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  1. So, in my universe I have these 3 characters that are basically gods...They are called the Arcane Lords. And among these Arcane Lords is Iather, he has the ability to bind people by contract, but as shady as this may sound, he's actually very honest. That being said, here's the plot idea.

    Iather, with the ability to travel across worlds, goes around searching for people from different worlds (any random number from the world will do, so if you want more than 1 from the same world, go for it.) to compete in a game. The winner can have any one wish granted, but there are 3 rules to this wish. You cannot raise the dead, you cannot alter time, and you cannot have your wish impact their game.

    Iather shows up to you and asks if you have any wish you'd like to have come true, tells you about this game and offers to sign you up, all he needs is your signature. So, what is this game? A group of people are transported to a planet built by the 3 arcane lords, they are hosting a competition of not only survival, but of completion as well. You find yourself in the labyrinth built by the trio, the labyrinth is the size of a planet. As such, there are no corridors, just paths to your destination. There is no one correct path, there are multiple ways to get to the end of the labyrinth, but there most certainly are wrong paths to take. Even among correct paths, there are dangerous areas to go through. Your life is at risk for this wish, but you knew that when you signed the contract.

    Now, since this is a "people from different worlds" plot then that would mean that you can come from a world with magic, advanced tech,a caveman world, or...well anything really, I will even be allowing non-original characters, like people from video games/movies/TV, but be warned, if you want to play as an unoriginal character I will be extremely harsh with my judgements on how you play them. But, more to the point, when you begin you will have only the clothing on your back. Any armor was taken away, any weapons were left behind, and those with magic will be (temporarily) unable to sue their abilities. Within the labyrinth you may find various weapons and armors, all of different types including anything from standard blades to firearms, yes this does include magic weapons as well. So essentially, what to be a futuristic space marine? Fine, do it. Want to be a mystical ninja? Ok, do that, too.

    That being said, I'm running my own roleplay already so in order to start this plot I need 2 things. Firstly, I need to know people are interested, and secondly, I do not want to start this without a co-gm that I can trust. So, with all that nonsense out of the way, anyone care about this at all? And does anyone care enough to possibly take the reigns of co-gm?

    And of course, any questions? This is really more of a skeleton, I do have a lot more detail than this in the idea, but this is a simple interest check.

    EDIT After some long thought I will not be accepting canon characters. I will, however, accept fanon characters...Provided they are well written, just as any other character.
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  2. Normally I immediately dismiss RPs where people can play canon characters from fandoms, but if you're going to be strict about it then I suppose I can let it slide this time. I'm interested.
  3. Aye, the major problem with being a cannon character is they are usually already pursuing that wish, since that's how storytelling works. It's the easiest way to ruin the dynamic of a character by bringing them into a world like this, so someone better be immaculate in how they play a cannon character.
  4. Hello Squee, old buddy of mine! I have to admit this sounds neat! I've got a few characters cooking on the back burner already! Count me as interested!
  5. Ooh ooh ooh! I remember this! And yeah, definitely sounds interesting :D
  6. I'm interested, though I'd have to see a bit more before I could finally make a decision on it. It's got a premise I like, but I'm unsure of how I feel about the using an unoriginal character bit. Looking forward to seeing the sign up thread in the future. Sounds good so far, though.
  7. And then the population of Rothendust arrived and began filling the thread.
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  8. Count me in as well.
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  9. Well, Rothendust people are definitely awesome to Arr Pee with, but I still need someone willing to co-GM with me xD
  10. Call me immature but that made me laugh.

    I'm a very bad GM ;w; otherwise I would have offered myself.
  11. I'll give co-gm a shot. If that's alright with you.
  12. I could help out too. ^.^
  13. Hey, looks pretty froody as an idea. Couple of questions:

    1. What role do the other two Arcane Lords have?
    2. Why did they go to the effort of making this labyrinth and dumping people from pretty much everywhere in it?
  14. I think the answer to that second question is simply because they were bored as fuck and they felt like messing with whoever they could.
  15. As per usual I'm hooked on the universal RP idea and actually really into the fanon only characters rule. Saved yourself (and by extension, the rest of us) from a potentially big headache. I'd be down for this RP whenever the IC is up and running.
  16. 1. All three are essentially the overseers, Iather is the one that contacts people because he's got the ability to bind people via magic into a contract, the other two do not, but they all decide as a trio who to confront.

    2. Living for what is essentially eternity and housing unfathomable power can make someone do crazy things. We used to watch gladiators fight in an arena for entertainment and they like to throw people intoa deadly maze and see what happens.
  17. Well, I'm interested.
  18. Woot woot, more people! We should get this rolling soon!!
  19. Aye, that we will.
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  20. I'm all fired up now!
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