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  1. Every Game Has Rules (open)

    ◇Please, don't get mad if your character dies. In fact, expect your character to die. Do not try to get all high and mighty because I warned you.◆
    ◇If I feel necessary, I can and will reject your character.◆
    ◇No Gary Stu's/Mary Sue's, blah blah◆
    ◇Accept a loss.. if your character is clearly outwitted/outbuffed then let it be.◆
    ◇The rounds were be chosen by randomly by a generator.◆
    ◇I recommend you be over 13 but it is not necessary.◆
    ◆One character per person please! There are only so many openings◆

    Let's Play (open)
    ◇Solemnly, you pull up to your mailbox. This was your daily routine. Come home from work, check the mail, go home, eat, and sleep just to do it all again. Opening the small box, you pull out any envelopes and magazines that came in today. Coupons, bills, etc etc. Jusy as your about to throw the mail into the passanger seat of your cheap car you come across a black envelope. Curiously, you examine the envelope. The red, liquid seal is a picture of a raven, you decide. You pull the envelope open, excited to see what was inside. A golden slip of paper awaits your arrival. You unfold the slip of paper and began to read the elegant cursive.
    We are estatic to inform you that you have been chosen. Chosen to participate in a real world beta test. Only q select few have been chosen so consider this an honor. Participants have been chosen from all around the world so we have chosen to host the beta test in Washington DC. You will travel there and drive to the designated address which will be given to you via email. The dealine is in a week. Bring nothing but the clothes on your back. Be there or suffer the consequences.
    You shuddered. Of course, you were without a doubt not going. You weren't an idiot looking to die. You ripped the paper in half before hopping back into your car. Still... That last sentence kind of shook you up. After arriving home you find a small package at your doorstep. There is no return address. You open it and discover $10,000 and a note that reads 'For the Expences of Your Trip'.
    The next week, after arriving home from your daily routine you look back at the ripped slip of paper on your kitchen counter. It had been a week since it was sent and you were a bit weary. You heard your doorbell ring but you just pretended you weren't home. You felt as if opening that door would confirm death. Instead you ran to your room, shutting and locking the door. You knew you were probably overreacting but you couldn't shake the feeling that you'd been watched the whole week. Just as you begin to relax you here the shattering of glass. You yelp but quickly cover your mouth. You continue to here glass shattering and before you can react your bedroom window is smashed in. Multiple buff human figures fill your room, they are all wearing the same thing. Black ski masks, a black long sleeve, black socks, white pants, white shoes, and white gloves. Soon, your door is torn down and in comes more men wearing the same uniforms. If that wasn't creepy enough, every man's eyes were black and white. Their left eye was pure black, nothing was seen but black. Their white eye was pure white, nothing was seen but white. Six of the men stepped forward, three pinned you to the wall and the other two inhected you with a white and black liquid. You felt your eyes droop and before you knew it everything was black.
    You awoke to discover your eyes had been blindfolded and your limbs were being restrained by metal chains. You heard ragged breathing and even some sobbing. You felt the cold concrete on your back. You tried to talk but discovered you had been gagged. A cotteny object was blocking your speech.
    "Ladies and gentlemen," a voice, clearly modified, had fik led the room. "Do not fear. You are only here to play a game," the voice explained. You had a feeling this was going to be a game you didn't like. "The Black and the White Kings will pick their teams. You will either be a pawn.. Or a rook... Or a knight... Or a bishop... Or a queen.. This is survival of the fittest, afterall," you heard a muffled scream from one of the other kidnappees. "The rules are simple enough. A piece from each side will be chosen randomly to head off in a random challenge. The victor will be saved for another day. The loser, however, will be.. punished," you heard raspy laughter. "There will only be one victor." What they didn't tell was that the so called 'victors' were to face one of the Kings, depending on his side◆
  2. Sounds interesting. Since there's no CS, I'll just say that I wanna play :P
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