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    Standing by the complaining commoner that spoke with King she stood there quietly as she listened the complaint that only lasted less than 30 mins which only lead the poor man to plead, but sadly once again ignored. She never liked how the King spoke, well if he did it, was a miracle. She shook her head as she lead the male out the door before she was stopped by the King's call. She turned around and bowed to him. "Yes my King?" She answered. "It seems I'm running out of fresh money...I've heard that there are new jewels that a Dragons holds with in their filthy caves in the mountains. " She looked at the money hungry man for a while before realizing what he was basically asking her. "As the Royal Knight of the King of Moonline shall go on with the King's request.." She said which pleased the King greatly making him chuckle. "Good! Now go!" He barked and with that she left the Castle to the Knight Court to grab her things for the travel.

    Pandora hopped on her horse and rode off to the hourly trip to the mountains that was near the Kingdom. It would take a day or two, at most three to get there by horse.

    The female rode through the village land and forest road that lead to the opening of the Mountain Keep. She had a slice of milk cheesed jam on her half loaf of bread in her hand as he rode up to the tall place. She looked up as she took bites off the raisin bread. With a couple blinks of her blue eyes she slid off the horse and walked the rest of the half hour walk down the mountain road. "Now where is the Dragon's Cave...?" She whispered to herself and finished the rest of her food and drank a some water from her bottle.

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    Zenil sat on a battered ivory chair muttering to himself, the echo of his gigantic cavern carrying his words outside. It was not like he cared about that, the brutish ogres that lived in the forest normally beat any possible visitors into a pulp. He was writing another entry of his journal which formally belonged to a traveling poet that bit the dust from a wolf pack close to his cave.

    "On this day of my eternal life I have once again attempted to polymorth into some other creature to no avail. It seems I have forgotten all but a human form. Things could be worse I suppose, I personally find this form very useful and rather comfortable."

    The first thing that met his sensitive ears was the clamping of horses hooves from a mile or three away. He stiffened and silently prayed that the stallion's owner was simply passing by to no avail. The stomping finally stopped and was replaced by the clunk of steel boots, finally ending dangerously close to his cave. He sighed and walked out, pulling his hood over his head so that only his mouth was visible. Looking around the entrance of his cave he found nothing so he turned around the corner to see a armor-clad woman with a very pointy sword. He stumbled back in surprise before quickly regaining his composure and saying, "oh, sorry madam I didn't see you there. May I ask what brings you to these mountains?"
  3. She slowed her steps as she heard a voice echoing softly and put her hand on the hilt of the sword. Her bright blues glanced around until the voice stopped she didn't dare to continue her walk for a while until her horse jerked back making her stumble back, her armor clacking together. "Ah! Stop calm down b- " Her attention on the horse for a while trying to calm it down until she heard the voice from before after a few steps near her area. Quickly her attention went in the other, she pulled her sword out in one swift movement forgetting about the startled horse. Her body tense and defensed seeing the small flinch movement of the person. At first Pandora kept quiet staring at the hooded male for a long while before answering. "Hello..." She began going back to horse calming it down before going back to the male putting her sword back. "I'm traveling through these lands for the King." She told him plainly. Pandora patted her resting sword a bit before continuing. "I have heard there were Dragons seen around these area." She said then questioned. "Is this rumors true?"

  4. It was as Zenil suspected, not only a knight, but a knight sent by that poor excuse for a king. "Oh, that old wive's tale? Heh, too many people have come to this place believing that. I'm afraid that no dragons dwell here." He said with a airy laugh seconds before his luck ran out.

    Zenil and birds had a bad history. In his youth the dragon would enjoy slow roasting flocks of them and in return any large creature he brought down would be pecked clean before he even got a bite. As he turned older he served in a war against the phoenixes (of whom have now faded into legend.) So when a raven swooped down to avenge its ancestors he really shouldn't have been so surprised.

    "What the hell?!" Zenil screeched as the disgruntled raven clawed at his hooded head. He swung his arms wildly at it in a vain attempt to repel the creature's wrath with the equally crazed slashing of its claws causing his hood to fall back exposing his pale head. Eventually he managed to make the bird fly away but the deed was done. Not only was the blood coming from the slashes on Zenil's face dark green, but when his focus was shifted to the bird his one visible eye turned from pale blue to blood red and slitted. As he slowly realized that a knight looking for dragons was still directly in front of him he scooted backwards just a little bit. "Er, I can explain?"
  5. Listening to the truth she let out a sigh out of frustration and glanced around the area a bit before going back to the other. She really didn't want to go back to the King and disappoint him. "Are you su-ah!" Pandora stopped in mid sentence startled by the angry raven that dived down at the hooded man trying to rip his hood along clawing at his head. Quickly she let go of the horse's string and reached over to help him "Go! Go! Shoo! " She yelled at it before backing away from him when he forcely swung his arm at the bird, almost hitting her. Pandora stared at the exposed head seeing his night ocean hair and bright blued that quickly turned red with anger...literally. She stared at the blood that melted down his face from the attack it was a was an off color for it to be blood...blood isn't green.

    Pandora didn't say anything as the rumors ran through her mind and she flashed her sword out and pointed at him. "Explain then demon!" She barked. He wasn't human, not one bit. She kept her guard up if the demon tried anything..trick her again.
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