it is seen by most as a futile endeavour.

    The princess, who doesn’t even know she is royalty has grown up and learned to be one of the best thieves and assassins in her merry group of bandits. Unfortunately for her, the new king of the Silver Coast, now called the Forbidden Lands, has found out she is still alive. The markings she bears of her people indicate who she is, the colour indicates her lineage. She is perhaps the only one who can help reunite her people and take back the throne that belongs to her, but she doesn’t know it. She also doesn’t know that a hunter has been sent to find and either bring her to her uncle or, if he can’t do that, kill her. The question is will he once he realizes just how equal they are in skill and will he actually tell her who she is
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