A journey to a forgotten place ( Kaldoro & grapedrank)

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  1. A story of a traveler and a sorcerer on a journey for an old treasure.


    Name: Faramond
    Personality: loyal, reckless, frank
    Short Bio: Faramond was always traveling through the world alone since he was a little kid, his best friend is his sword and it is his only weapon against the creatures that want to cause him harm. Loyal to those who deserve it.

  2. Penelope was currently scavenging through the woods just a short distance outside of a trading town. She had been looking for a few ingredients for a potent healing potion (aka a very strong poison) to deal with an outbreak of the plague up in the mountains. The ingredients she was looking for grew better in the wild, and the young sorceress wanted to avoid heading into the markets if she had to. She always despised the odd looks she received when she was in the markets buying ingredients, merchants knew that the frankincense she was buying was not for cooking.

    She also needed some aconite for the poison. As much as she loathed essentially giving those infected with something that is guaranteed to kill them, it can at least ease their passing and stop the disease from destroying even more villages. She wished there were something she could do, and the sorceress would be returning down to the trading village after performing a cleansing spell on herself to do more research. It had been her endless searches for an item that would be able to lead to a cure that had led her to this area, and she had spent many nights in libraries and taverns reading ancient texts for even just a scrap of information that might help to no avail. However, her recent findings have made her hopeful once more, and she was hoping once she dealt with this last recent outbreak that she would be able to delve into the books and do more research.
  3. Faramond travelled through a few villages in the past few weeks, the complaints about a disease grew louder village after village. What kind of disease it was, was unknown to him he would't care as long as the infected ones kept their distance to him.
    Once again he had to go
    to a village to stock up it was hard in this area to not stock up in the villages because the area is filled with hostile creatures.
    Ashe entered the village he kept his distance andrushed to the market.
    On his way through the decently sized village he heard the villagers talk about a witch or something of the sort "Humans still believe in every magician beeing evil huh" he mumbled as the street opened up into the market.

    It didn't take longbefore the villagers started noticing the stranger,he did stick out in the village with his rather high quality clothes that had many cracks here and there and obviously the sword he wore wasn't much more of a safe sign for the villagers. Faramond was getting interested in the so called witch as he heard that she wouldn't be coming down often and he asked around a little and learned that the sorceress wasn't sounding like she wanted to cause the village harm at all.
    It didn't take long to stock up and with some disease spreading he wasn't interested in stayin in the village either.
    Faramond finished his business and headed out to look for the sorceress and what she was aiming for, after all magic is nothing you hear of all day.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.