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  1. Indeed, one of thousands of proposed Kingdom Hearts roleplays you will see in a lifetime. Not that I'm saying there is anything wrong with that, but I like to think that the synopsis I have to offer will be something very different.


    "What if the Light threatened to annihilate the Darkness?"

    As you might guess, the concept of a balance between these opposing forces will be majorly exploited. We are so accustomed to the idea that Light triumphs always, and indeed the game series does not hesitate to insist that Darkness is a force too corrupt for anyone to righteously wield. This is where the roleplay begins to deviate.

    The setting is our world, which from this point on we will codename as The United Nations. Hopefully, this roleplay will go far enough for you see why. It will be an attempt to play out what an impending Heartless invasion/raid might look like, and how a truly manifested eternal conflict of Light vs. Dark affects our world and the lives of the main characters. Speaking of which, your characters will be limited. In fact, I'm heavily condensing the requirements so that your characters must be at least within their mid-twenties, athletically able, with some military background. Why such limits? Why can't you play a loli, or a teenage brat, or some old average Joe? Simply: story purposes, and you will see why if this doesn't die. Continuing on, your characters will part of a prominent private military/security company. Hired only recently by an anonymous, big-spending client, you are unknowingly drawn into a sinister conspiracy that involves doomsday cults and corporate corruption. The true threat, however, hides within the boundaries of our world. They linger within the shadows and intend to drag everything into oblivion.

    Let me make this clear: I hope to see an end to this, at least something I can call a Chapter 1. It is intended to be rather short because of a definite conclusion. My overall goal is to make sure your characters last long enough to see why I pose the question above: "What if the Light threatened to annihilate the Darkness?"

    What's not allowed?

    • There will be no PC keyblade wielders- A role to wield the keyblade is not available in this story. I'm sorry. Not that I'm trying to some hipster or no-fun-Fred, but with the story and concepts I have in mind, it would be too easy and frankly, too damn cliche' if I allowed you all to wield keyblades. But do not be fooled. Just because I don't want people to wield keyblades doesn't mean you won't see any...;D All for story, of course.
    • Virtually no Disney- The only presence Disney makes in this story is that it is the same family-friendly company that has entertained us for generations. The story for this roleplay is meant to be DARK. Like realistically, plausibly, close-to-home dark. It will touch on violence and horrors that actually take place in our modern world. Sorry, you will not be able to romance with Elsa. Let it go.
    • No Canon characters: Consider this a standalone fan-based roleplay that plays with concepts and elements of Kingdom Hearts games. Canon characters will not work out this time. Trust me.
    • No playable SE characters: You might see some as NPCs, but you are expected to play an original creation of your own anyway.
    • Rated M for Mature: There will be violence. To be specific, instances of human sacrifices (though not in detail), sting operations, and dramatic fight scenes to give your characters some weight.

      I'm sure there will be questions, some which will be bravely asked, some modestly kept silent.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.