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  1. a k a t s u k i ||| c h r o n i c l e s


    "It's been three years since the war ended. Three years since Konan died. Three years since the Akatsuki perished. We'll find him; We'll find Kabuto."

    O O C
    Welcome to the Akatsuki Chronicles! This roleplay is set after the Fourth Shinobi War, where the original Akatsuki along with Madara Uchicha have been defeated by the Allied Shinobi Forces. With the tailed beasts no longer able to be used against the continent, the world seemed to be at peace. However, a new danger arises.

    Kaji, a younger, distant cousin of Konan, seeks to take advantage of this period of peace and vulnerability to put her plot into action. In this universe, Orochimaru and Kabuto have been killed and sealed away by Tsunade in a seal jutsu that only the Five Kage may reverse. Because Orochimaru and Kabuto are the only two Shinobi who may perform the re-animation jutsu, Kaji is left no choice. She must release Orochimaru and/or Kabuto in order to ever bring back Konan.

    With no other alternative, Kaji has determined herself to bring back what her cousin could never perfect. This generation of Akatsuki will not fail. They will bring back Konan, and they will have their revenge.

    C H A R A C T E R||A P P L I C A T I O N

    Appearance: (both anime or real images may be used for FC)

    Village: (If applicable, what Village are they originally from?)
    Shinobi: (Include a brief description of what kind of shinobi/kunoichi your character is. All Akatsuki members are unique in their own way, and carry their own, personalized jutsu. (Deidara's clay, Kakuzu's hearts) Try to be creative! I'm interested in what you guys have to offer.
    Backstory: (Offer a little insight into your character's backstory! Why'd they join the akatsuki? Not like anyone would just join because some bitch called Konan needs to be revived.)

    Strengths: (Any weapons they use? Are they mentally adept?)
    Weaknesses: (Low chakara pool? Bad at physical combat?)


    M A P||PLOT


    In order to re-animate Konan, the Akatsuki must bring back Orochimaru and Kabuto, whom are sealed away in the Land of Whirpools. However, only the Five Kage may undo the seal, as they are the only Shinobi alive whom know of the jutsu; and it must be cast simultaneously by all five Kage. The job is simple.
    Capture the Five Kage, and extort them into releasing Orochimaru and Kabuto.

    The Akatsuki must capture the following:
    -Chōjūrō, The Fifth Mizukage (Land of Water)
    -Darui, The Fifth Raikage (Land of Lightning)
    -Kurotsuchi, The Fourth Tsuchikage (Land of Earth)
    -Gaara, The Fifth Kazekage (Land of Wind)
    -Kakashi Hatake, The Sixth Hokage (Land of Fire)

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    Name: Kaji
    Age: 24
    Sex: Female
    Show Spoiler
    real kaji.png

    Village: Village Hidden in the Rain
    Shinobi: Dance of the Shikigami: Like her cousin Konan, Kaji specializes in unique jutsu that involve pieces of paper. She may turn any part of her body into sheets of paper, and control said paper in any form she wishes. Her papers may be used as weapons or transportation, and are immune to water, but not to oil.
    Backstory: There's not much to tell about Kaji's background. Like Konan, her parents were killed during the Second Shinobi war. She was mostly raised by Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko, but did not participate in their campaign for the world. She was to stay in the village, on Konan's orders, so that she did not have to live the life of a shinobi. However, she did become one in the end. Even before Konan perished, she had already turned her skills in origami into weapons, much like Konan. With her cousin and savior gone from this world, what else does she have to live for? She now seeks to bring back her beloved cousin. It's either that, or die.

    Strengths: Deceptive combat: Given that her actions with her jutsu are utterly unpredictable and versatile, Kaji has the advantage of mental deception and physical diversity during combat.
    Weaknesses: Oil and fire. In oil, her papers are virtually usesless. Furthermore, fire makes quick work of her papers.

    EXTRA: Some peers claim that Kaji seems to be attracted to women, rather than men. Also, her favorite food is steamed pork dumplings.
  3. Name: Ko
    Age: 34
    Sex: Male
    Ko (open)

    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 250 Pounds
    Village: Tetsu
    Shinobi: Kanabō Dance: Ko wields a large wood and iron club, despite it's weight and size Ko is able to swing around as if it was a mere bamboo pole, he keeps the weapon in constant movement around him when he applies his chakara to his weapon it forms a sort of barrier against attack provided he is fast enough to intercept them. Alternately his weapon is used to punish those that get to near to him, breaking weapons and bones alike he overwhelms his opponents with sheer power and strength.

    Backstory: Ko was born in The Land of Iron to a simple farmer father and sempstress mother and while they were never rich they were well off enough to educate Ko in a civilian school but Ko was not satisfied with this. Ko always had a violent streak and while he was not a sadist he did enjoy physical violence and battle, this got him noticed by one of the many samurai of The Land of Iron. He was taken out of his school and was placed into training as a samurai for the Land of Iron and for a time he seemed like a promising addition to the ranks of the elite warriors of Tetsu but all good things end. Ko always had a hard time following the samurai's Bushido way, one day his anger got the better of him and he smashed one of his fellow samurai in the head with his Kanabō killing him but rather then face death he ran. He started bounty work where he was faced with many Shinobi, Ko had trouble at first against them but as time passed he learned how to counter many of their abilities with his own and even taught himself some of those Shinobi abilities that struck awe in so many. He found himself in this group for a simple reason, he likes violence.

    Strengths: Ko uses a samurai Kanabō along with the samurai ability to push his chakara through his weapon added onto his already impressive strength allows him to simply power through enemies bet they samurai of shinobi alike.
    Ko has also taught himself several basic shinobi abilities such as substitution, wall/water walking and the basic clone jutsu he is also underestimated by shinobi due to him being a former samurai
    Weaknesses: Ko is strong yes but he is not without flaws, he is a former samurai after all. He is unable to utilize most shinobi abilities due to his upbringing as a samurai and is also rather susceptible to genjutsu. He also tends to get way into his fights and will spare a opponent if they give him a good fight.
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  4. Accepted! Why did he join the akatsuki?
  5. I put that he joined because he likes violence, I didn't name drop Akatsuki but his reason is there at the end of his backstory.
  6. Name:
    Sotoba Etamura
    Haggard in appearance, Sotoba's features are akin to those suffering from a permanent bout of fatigue or insomnia, with heavy bags under her bloodshot eyes and constantly disheveled hair. Strangely, she claims to have any issues with sleeping, self-deprecatingly chalking it up to an advanced case of resting bitch face. Before her defection, her attire was a traditional Kiri ninja garb covered by a lab coat; not much has changed since then, save for the inclusion of an Akatsuki cloak on top of everything else. Her forehead protector has been modified to fit her lower face like a medical face mask.
    Kirigakure no Sato
    At first glance, Sotoba appears to be little more than a common medic-nin whose only outstanding feature was her ability to use very few hand seals, if not any. Truthfully, this is a facade she created to hide the results of delving into forbidden research involving the dead. Through the use of chakra-sensitive tattoos, she developed a summoning technique that brings forth the spirits of the contracted fallen she can manipulate either through possession or manifesting them through fresh corpses.
    The Etamura Clan (open)
    The Etamura clan is far from traditional, instead comprising of a collection of those deemed "undesirable" by most societies: criminals, orphans, missing-nin, those who had lost everything, and those who had given up on everything. Although not related by blood or marriage, those living in the villages and hamlets of the unwanted became a family through their shared struggle for survival and cast aside their former names to show this bond. There is no singular location of the Etamura clan, but rather it appears to be a trend among those living at the bottom of the caste system; this has led to rumors of hidden ninja "village" known as Hakabagakure no Sato, or "The Village Hidden In the Graveyard". There appears to be some truth to these rumors, for some ninja bearing the Etamura name possess techniques unpracticed by others; techniques bordering or completely falling into a forbidden nature.

    Kirigakure (open)
    Much like any of the lower caste children attending the academies in Kirigakure, Sotoba was forced to participate in the Bloody Mist's graduation trial. Having hidden her true potential from the others, even her closest friends, she exploited the others' underestimations of her and brutally slaughtered them, all the while forming the first of many contracts among those dying. Joining the ranks of shinobi, she understood that she walked a fine line, for while she managed to keep her secrets hidden, her superiors knew it to be inconceivable for her to be a mere medic-nin and assigned others to keep her under close surveillance. Sotoba would eventually be forced to kill one of these spies, fleeing from the village as a traitorous missing-nin.

    Missing-nin (open)
    Although relentlessly hunted by Anbu hunter-nin, Sotoba discovered that the life of a missing-nin gave her the freedom to experiment and improve on her techniques without heavy scrutiny. When not acting as a traveling doctor to afford the necessities, she stalked the remains of conflicts like a carrion, adding to her collection of contracts. Tales began to form of a spirit of the dead, masquerading as a woman, stealing the souls of ninja and while she had caught wind of such tales, she was uncertain if they truly originated from her. She would discover the answer to that question the day she came across what appeared to be a senseless massacre. Whoever had perpetrated it had ambushed a squadron of ninja, yet it quickly became apparent that it had been set up as bait to lure her out. There, she was approached by someone from Akatsuki, and while Sotoba cared not of their mission, the chance to witness and learn the forbidden reanimation technique was something she could not pass up.

    Knowledgeable - Officially trained as a medic-nin, Sotoba is well-versed in anatomy and medicine. Over the years, she has developed a library of knowledge on techniques, especially forbidden ones.
    Precision - Skilled enough to fight with needles and utilize a chakra scalpel offensively if need be.

    Willpower - Constantly bombarded by the voices of the dead she's contacted to, it would take an exceptional amount to keep one's sanity, nonetheless keeping them from forcibly possessing her body.
    Versatility - Although only able to use one at a time, her angry ghost summoning technique allows her to use a wide variety of skills she wouldn't have otherwise.
    Deceptive - From planning ambushes to hiding her true ability, this is one of her better talents.
    Overconsumption - Her angry ghost summoning technique burns through a lot of chakra, forcing her to budget its use in battle.

    Overspecialization - Outside of her talents, she's rather useless.
    Paranoid - Due to her obsession with keeping her technique a secret and the conflicts it has brought her, she is constantly on guard around others and is more than willing to kill those who get too nosy.
    Curiosity - When piqued, she becomes hopeless until she addresses it.
    Morbid - Due to her ability's usage of corpses and her obsession with death and the afterlife, it's safe to say that she's not exactly "normal".
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  7. Here's my CS. (:

    Show Spoiler

    C H A R A C T E R||A P P L I C A T I O N

    Name: Genga Toriada
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male

    Village: Village Hidden in the Mist
    Shinobi: Genga Toriada is a former member of Kirigakure's Shitai Shori Han, the Mist Village Anbu's Corpse Processing Team which specialized in hunting down and eliminating missing-nin. He is skilled at using unique puppets in unorthodox ways in order to confuse and trap his opponents before whittling them down and eliminating them. His Ninjutsu and Genjutsu are top notch, while his Taijutsu is poor when compared to other members of the Akatsuki.

    Backstory: From the moment Genga was born, it seemed he was meant to become a ninja. His young life was spent training endlessly in the ninja arts, studying human anatomy and combat, always looking forwards to becoming a respected hunter. When Genga was 17, he became a member of the infamous Anbu Corps. After spending many years with Anbu and becoming one of the best Atarutai in the village, Genga disappeared from Kirigakure without a word. For months, the Anbu searched for him, but Genga knew their search techniques and was able to avoid detection for many years. After a period of inactivity, Genga came out of hiding and became a shinobi hunter, eliminating anyone for a price. Each successful kill boosted his confidence and confirmed to himself that he truly was as talented as he'd always thought. His unorthodox usage of puppets and trickery made him both an unpredictable opponent and a slippery escape artist for anyone he came in contact with. With that in mind, Genga joined the Akatsuki to test if he could hunt down the best shinobi's around; The Kages.

    Strengths: Genga possesses five puppets that he uses to his advantage to defeat his opponents. Each puppet has a different speciality, making Genga incredibly diverse and able to combat almost anyone. Genga also carries a small pouch with smoke bombs and other items in order to level the playing field against multiple opponents.
    Weaknesses: Because Genga mainly uses his puppets to fight, he is often a sitting duck without them. While he is adept at some forms of Taijutsu, it is his weakest ninja art and thus he does his best to never rely on it.

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