A Journey And A New Place

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  1. A Journey and A New Place


    Every second, every minute, every hour, life is changing for people. The world spins even when a life is lost and continues its circular path as it is destined. People live their lives as they see fit and never look back. The world as we know it changes in both a good and a bad way. Time ticks away slowly for a few lucky ones, while it speeds away for most. In time, most wish to explore or journey out into the unknown world and learn more of what is beyond their gates. Most find something far greater than that in which their hearts desired. While others find nothing more than shattered wastelands that lay before their feet, leading them into a chaotic frenzy.

    There is a man and a woman who will soon journey out together. Two ordinary people such as you and I. The two have the same hopes: to find a place of everlasting peace. The wish to find a place in which they can live in the highest of royalty in which their hearts desire. The two set out on this journey, unknowing of what may or what could happen. The journey that the young man and woman take may bring them closer, or it may break them, shattering them into pieces and leave them in lost hopes.

    But, if the two can make it through these trials and tribulations, they will reach their dreams and the place in which they have begun their search for.

    Their new journey to find a place of hope and beauty is soon to begin.....

    (If anyone is interested in this idea, please reply to this thread.)
  2. I'm interested ^^
  3. Alright, I will give you the breaknown on it.