A King's Wife, A Noble's Mistress

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    Atropa woke up fairly early for her. It was around noon, as she could tell.
    Her maids immediately undressed her and got hot water for her to bathe with.
    They washed her with rose water, and combed out her long black hair.
    Today, she left it down, with a small braid near the top.
    Her dress was a simple one, with light gray silk, maroon satin, and black velvet.
    The crown sat atop her head neatly, and she slipped on a pair of black silk shoes, ready to meet her husband.
    He was in the throne room, as usual.
    "Good morning, darling." Atropa said as she walked to his side, curtsied, and held out her hand for him to kiss.
    He was a handsome man, her husband.
    Not only handsome, kind, and loving, he was also rich and powerful, being the King.
    Atropa had married him five years ago, at the age of sixteen, after spreading a vicious rumor that his current wife of the time
    had slept with her cousin.
    The King had divorced her and beheaded her, then married Atropa right away.
    Despite their frequent love making, they'd only had one child, a daughter.
    Now she was three, and a beautiful girl, but they needed a son to take over the kingdom.
    Atropa's mind made it's way back to the present, as she smiled kindly at her husband.

  2. Mardin smiled at the presence of his queen. "Ah! My queen! My wife! You look lovely today!" He quickly took her hand and kissed it several times. "How are you, my lady! Did you sleep well?" Mardin took his seat on his gold plated throne. "I have much to do today in the kingdom including tax collection. I will not be here for a greater part of the day. I hope you do not find this upsetting." Mardin offered an appeasing smile as his wife took her seat on an equal throne. Mardin made sure that she had everything she wanted. He would not want his beautiful wife to suffer to inadequate living styles or anything of the nature.
  3. Atropa smiled brightly at him- he really was quite a sweet man.
    "Well, darling, I heard there's a Masquerade tonight, and I was hoping I could go. It's in town, in Valkrie's house."
    She smiled at him.
    "You remember him, he's a noble, and very kind. And if you can get away from work, you should come along."
    She sat on her throne, which was set back a little bit, to show that although she was queen, the king was law.
    She brought out a fan and began to fan herself softly.
  4. "Well if I have the time, I will surely make my appearance. But you go on ahead my sweet Atropa. Grace them with your beauty. Make all the men swoon to you." He laughed proudly. "Oh, how lucky am I to have you come along into my life. To tell me of that traitor's cruel secret! I am forever in your debt my queen." He brought her hand to his lips once more.

    Mardin was soon off to the inner kingdom. There was nothing like collecting taxes, so much he did it on his own accord, accompanied by a large sum of guards of course. It took several hours to collect all the money which he returned to the castle. The money went to the kingdom's upkeep, the military, and of course his beautiful wife.
  5. Atropa still blushed when the king complimented her- but it looked good with her pale skin.
    She took her leave to get dressed for the ball tonight.

    She wore a black dress with white stripes, all in silk, and showing plenty of cleavage.
    Her mask was the same- silk, black, with white stripes.
    Though no one could ever mistake her for someone else.

    She didn't wear her crown, but everyone knew who she was.
    Atropa made her way in a carriage to the party, and got out.

    She walked inside and got a glass of wine, smiling happily at all the costumes.
    She loved parties.
  6. Jethil made his way into the party, will full intentions of redefining himself. It had been years since he had left the kingdom to become rich. It was all for one woman, who now had the title queen. Their past was too strong for Jethil to ignore. He saw the queen shortly after arriving and knew it was her, as all others did. He did not care that she was queen. Jethil wanted her, and he had what she wanted, wealth. Of course he knew she had loved him, but he was a simple man with little to his name. He was quick to approach the queen. He was overjoyed to know that bastard Mardin was not here. He despised him and sleeping with his wife would surely drive him up a wall.

    Jethil walked up to the beautiful queen and bowed. "My lady, it has been far too long since I have had the honor to see you. You'd be wise to know that I have acquired a large sum of wealth in these last five years. I am a proud business man and changed my ways. My I kiss the hand of the queen?" Jethil was not hesitant to speak with her in such a fashion. He knew their past, and the things they said all those years ago. Perhaps she had forgotten, he would see soon.
  7. Atropa was startled when a handsome young man made his way to her, and began speaking of his wealth.
    "You may." She answered quietly, holding it out for him to kiss.

    He had a mask on, but she recognized him from somewhere.
    "What is your name?" She asked curiously, playful light dancing in her eyes.
    For some reason, her heart beat was getting faster.

  8. Jethil smiled, he could tell her was getting under her skin. "My name...well many years ago you knew it, in fact you screamed it many times in the night. Jethil, my queen, Jethil is my name." He stood back after kissing her hand. He had cruel intentions for Mardin, but the truth was he loved Atropa, sincerely. They were lovers and he never forgot that. The fact that being with Atropa would make his life worth living again and Mardin's hell without him ever knowing was perfect to him.
  9. Atropa blushed furiously.
    "Excuse yourself, sir. You cannot speak to the queen that way."
    She yanked her hand back and walked away- but her heart was beating fast.

    She remembered their many nights of passion, but she couldn't do that now.
    She was queen, and she was married.
    Enough of that.

    She silently made her way to a velvet seat, and sat down, fanning herself quickly.
    How dare he speak to her that way?
    He could get her into a lot of trouble.
  10. Jethil half expected that reaction. It was rather forward. He would not cease so easily, however. He made his way to the queen once more. "Perhaps I was too bold, my lady." Jethil adjusted his bow tie. " I have not seen you since the night outside the tavern. You told me with no gold, I was nothing. That was true. I left the kingdom and I got gold, enough to raise me to high nobility. Everything you asked I did. It was a long, tedious five years but I am back, and I still love you, Atropa."
  11. Atropa noticed everyone watching her, so she sat up straight and glared down at him icily.
    "Sir, you are to call me Queen Atropa. And please, do not embarrass yourself- I am happily married."
    She smiled at him then.
    "We are old friends, yes, but you must still respect me as queen."

    She sighed and got up.
    "I suppose I can grace you with a quick dance though."
    She held out her hand for him to take.
  12. Jethil smiled with pleasure. "But of course, my queen." He took her hand and with the most nobility led her to the grand floor where many people were already partaking in the orchestra's pieces. Jethil removed his mask, reveling a much older, more mature face than the queen had last seen. "My queen, I am honored to have dance with you." He was trying to treat her as she requested. No doubting she was queen, and his words should be taken with caution. Jethil smiled his best as they waltzed in circles. "What brings you to the ball? I do not see the king?" Any mention of that man brought a sour feeling to his mouth, but nonetheless he pondered why his presence was not felt.
  13. Atropa smiled slightly.
    "The king is a very busy man."
    She danced them over to an empty corner, and whispered quietly in his ear.
    "Meet me tonight, when all is dark, and no one is awake, in the East Garden."
    Then straightened up and laughed as if he'd said something funny.
    "Yes! The king should take more time off."
    She smirked at him, knowing how to play this game well.
  14. ​Jethil smiled with devilishness. "Indeed the king is a busy man! He should take some time to spend with his beautiful queen!" Jethil remarked sarcastically. The rest of the night he spent apart from her, not wanting to raise suspicion. As the ball ended, Jethil made his way to his new mansion which sat on a small hill outside the city. It was recently built, being constructed before he even returned to the kingdom. Jethil changed into more attractive outfit, showing off his toned body. He made sure that when the queen finally saw him, she would swoon.

    With that, and the night turning to early morning, Jethil made his way to the castle. Mardin had returned earlier and was off to sleep early. Jethil made haste and arrived in the East Garden with devious smiles. Although he was enjoying the secrecy, he also yearned for his love to arrive.
  15. Atropa made sure that the king was asleep, and then dressed in a simple gray dress,
    made of silk, and used for sleep.
    It did not hide her curves or her nipples, and it certainly did not hide her cleavage.

    She slipped on a pair of silk slippers, and a velvet cape, then made her way to the East Garden,
    where Jethil was already waiting.

    The bushes here were tall enough that no one would see them, and there was a small maze also.
    Atropa grinned at the man and made her way into the maze, beckoning him to follow.

  16. Jethil followed with great haste. "My queen, I long for you," he began as he followed her into the maze, "I need you." He was quick to get to the point. She had stopped in the center of it, where a fountain stood. Jethil came close to her, smiling at her features that were showing through her outfit. "Atropa, please, I love you." He took her hands in his, lacing their fingers together. He waited to see how she reacted.
  17. Atropa was blushing deeply, but she kept her face calm.
    "I- Jethil, I know it is impossible for you to understand, but I love my husband."
    She squeezed his hand.
    "I love him, but that does not mean I cannot love you. I haven't seen you in years- let us get to know each other again."
    She smiled at him.
  18. Jethil was pained to here she actually felt for the king. "I-I...." Jethil let go of her hands. "If the king would ever find out, I would be stripped from you. Forced to live in prison or perhaps death. I will risk it, however. I love you too much to leave. I have changed much in four years, so getting to know one another will be good. I hope I can ask for a kiss. Just one, to seal our relationship." Jethil smiled and put on hand on her hip. "Please, my queen, just one. I will not ask for anything more." Jethil now had his other hand on her soft cheek.
  19. Atropa smiled at him happily.
    "One kiss."
    She leaned in and touched his lips with hers, wrapping her arms around him slowly.
    She'd never felt such passion or love.
  20. Jethil would not release the kiss unless she did. He wanted to be with her forever, in that moment. Was it really all too much to ask? His hand caressed her cheek sweetly as her soft lips connected with his. Oh, the love he felt he was so strong! To be without her any longer would surely drive him mad!