A Journey.

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  1. The Journey of the Warrior.

    Who will he meet along the way?

    Who will he become along the way?


    Bag over his shoulder as he walked, Tsume made his way out of his hometown. He had lived there his whole life, his master his only link to his family. The man took him in when he was only an infant, instantly taking the place of his father. Who was killed during the great war, his mother was no where to be found after he was born. Rumors had it that she was a simply whore from one of the local brothels. Apparently she had been killed after letting herself get pregnant. Was normal during that time period, it was during the beginning of the fourth dynasty. The past emperor being assassinated during the peace ceremony after the treaty was signed. Thousands of people were killed that day, all of them trying to flee or claim revenge right then and there. Ofcourse no one got any farther than a few feet before hundreds of thousands of arrows blotted out the sun before piercing through the bodies of woman, children, and the elderly. Any young strong men or young woman who were left alive were instantly thrown into slavery. Him being the luckier of the land, and his family being the wealthiest. His parents had earlier notice of the attack and quickly had him sent off to live with his uncle in the mountains.

    The small village he grew up in was very simple. Only 9-10 families occupied the land. One of those few was his uncle, who was the leader of the small colony. He had hidden the village deep in the shadow of the mountain, out of any empires reach. So there people slowly joined him, and they all lived quietly and in peace. They shared through-out the small community, so that no one went hungry or cold. It was one of the happiest places in all of the land, and Tsume and learned to love it with a deep passion. He had vowed and promised to never leave his Uncle's side. He would stay there and find a wife, start up a family, and die happily. That was his dream ever since he was an infant.

    Almost 7 yrs after he arrived there he was now 11 yrs old. He had learned the way of the land almost to a T. He was one of the best shots with a bow out of all the children, and the best swordsman as well. His uncle had been a master at a dojo in the big city when he was in the army. He had trained hundreds how to fight before they were sent out onto the battle field. He had been awarded many times for valor and bravery in the line of his duty. He had saved countless men that stood beside him and he had been honored with the highest of all awards, and was granted a dinner with the emperor for one night.

    At the age of 13 Tsume was approached by his grandfather and was asked if he would like to continue his training, or if he would rather be a farmer. Tsume ofcourse agreed, always wanting to be like the great man he had known to love. So he had begun his more advanced training, and had actually begun working with an actual blade. It was forged just for him by the blacksmith. He would keep it forever, until the day he left. He was also given a twin blade, but was told he would never be allowed to use it to kill a man. His uncle had urged him greatly to never let the blade taste blood, and so he promised his uncle that day to never use it to kill.

    After a few more years of training, his skills had become that to rival some of the most notoriously known ninja and samurai through out the land. He was even able to outwit and out duel his own uncle, which amazed even him. The way his uncle moved was unrivaled, but he could sense his every move before it even came into play. He seemed to almost know exactly what someone was going to do just by watching they sway and flow of ones movements.

    Finally his time had come, and here he was, looking back once more. His uncle had passed from disease and he had decided to go out on his own. Maybe to start a small village of his own, that would make his uncle proud. Watching him care and take care of others. Helping them, thats what he vowed to do. He would always follow by his uncles morals and views. Always help your fellow man or woman, never leave someone feeling depressed or saddened, and always try your best to leave a smile on someones face as you leave.

    He looked up, as if smiling right into the face of his beloved uncle.

    " I promise you great uncle, I will do right by you... ", those were the last words he would speak in that land, and he felt right by it. Today was the start of his man hood, of the rest of his life. He was almost giddy with excitement of the thought of all the experiences, but he was also a bit scared. He had never been out into the world, he had no idea how to cope with people. What would he do? Well, he would just have to deal with it when the time comes, he thought to himself.​
  2. She awoke as a droplet of rain spattered onto her face, left over from the previous night. It seems the girl had fallen asleep against a tree somewhere in the forest while trekking through it's vastness. A simple adventure for her, though less pleasant in such weather. Her pale, peasant-like clothing had become somewhat soaked and dirty from the storm, she realized with a sigh of frustration as she pulled a stray leaf from her pale white hair before pushing herself to her feet. She looked to no avail for the arrow in the dirt she had carved with her sword, but it had apparently been washed away. "Great... Thank you rain. I'm lost now." She muttered, slightly throwing up her hands and sticking the katana back in the dirt. She decided to pick a direction, and redrew the arrow pointing that way before putting it back in the sheath and walking down her newly set path.
  3. Tsume stared down at the wet ground as he walked, looking at the faded footsteps from past travelers. The day was finally starting to warm up as well, which meant that everything would start to dry out soon, which was good. He looked up and forward, he couldn't see anything yet, the forest still surrounded him. He had to of been walking for atleast a day. He had walked all through the night and had stopped to fish when the son showed it's face. The meal was good, and he could still feel his full stomach as he walked. The one thing he had going for him was a slow metabolism, which meant he didn't have to eat as much as everyone else. He had trained his body to strain itself to it's limits before it began to break down.

    He yawned softly as he rubbed his head, it had been a while since he had slept, but he didn't bother himself with it. He shook his head roughly to try and wake himself up. He stopped suddenly though and looked around, he heard something in the forest, and it was headed in his direction. Soft footsteps, faint breathing, and the sound of foliage crumbling under footstep. It wasn't an animal, it was a person, and no one ever found there way this far behind the mountain.

    He was instantly on edge, and placed his hand on the hilt of his katana. He was never really worried about people, so this came at a bit of a suprise to him. He wasn't expecting to see anyone for atleast a couple more days. He looked deep into the shadows of the dense forest and began to see the outline of a person. It was a bit smaller and that made him calm a bit, it must have been a female. He definetely wasn't expecting that, what the hell was she doing out here all by herself? Well then that meant she could probably take care of herself, so he decided to wait for her to exit the forest, than he would confront her.
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    When he arrived at the village, she was a matter of days younger than him, and like a little mouse followed him quietly around the village. She was not one of the fortunate ones, for Teni did not understand the heirachy in the village, so it was to her confusion as why people would look down upon her, and cast her away from the grand gatherings and events which took place in the village. She was only young, and considered the child of a witch. They were not looked at as being exactly welcomed in the village but that had not concerned her, for she still kept high spirits in her hearts. She grew up over the years with the aid of her mother's love welcoming her into her life. Every so often she would take part in the Alchemy that her mother too enjoyed as a hobby. Creating medicines for those who went behind their loved one's backs to come and purchase, although if she saw Teni or her mother in the street, would still hawl abuse their way.

    She was growing up fast and her body developing into that of a woman's. Just like Tsume, she would pick up on his training whilst watching. She idolized him a little bit, and copied a lot of what he did when in training with his uncle. She learnt her own weaknesses and also saw his, and it got to the point where she didn't even have to be watching him, and with her eyes closed could tell his distance and stature of his person. Teni would stalk like a cat on it's prey the majority of the time, never being noticed, never even making a sound. She spent most of her time on higher, shaded ground where his eyes would never lay on her. However, even in the streets he never really looked at her.. He never hauled abuse at her, called her a "Fuki" which was the village word for "Demon Child." Never insulted her, or even the markings which she had on her face. Her mother was a traditional tribeswoman of the people, to which this village had descended from, and so the markings on her face were a permanent reminder of her ancestors.

    It was his day of leaving, and she didn't want to see him go. Although they had never met and conversed, she did not want to say goodbye. Glancing around her in high hope that he may change his mind halfway on his journey she ran and grabbed her things. Pathetic little wooden knives and vials of medicine, ink for her markings and a small amount of food. When he took to the forest, she climbed a tree without a single sound, keeping her distance she kept on his trail and continued to follow him. The beautiful woman agilely made her way across the branches of the tree's her pretty revealing nature-like outfit keeping her body from scraping on the sides of the bark of the tree's. It began to rain, and this slowed her down but not to the point of where she had lost him.. He stopped, and so did she.

  5. Her steps huushed as she reached near the end of the forest and she silently congratulated herself on actually finding her way out of the mass of trees. She soon grew cautious however, for she sensed another being following her. Reaching the clearing she came to a halt and let her hand inch near the hilt of her blade as she swiveled towards the watcher. "Who's over there?" She called, ready to be attacked by some new enemy. The feeling of eyes on her had always made the small hairs on the back of her neck stand on end, so it was a means of irritation to her.
  6. Tsume turned back as if he was about walking but stayed still. He turned his head and continued to watch the tree line. The outline of the young girl slowly became more solid and she eventually made her appearance. His eyes instantly followed her movements. They seemed slow and unnatural, as if she was more scared than alert. He didn't really bother to answer the young girl, but just stood there watching the hand that was upon her sword. He wasn't exactly scared of her, but was simply envisioning the things he could do. How fast she could die. He had been dying to take his abilities and skills to they're limits, but he knew he would not be able to do so with her. He would cut her down far to quickly to even bother. She wasn't worth his blade or his time. Curiosity still got the better of him though.

    " May I ask why your acting so hostile... I haven't even advanced yet.. ", he said in a cold voice. He slowly brought his hand out from under his wrap and placed it upon the hilt of on of the two swords that sat at his side.

    " You really need to pay more attention to your actions, for there will always be consequences....Is it worth your life to even raise your voice? I think not.. ", he had no idea why he was acting so cruel to the woman, he didn't even know her name. He was just so sick and tired of being nice all the damn time. If it wasn't for his uncle he wouldn't of had to be that way. Now that he was out of range of the damn psychics that had plagued his village he didn't have to bury his true intentions and wants deep within his conscious. A small grin came to his face as the thoughts of blood filled his thoughts. He wanted to so badly but brought his hand back to his side.
  7. She felt like she could follow him all day, just watching him move was hypnotizing for her. But, then he turned around and finally realised she was there. She didn't expect it to take long, perhaps it was that she wanted him to in fact turn around and find her. Although, this wasn't the way she had planned things to work out. If this was how they were traditionally going to encounter each other's appearance, then this definitely wasn't the way she pictured it. She sat back on a tree branch agile and frail lightly tucking her toes under her foot and fumbling with her thumbs she felt quite upset and put down. Initially she thought herself clever to have adopted such a sneaky style.. He was so great and well, this wasn't even a scratch upon him.

    Her body came tumbling down the tree trunk after she lost balance in her train of thought. Cracking on several branches she felt one graze against her knee's and she attempted to grab onto a couple before landing with a heavy thud on the ground. She lifted her head up and squinted her eyes a couple of times. It was at this moment when she really wanted to cry. She'd come quite far out just to see this man progress, watch his moves and perhaps even create a friendship with him. Yet she couldn't take part in her favourite past time of climbing tree's correctly.

    Her head lifted up and she looked helpless at the man. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.. I didn't mean to intrude and it's not my intention to upset you, I apologise, I'm sorry." She began lowering her head to the ground for forgivness of the man she felt like she had really put him out of his way, and felt like she was slowing him down. Looking up to him the light reflected off of the markings on her face.
  8. He sighed softly and walked past the other girl. He had known that Teni was there the whole time. He had caught her out of the corner of his eye many times before in the village. He didn't care that she followed him around all the time, actually he thought it was kind of cute. But, that still couldn't get in the way of what he wanted. To be free of this wretched place and find somewhere he could do as he pleased. So, he made his way into the tree line, pushing some smaller brush to the side. He walked over to her and picked her and placed her on her feet.

    " You have no reason to apologize. I needed something to distract me from my thoughts anyway... ", he mumbled as he brushed off her shoulder. " Come on, if your going to follow me you shouldn't have to do it from the trees. ", he didn't look at her when he said this, but instead turned back to the road. He stopped after the tree line and wiped himself off. Small twigs and leaves stuck to the bottom of the cloak that was wrapped around his shoulders. After wiping himself off he turned to look at the girl. She had surely grown into quiet a beautiful young woman, he had remembered seeing her around the village ever since he moved in with his uncle. There was something different about her though, she wasn't the same as everyone else. He had heard the rumors about her mother. But, her origin had never done anything as bad as he wanted to. So he never really thought anything of them.

    The rain had started but stopped again within the few minutes he had been in the forest. The road was a bit muddier than he had remembered, people had said that the forest could play tricks on your mind. The plants that grew there gave off a horribly strong toxin that could even reach to its very borders and the tree line. Prehaps it had effected him, but he didn't really care. It would wear off soon enough. He then began walking, he knew she would catch up if she truly wanted to go with him.
  9. She faltered, cursing herself for the foolish actions. "Right.. how smart of me.. just who are you?" Seeing him leave his blade untouched she let her own hand drop once more, but crossed her arms against her stomache. She could sense the bloodlust in his smile, but tried her best to ignore it. Insanity was contagious sometimes, at least for her, and she decided to keep herself calm and remove some hostility from her voice. "You seem to be heading in the same direction as I am, so where are you going?"
  10. Her face went bloodshot red when his hands touched her and lifted her up, her eyes scanning for answers in his own which seemed to be distant as he spoke. She tried to make out words but just stammered for them and then fell silent after realizing that the other girl was there too. She was so focused on Tsume that she had not realised the other girl was present as well. Her hands fell around her fore arms and she stood a distance away from Tsume. Teni's hand raised a little and quickly brushed her hair from her shoulder before raising her head to the seemingly frustrated woman with them as well. She still however, made no noise. Listening to Tsume's voice was rather soothing and besides, all she wanted was to be of a service or of none at all, she would've kept her distance if she hadn't have fallen and gave it away. The hair came from behind her ear with droplets every now and then dripping from it from the rainfall earlier that day.

    Her eyes lifted up as she glanced up to the tree's still a little dazed from the impact of the ground when she collided with the Earth from falling from her tree top. She glanced down where her leg was grazed as the two presumable were conversing with each other. Her eyes were following the area and scanning for the plants around it, as always she was looking for useful herbs and antidotes she could use but catching upon some of those which released quite poisonous toxins a warn of panic rushed through her, and she went scrambling through her bag for vials which could hold off the affects of the gases being released for a little while until they could get out of the forest. Lifting her head, she did not want to interrupt but made a slight noise to them both holding a small bottle in her hand. "Please, you should take this.." Offering it out to them looking at either of their faces in worry.
  11. Tsume stopped suddenly and looked back at the girl. He didn't even realize she was there at first and felt a little bad for ignoring her. He had actually forgotten she was there whenever Teni had shown herself. He still knew nothing of her, except that she seemed a bit out of place. Maybe she had left her hometown as he just had yesterday. He really didn't know, and soon enough didn't care. All he knew was that he would probably have to look after another person if he did let her come. Was she really asking his name? Why was that important, it was just a label anyway, and he didn't want to be remembered.

    " My name isn't important. I don't care if you follow me but your looking after yourself, I'm not babysitting anyone else... ", he looked her up and down once before turning back for the road. He pulled a straw hat up over his eyes and put his gaze down as he turned and began walking. He really didn't want anyone else coming along, but maybe it was more his stubborn side than anything telling him no. It really didn't matter in the long run.

    Suddenly Teni came up to him with a vial of liquid, and he took it. Looking to her he listened to her words and guessed what it was for. Surely she knew of the plants as he did, they had both lived there for an equal amount of time. Especially living with the medicine woman who was her mother if not anything else. He quickly took the medicine and felt the dizzy feeling in the back of his head begin to fade. He smiled softly and returned the vial to her, thanking her with a soft nod. He was not expecting hand outs, but it never hurt anyone.

    So it looked like there were going to be two more people with him. All he really cared about was finding some civilization. It meant a soft bed and a good meal. His uncle had left him some money, and he had sold the land to his neighbors so he had a nice sack of money on him. Enough to live off of for a while, but he didn't plan on staying in one place for long. He didn't really care to get close to anyone either, because to him. Everyone was expendable.
  12. Feeling comfort knowing that he was protected by the medicine she leant her head back with a smile and continued to traipse on behind him. Her head was low and she could feel the earth under her feet, closing her eyes and inhaling a light breathe. This was so comforting to her, to be outside in the nature... On an adventure too. It wasn't everyday she could even get away from her mother, she was old and always needed tending to. However, that was all out of the way now. When she told her that she was leaving too, she agreed that she would find somebody else to help work for her.. Although.. It suddenly dawned on Teni, who would help her mother? She only had family outside of the village, and even they weren't the ones she spoke to.

    She tried to escape the thought and looked up to the tree's for a moment. Hearing the birds sing invited her in further, she didn't take long to forget about the sudden panic of the two being affected by the poisonous fumes, or the panic of who will take care of her mother. Her head swayed side to side with ringlets of brown hair stroking against her tanned skin. Her large hazel eyes took in the little light around the area too, and she could feel the sun kissing her cheeks. She began to hum a slight tune, and tap her feet on the earth to it in rhythm as well. Then realising that there were others around, her forearms pulled their selves over her body and she stopped timidly glancing up every now and then to see if they ever noticed... What a freak. When looking up once she saw Tsume and it made her smile whilst his back was facing her, she was glad she was here. Even if it meant being apart from those she loved, she was indeed very happy to be with this young gentleman.
  13. The rain drops left small puddles were the dirt from the trail turned moist the trees letting off little droplets that hung from the leaf. Kai felt the utter most chill fall upon him as he walked carefully looking at his surrondings as if he had never been in the area before even though he had his dark brown hair wet from the rain he ran his fringers thrugh it fixing it and his other hand dropped slightly to rest on his blade. Comming from a small village there were there wern't many people yet there was barley things to do except for trainning, his father was a warrior who was sent out on battles many before his time training him in the skilled ways of the sword and blade and stealth. His father had been sent out once more dspite his growing old age and left some of the village members took his place and help the villiage but for him..he was becoming a great man and he set out on his way.

    He looked up gazing at the clouded sky smelling the rainy yet cool air, the breeze cool across his face as he looked back tword the road ahead, it was getting late but he could still make out the paths and trees and so forth, he started foward again hearing the vioces of none other then people, mabey nearby villegers, mabey bandits, or mabey people like him who srtive to find a puorpose, he wasn't good expressing himself even when it came it meeting people he was mostlly calm and kept to himself but mabey at times like these it be woth a try, as he walked he stopped breiftly to fix his bag on his shoulder and decided to wail till the voices got closer.
  14. She hung back from the other two she had met, realizing the need to stay out of their way. Her gaze hung about for a moment, seeing if she could perhaps spot another route. It was getting dark already, the young woman realized with a sigh. If only she hadn't slept for so long... Her hands brushed at her clothing, dusting away dirt with an annoyed sigh, thinking. She wondered if she needed to find a site to stay at for the night. No, that was silly. She wasn't tired, no way, and she had enough skill to protect herself against a mere wild animal's attack. She heard footsteps coming towards her a ways down the path and turned slightly, pausing as she heard them do so also. Having gone so far without an enemy, she let her blade be for once. She had been a chance too defensive so far, she figured.
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