A King's Affair

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  1. King Aldren is a respected man who is loved by his people. The same can be said for his wife, Queen Julia. However, the same love can not be said for the love between the King and Queen themselves. Their marriage is horrid and Aldren can take it no longer. However, a divorce is not in questions. The people respect their marriage and use it as a moral lesson to them all. Aldren is still young, but his wife his older, and does not feel for him nor care for his desires. Aldren took it upon himself to buy a slave girl, behind closed doors. This is the story.

  2. Name: Aldren
    Age: 25
    Personality: Aldren is young and spry. He is kind, but had a dark, lustful side. This is what lead him to buy a slave. His wife can not, nor wants to adhere to his will, but he knows slave will, or will be ordered to anyway. Aldren can be compromising but if things do not go his way, he can get forceful.

    Aldren sat on his throne, bored with the day. His wife was complaining of back aches and moping around. She was in her mid forties and the marriage they had was agreed upon by a third party, not themselves. Sure she was a nice woman, but Aldren was too young he believed. He had contemplated several ideas on how to go about handling her. He could not divorce her, and he was never the man to stage a death. The idea had pooped in his head of a woman on the side. It was sick and sinful but with his lust, he didn't care. He would buy a slave girl, the prettiest he could find. She would be his to command, to give in to his desires, whether she wanted to or not.

    Aldren had spent the rest of the day avoiding his wife. He had to go into their city to make the order. He went only with trusted guards and arrived at the brothel. He wore a disguise so no one knew who he was, unless the people he needed to. Once he arrived, Aldren entered and walked to the owner of the brothel. "I want to purchase a slave girl, your finest. You know who I am and if you wish to remain in my kingdom I suggest you keep this between us. The brothel's owner smiled.

    "You need not worthy Aldren. Come with me and I will show you our selection."
  3. Name; Stella
    Age; 21
    Personality; the young woman is what most call a spit fire, a lost cause in the society that they had. She didn’t go along with the normal of life, and choose to go with her own choice. She liked to go on adventures, learn how to fight with a sword, and focus on more of what they men of the kingdom do rather than what the women. She knows when to keep her mouth shut, but more than likely has a comment or two to mutter under her breath.

    It had been like any other day, roaming the countryside with a bow strung across her back, a bundle of arrows joining it as she stealthily moved through the woods. She had snuck out of her family’s home once again, choosing to leave the town in hopes to better enhance her skills with a bow. Her father had taught her some of what she knew, but her mother had not allowed him to teach her any further, complaining that Stella needed to act like a woman so that one day she could find a proper suitor. The woman had then chosen to sneaking from the home when she could, to sneak off to the countryside to practice her skills.

    That day, though, she could have never expected what was to happen. She had been positioned behind a tree, bow strung taut with an arrow loaded, aiming for some of the targets she had set up before when she was hit from behind. The attack had come from nowhere and the brute force of it had instantly knocked her unconscious. She would have never seen the attack coming, and would have never expected it would have happened in her normal training grounds.

    When she finally came to, escaping the constant black void, she was welcomed to the sight of steel bars and other women around her age. Struggling to her feet despite the pain in her head, she leaned against the bars of what appeared to be a cage, before she turned her attention to the other females around her. “Where am I?” That would not be the end of her questions, and she would probably never fully grasp what exactly was happening to her. The other women explained that she had been taken by a group of men, explaining to her that she was now a part of the brothel of the kingdom.

    Over the couple of weeks she was there, Stella properly learned where she had been taken and for what reason she had been taken. By word of the other females and the men in charge of the brothel, Stella learned that she was now a slave, a woman to be used as whoever bought her saw fit. And for the first couple of weeks she was there, the woman fought back every time she could, before she had been beaten too many times for her to even attempt to fight back.

    When the owner of the brothel finally figured she was good enough to put on the market, Stella was properly fixed up for each time a customer came in. Her long, curly brown hair was washed and brushed so that it gracefully fell down her back. She was washed and properly taken care of so that whoever chose her would be pleased. And she was properly clothed so she appeared to be a perfect choice to the buyers coming through the brothel.

    On another normal day, or what normal could be for living in a brothel, the women were together in the room that they usually stayed in before a buyer came through. Stella was once again braiding the hair of one of the younger girls, choosing to soothe them instead of her as they all knew another customer would be coming through that day. And as they all had guessed, one of the brothel men came through the bedroom door to order them to follow him. Reassuring the younger girls, Stella set her face as she followed the man out, lining up as they usually did for the customers, each hoping that they were not chosen that day.
  4. Aldren was taking to a room where he saw many women lined up. They all were young and fresh. After many moments surveying the selections, he came upon Stella. He did not know her personally but she stood out. Her face and body both were extremely beautiful. There she stood, a goddess amongst the others.

    "Who is this one, the one with the gorgeous brunette hair?" The brothel owner smiled. "Ah, Stella, she is rather new here. Quite fine is she not?" The King agreed. "How much?" "Well for you I'll ser her price at 40,000 gold pieces. "That's quite reasonable. I'll take her." That little voice in your head that tells you right from wrong as screaming at Aldren. What in the world was he doing? Surely if anyone found out he would be beheaded.

    Once the papers were signed, under an alias of course, Stella was presented to the disguised king. "Stella," the woman began, " This is your new master, you will obey him." Aldren made no straight forward reactions, instead gesturing her to follow him. "Thus way Stella." He spoke softly.
  5. As the customer entered into the room with the owner of the brothel, Stella could see how most of the girls tensed up, knowing each one was praying in their own mind that they were not chosen. Looking over at the younger girls, she simply was praying that they did not get chosen. She knew what happened to slaves, and even more so with the female slaves, and she didn’t wish that upon those younger girls. When she turned her attention back to the customer, she was startled to see him standing before her, his own attention on her.

    When the man and the owner started to discuss her, Stella found herself growing rather frustrated that they were talking about her like she was some item. Though, technically at this point, she was, which only infuriated her more. Clenching her hands into fists as she stared back at the man, she held herself back from leaping at him, knowing that it would only end badly for her. As she was deep in her own thoughts, attempting to calm herself down, she was unaware of what was happening just feet before her. So when she was pulled forward and presented to the man, she was blinking her eyes in confusion as she finally heard the words.

    ‘Your new master’, the words sent chills down her arms and spine, making her hold herself from visibly shaking as she seemed to be staring off into space. When she was told to follow, Stella pulled herself from her deep thoughts and turned to follow after the man, narrowing her eyes as she knew at the moment she could do nothing. If she attempted to hit him, there would be severe consequences brought down on her. No, she would wait. And there was no way she was going to do anything for this man.
  6. Aldren was quick to get himself and Stella out of there. It would be risky, getting her into the castle but he would try his hardest to. She was tied up by the wrists and legs and put into the back part of his royal carriage. Stella was also gagged to prevent any noise. The trip to the castle was made brief and soon they arrived at the castle's back door. Stella was carried by two guards to a private room Aldren had built that Julie was completely ignorant of.

    It took Aldren almost a half hour before he entered the room himself. Once he entered, his gaze shot straight to the gagged and restrained Stella. He ordered his guards off and untied her. Before removing her gag, he whispered. "Do not scream, do not yell or you will regret it. I am a nice person and plan to be nice to you, should you obey my wills." Aldren was going insane he believed. All of this over some sexual desires? What a man would do. She was certainly fueling his lust with her perfect body.

    Aldren soon took the gag out and let her adjust. He was ready for any and all reluctance. "I can frame you and make sure you are jailed for the rest of your life should you attack me. If you follow my orders I will protect you, feed you, and I will give you a noble life." He couldn't guarantee the last part seeing as most of her time would be spent in here. "Tonight I ask nothing more than to get rest, the bed over there is quite comfortable. Tomorrow you will be brought breakfast and new clothes as well as means to clean yourself." In a random movement he grabbed the back of her neck gently and pressed his lips onto hers. It was a satisfaction he couldn't begin to explain. "I hope you understand who you are now. A slave to your king."
  7. It was no understatement that Stella regretted the day she had gone out to the countryside, to continue her practice while her parents had no knowledge of it, for this would have never happened had she stayed at home. As she thought of that day, her thoughts turned to her parents, as they so often did, and she wondered how they were getting by knowing there daughter was gone. And most likely gone for good. Though she pulled back from her dark thoughts as a man with ropes moved towards her, no way in hell was she going to be tied up like some animal, but of course she stood no chance against the man and soon found herself bound and gagged in the back of some carriage.

    When they arrived at the castle, Stella was taken back as her mind started to race, wondering why exactly they were at the castle of the kingdom and wondering who exactly the man that had purchased her was. Being placed in the room with the two guards, Stella narrowed her eyes on them as she continued to try and grasp just exactly where she was and why she was there. She was in the king’s castle, which made her stomach churn and clench uncomfortably, and she prayed that she hadn’t been purchased by some cruel man of the king’s court.

    As the door opened and the man walked in, Stella’s eyes widened as she realized who she was now looking at. This couldn’t possibly be happening to her and she had to be having a nightmare right now, seeing as this was anything from a dream. She was staring across the room at the king of the kingdom, and she could feel her heart skip a few beats as she realized just what kind of position she was now in. When the man untied her finally, Stella narrowed her eyes on his face as she rubbed at her wrists, trying to get the blood to start flowing smoothly again and to ward off the pain that overtook her fingers. She also had to distract herself from lashing out at the man who had purchased her, seeing as he could easily have her beheaded in a matter of seconds. Now she was realizing that her life was going downhill fast from here.

    When the gag was removed from her mouth, Stella reached up to rub at her the hinges of her jaw, trying to loosen them up as they had become sore from wearing the gag. Eyes still narrowed on the king, she let his words sink in as she also let all the realizations set in. “So you expect me to be fine with being stuck in this room, following your orders?” Even though she was staring at the king right now, she had no reason to hold back her words. She had been purchased as a slave, for whatever reasons the man saw fit, and she was probably never going to see her family again, nothing could be worse than that. It was unexpected when she was grabbed and forced into receiving a kiss from the man, one that made her eyes widen and made her hesitate in anything else she might have wanted to say as his next words also sank in.
  8. Aldren ignored her words and swiftly left. He made his way up to the royal chambers. His wife was sleeping and his blessed the Gods for this. The king quickly made his way to the bed and resided for the night. His mind wandered with different ideas for Stella. The voice inside his head was slowly disappearing. The idea of a slave excited Aldren.

    The next morning he awoke to find his queen still asleep. It would be hard to see Stella without her catching on. To this he instructed a servant to take Julia to the city to get her back checked out. She wouldn't complain, and in fact might feel thankful for the caring of her young husband. Aldren waited around impatiently as the queen slept. When she finally awoke, and got ready, she was thankful to get her aches examined. She was quick to leave and Aldren smirked almost evilly. He made his way down to the secret room and noticed that servants were leaving with a tray for food. They must have fed her and gave her new clothes.

    Aldren opened the door and a devilish smile grew across his face. "Good morning my little slave. How are you this fine day?"
  9. When the king left with no answer to her question, Stella made a noise out of frustration and shook her head, moving towards the bed as she gave up for that night. It was obvious that she would have no way to escape the room, knowing that she was in the king’s castle, meaning there would probably be guards at every turn. Turning her back to the bed, the woman fell back onto it as she stared up at the ceiling, wondering how she was going to cope with all of this. She was the king’s slave now, and she knew there was no way she was going to get out of this, unless she wanted death or jail for the rest of her life.

    Groaning out of frustration again, Stella figured there wasn’t much she could do that night, so instead curled up under the blanket on the bed and closed her eyes. It took her a long time before she successfully fell asleep, and her dreams were filled of the countryside and her practicing, along with images of her family that she probably would not see again.

    Waking the next morning to a knock on the door, Stella only had a few moments before a woman opened the door and moved into the room, holding a tray of what she could assume was food and some clothes hanging from her arm. Getting out of bed, Stella was informed by the servant that she was to clean herself and dress in the new clothes and then she could have some breakfast. Rolling her eyes, she thanked the woman and then went about getting herself ready, though she was disliking the reason why. After she was finished getting herself ready, Stella took a seat as the woman set the tray of food down, before turning to leave, “Can you stay a bit? I’d like someone to talk with,” Stella questioned, smiling shyly as she looked over at the servant.

    She was thankful for the few minutes of conversation with the other woman as she ate her breakfast, questioning the other about how Aldren really was and how he treated people. She knew him as the king, but she also knew how people put on fronts to make others appreciate them or like them. When the servant explained she needed to get back to work, Stella thanked her for her time as she wondered what she was going to do with her time now. Though it was short lived as the door opened again and the king himself walked through, questioning her about how she was doing. Rolling her eyes, Stella sighed as she looked over at him, “Other than being held against my will, splendid.”
  10. "Oh, don't be upset. It could be much worse for you. You could be dying in the streets, or some other horrible fate." The king made his way over to her. "I have to admit you are quite beautiful. If I could, I would make you my queen. Sadly I have no way to do that. Nonetheless, I am young. I have...needs. I only ask you help fulfill these needs." He stopped a moment, turning his head to the guards who then left. "Starting now. Just do as I say. I imagine you have just changed but I want you to strip down to your undergarments."

    As Aldren said this he himself removed his top layer of clothing, reveling his chest. He was fit for a king, as he battled often and unlike many kings, did hard labor. It was just more of the reason he could never get around to the lustful side of life. "I won't be rough on you, if you will listen. Do you understand?"
  11. Her eyes narrowed on him when he tried to explain that her fate could be worse, and she almost wanted to explain to him that nothing could be worse than this, but decided to hold her tongue. He was still the king, and with the snap of his fingers he could have her regretting every word she ever uttered or wished to utter. When he came closer to her, Stella shifted on her feet, not liking him that close and certainly not liking the fact that there was no way she could push him away, not with the guards so close to them and certainly not with him being king. As he spoke of how beautiful he found her, and the fact that she was simply there to fulfill his sexual needs, Stella felt her stomach churn and her eyes narrowed even more on the man’s face.

    When he nodded for his guards to leave, Stella turned to watch the men move out of the room before turning her attention back to Aldren, her eyes growing wide when he ordered her to strip off the clothes that she had just recently put on. She opened her mouth to respond that she was going to do no such thing but stopped as the king stripped himself of his own top layer of clothing, and she couldn’t help her gaze from falling down to his chest. Even in the situation she was in, Stella could not deny that the king was attractive but she wouldn’t admit that to him as she brought her gaze back to his face, “I understand completely, but I’m not removing my clothes.”
  12. "No? You won't? I'm afraid that's not a choice you have Stella. You will do as I say, or will be punished accordingly. Now, remove your clothing or I will, and I promise it won't be comfortable." His words were like blades, piercing her. His tone became more serious, and it was obvious that Aldren was becoming angry. It was one thing to be sexually deprived, but to waste gold on an unwilling slave was not in his menu. He could tell she was not like the other slaves. Men would come and go from the palace, telling stories of slave girls and their willingness to do anything their master required. However Stella was most certainly different. She disobeyed a request from the King, a bold move.

    Aldren stopped removing his own clothes after his boots were removed, leaving only his pants. He stared her down waiting for her reply, he didn't want to punish her so soon but if she would not remove her clothing, then there would be consequences.
  13. Her gaze remained narrowed and on his face as she listened to his words, especially when he talked about removing her clothes himself in a rather uncomfortable fashion. Shifting on her feet, she weighed her options and choices at this moment, and scoffed as she knew that she only had one at this moment which didn’t result in her getting punished. Looking away from Aldren, Stella muttered under her breath as she started to remove the clothes that she had recently put on moments before the man had come into the room.

    Dropping the clothes onto the ground, Stella turned her narrowed gaze back to Aldren as she stood before him in simply her undergarments, “Happy?” She muttered as her hands clenched into fists, obviously not enjoying this one bit. This was humiliating to the woman, and a flush took form on her cheeks as she realized she had never stood before someone of the opposite gender like this. Or at least not with what she knew was about to happen. She had been naked in front of the brothel owner, but it had simply been to make sure she was not injured anywhere and to confirm that she was another fine slave to be sold.
  14. "Such a nice body, so pure. Please, show me more. Remove everything. I will do the same." Aldren looked on as she stood, red in the face. He moved closer, but would not fully approach her until she was completely naked. He gauged her reactions. To him it was simple task, of course he was also the one asking of it, not being asked to.

    "I promise to go easy on you, make it enjoyable for the both of us. I will pleasure you, this will not be a once sided affair." The pun was morbid but made the King smile to himself nonetheless. He seemed to become more lustful than smart now that he had a young female, younger than himself, to pleasure him.

    (sorry for it's length)
  15. (( No worries. ))

    Glaring up at the king, Stella was not taking any of his words as compliments for she did not want them in the first place, especially since she didn’t want to be there to begin with. When he requested for her to completely strip naked, Stella chewed on the inside of her cheek as she slowly removed the last of the new clothes she had been given, an arm instantly shooting up to hide her breasts and a hand dropping down to hide her lower area, her narrowed gaze still on Aldren’s face as she now completely stood naked before the king.

    “I can assure you, I won’t be enjoying it,” she muttered as she continued to hide herself behind her own arms and hands, completely humiliated by what this man was making her do. She had known this was what was going to become of her, but nothing had prepared her for it exactly, and inside she was shaking from what was going to happen to her.
  16. "You can not know how you will feel until you feel it dear." Aldren now made his way over to her. On the inside, he didn't care whether she didn't enjoy it. He wanted his needs met and would stop and nothing to get it from her. "Now Stella, lay down on the bed, an do not cover yourself. I am not afraid to show my body and you shouldn't either, it is beautiful." At that point Aldren removed his undergarment, now completely naked himself. His member had already begun to grow just from the sight of her body. It was purely the lust building within him.
  17. The woman ignored the other for the most part, simply glaring at him as he spoke to her, and she held her stance as he ordered her to the bed. She continued to stand before him, arms and hands covering her body as she was unsure if she wanted this to continue, though she knew she didn’t have much of a choice. She could always fight against the king, make it difficult for him to get what he wanted, but that would surely result in her getting punished. But at that point, she would rather be punished than have to do what Aldren wanted of her.

    In the end though, her fear of being hurt severely stopped her from refusing the man, so she reluctantly moved over to the bed. Closing her eyes for a brief moment, Stella hoped it would be quick and painless before she opened her eyes and laid herself on the bed, letting her arms fall away from her body as she looked over at Aldren, though she flushed as she noticed the man was naked as well. Her eyes briefly fell to his nether region, before she flashed her eyes back to his face.
  18. "There we go." Aldren said, giving an almost evil grin. He himself climbed onto the bed and made his way to her, standing on his knees. "I'm sure you can tell I am not fully ready yet, please, embrace me with your hands and mouth." He was not afraid to ask what he wanted. It had been too long since he had been pleasured and would not hold back, nor would he stand for disobedience. His eyes scaled her body, craving it. For now he wanted her to strictly pleasure him, and would not continue until she did.
  19. His words made her sick and she could feel her stomach churning as she tried to avoid looking at his naked form before her, looking across at the wall or at the ceiling, anything so she wouldn’t have to see him. She hesitated on what he had requested of her, knowing at this point he was no longer going to appreciate her lack of doing what he ordered of her, and knew she would have to do it eventually. Moving up, Stella closed her eyes for a few seconds before opening them to look up at his face, eyes narrowing before dropping to his member. Reaching up with one of her hands, Stella let her fingers wrap around him, unsure of what exactly he wanted. She had only done this a few times before with a boy in her town, but never with her mouth, so Stella simply stuck to using her hand as she moved slowly up and down his member.
  20. Aldren closed his eyes for a moment. That raw feeling had not been felt in ages it seemed. "Yes!...That's it!" He called out. The whole situation was horrid and wrong, but Aldren, a man of morals, was consumed in sin. His member had started to grow in her hands and it wasn't long before it was at full length. "You are very good at this, I am changing my mind now, lay down. We can get this done quickly. I will have to leave soon." Aldren put a hand on her shoulder and helped her down, though it's not like Stella was willing to do anything at all with him. Aldren then placed his hand down to her womanhood, rubbing softly before inserting two fingers into her. "Oh, a virgin perhaps? I might have struck gold here!" He said, letting out a devilish laugh.